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Sixpence Studios

Videographer & Photographer

Sixpence Studios is a family of luxury wedding filmmakers and photographers who have a vibrant and emotive style. The team is honored to tell your stories through captivating images and film you'll treasure for years to come.

Brandon, Vermont

802-382-0307 [email protected]


Sixpence Studios is a family of wedding photographers and filmmakers splitting our time between the stunning countryside of New England and the beautiful beaches of the Florida panhandle. 

The studio is based in central Vermont, but we also serve, Maine, New Hampshire, Upstate New York (Saratoga Springs Area), Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We love having a studio space because it has beautiful natural light and allows us to shoot engagement sessions and bridal portraits when the weather doesn't cooperate.  Feel free to set up an appointment to stop by and check it out if you plan on being in the area!

Wanderlust is a real and tangible thing for all the Morgan's, so please let us know if you're getting married a little further afield than our home bases because our passports are current and ready to go!