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Jennifer Perellie is an award winning and internationally published makeup artist in the wedding industry.

Jennifer Perellie is an award-winning, internationally published professional freelance makeup artist with over a decade of work behind her. Professionally trained with a focus on photo-friendly and long-lasting products, Jennifer's love for beauty makeup and a passion for the fast-paced atmosphere of the runway seamlessly moved her into the wedding industry. With her roots in the Green Mountains Jennifer fast became Vermont’s most sought after freelance bridal makeup artist.

“For me, working in the wedding industry has been one of the greatest loves of my life.”

Known for her flawless beauty makeup, Jennifer's focus is on creating a look that results in the best version of you.

“I truly think the most beautiful makeup is enhancing makeup. Flawlessly blended pigments and radiant skin are what I gravitate towards as a makeup artist. The kind of makeup you want to see when you look back at your bridal portrait years from your wedding day, that is always my goal. I think that is why people are drawn to my work and why I'm such a good fit for the bridal industry.”

Burlington, Vermont
United States


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