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Janet Dunn is an award-winning life cycle celebrant/officiant helping couples celebrate their wedding with a custom, joyous ceremony that’s unique to their personalities.

In Their Own Words:

Weddings by Janet Dunn is a unique officiating service. I love writing and officiating wedding ceremonies. My work is to create a marvelous ceremony that reflects you and your specialness. I believe it is most important to create a ceremony that reflects the couple. There are a million ways to do that and I am very passionate about writing the perfect one for each and every couple. A ceremony reflects your love for your partner, what you two share, and how you want to show up in your commitment of love. It is so wonderful how your ceremony can reflect the two of you through words. The many choices of readings (from romantic, tender, to fun and light), simple or more involved rituals (which are incredible), the ring vows, the words that you choose for your vows, whether you write them or choose from a plethora of choices, simply said each element of a ceremony tells the world who you are, who the two of you are together, and why this is your love. It is a fantastic process and unique to only the two of you.

I love the woods, the mountains, and anything to do with nature. I will climb up a mountain or meet you in the old/new barn, alongside a river or lake, in a field or in an old or new inn, golf course, or any specific wedding venue. Any wedding venue that you love is great by me. I am a writer and I write until your ceremony is perfect for the two of you. I believe in the art of ceremony and the declaration of love that is shared with each couple. It is your words of love that are the foundation for your ceremony. It is such a lovely thing to offer a love story that I write from the information you share with me.

I love to travel so I go where I am asked. I travel to the Green Mountains of Vermont, the grand Adirondacks/Catskills of New York, or the lovely Poconos of Pennsylvania, I will hop in my mighty Prius and go.

I am an award-winning life-cycle celebrant/officiant and an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister. I am a graduate of One Spirit seminary and have a deep respect for religions and spiritual persuasions from all over the world. I graduated from the Life-Cycle Institute and Foundation and studied the art of ceremony, the art of wedding ceremonies, the art of funeral ceremonies, and the art of healing ceremonies. I have officiated ceremonies for couples from every religious or spiritual background. For over nine years, I have carefully crafted personalized ceremonies that seek to reflect each couple’s love. I have a deep love of yoga, meditation and this has been the foundation of my life for over forty years. So I am all about being in the moment and taking care not to miss my life.

Your ceremony will reflect the intention to be present, for the wedding is an unrepeatable moment in time. So very precious!

As a travel enthusiast, I relish the opportunity to officiate at destination weddings, trailheads, at the summit, in the fields, by the lakes and rivers, any unique, wonderful, and meaningful location.

Additional Services Offered

I also offer rehearsal services to ensure that things run smoothly on the big day.

You can collaborate with me to design a service that is creative and authentic. I will always place a strong emphasis on ensuring that the event not only reflects the couple’s wishes but is appealing and engaging for their guests. Couples are free to write their own personalized vows for their meaningful celebration. I also offer guidance for vow writing.

I believe in marriage and it takes commitment and respect to keep the marriage strong. One way to build a strong foundation and lasting relationship is through honing one’s speaking and listening skills. I am a certified relationship life coach. I coach couples to help strengthen their relationship and continue to find joy and honoring in their life together. I offer powerful tools that can help your relationship become stronger and more fulfilling.

Weddings by Janet Dunn offers a personable, professional, and caring officiating service. I also love what I do!

Favorite Moment During a Wedding: My most favorite moment is when the couple comes together in front of family and friends. I think it is a very spiritual and holy moment.

Favorite Vermont Activity: I love walking or hiking in the woods and feeling the peace and grace that nature has to offer.

Dance Floor Request: “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

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Every couple’s love story and wedding ceremony is unique. That’s why finding an officiant who recognizes and honors what makes you special is important to making your

Love Notes

Perfect Ceremony

Rated 5 out of 5
December 6, 2022

We can’t say enough how wonderful working with Janet was! Communication was great. Janet eased any nerves we had on our wedding day. She curated a memorable ceremony; we had countless compliments from our friends and family. Janet felt like a lifelong friend with us on our journey, we truly felt her readings were coming from her heart. You can feel her warmth and passion for what she does, and she does it so well.

If you’re looking for an officiant, do yourselves the honor of working with Janet Dunn!


We loved Janet!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 13, 2022

After an initial phone call interview with Janet I knew that she was going to be wonderful to work with because of her immediate energy, warmth, and flexibility. We got to know her several times throughout the wedding planning months and got to know Janet which was really helpful to make our ceremony personal. She was attuned to what we wanted, had a great sense of humor and brought BOTH a seriousness and a levity to the ceremony that our guests really appreciated. I had a TON of comments from guests about how amazing our wedding ceremony was. 10/10 recommend and I would DEFINITELY book Janet again in the future.