Wedding Venues

Discover an idyllic wedding venue in Vermont that flawlessly complements your celebration!

Wedding Venues in Vermont

Embark on an exciting journey to discover the best wedding venues in Vermont. Whether you’re seeking an epic destination wedding venue, an affordable wedding venue, an intimate small wedding venue, or a venue that offers the convenience of lodging on site, Vermont has an array of options for your celebration.

 4 Questions to Find Your Perfect Vermont Wedding Venue

How do you want your wedding to feel? Casual and rustic, or elegant and grand? Unique? Intimate? The vibe is largely determined by your space!

How much do you want to DIY vs. have done for you? Each wedding venue provide different levels of service. Some couples are excited to roll up their sleeves and create a custom experience; others want to waltz in ready to party on the big day. Which camp do you fall into?

Where will you stay? Are accommodations on site or do you need to travel? How far do you need to travel and will you want to provide transportation? If the venue doesn’t provide either check out our Accommodations and Transportation vendors.

What is included with the venue? Many venues provide some basic rentals (think: tables and chairs) but others have onsite catering staff, a wedding coordinator included, accommodations, or more. Knowing all that’s included with your package helps you fully understand the value of each venue. Check out our Rental, Catering, Planners, and Accommodations vendors.

Vermont Wedding Venues Map

Here’s a quick look at where these amazing Vermont wedding venues are located.

 Explore the entire state – from enchanting Burlington VT wedding venues with urban charm, to the captivating Southern Vermont wedding venues, tucked away in picturesque landscapes. Explore the allure of Manchester VT wedding venues, where elegance meets tranquility, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Stowe VT wedding venues, renowned for their stunning mountain vistas.