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Serving Vermont, as well as The Adirondacks, and New England.

Catering especially to the spiritual but not religious, who seek a unique, meaningful, heart-filled, marriage ceremony.

 A member of the LGBTQ community, which I am proud to serve.

You're spiritual, but not religious, or maybe you're barely spiritual in your own way. In any case, it can be complicated: designing a wedding ceremony that's true to who you are as a couple, while at the same time considering the needs of your guests. You want more than a wedding party; to you, the ceremony matters.

With over 15 years' experience crafting meaningful moments, Martha Dallas listens to who you are, to craft a personalized ceremony that will convey your truth at this transformative time. Her core values are honoring your beliefs, listening to you, and welcoming all diversities.

As your officiant, Martha is a gifted storyteller and engaging speaker who conveys authenticity. She readily connects with all ages, from the youngest children to the elders. She's mindful of every detail, and how it contributes to the message and vibe of the ceremony as a whole. This is how, as a celebrant, she offers more than simply officiation. Working with you, she considers ways to engage all the senses in your unique ceremony, creating a memorable wedding marked by joy, beauty, meaning, and heart.

Burlington, Vermont
United States


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