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Memory Lane Floral Designs is a full-service event florist located in Milton, Vermont specializing in bridal bouquets,  boutonniéres, arbors, centerpieces, and every bloom in between!

In Their Own Words:

Memory Lane Floral Designs is a full-service wedding florist located in Milton, Vermont. Serving all of Vermont, New Hampshire, Northern New York and beyond.

Kate, Owner, and Lead Florist of Memory Lane Florals, specializes in life’s biggest moments. On your wedding day, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded by love and beautiful blooms, personally designed and created for you and your special person! She wholeheartedly believes that your wedding flowers help capture not only your unique aesthetic but also the tenderness and beauty of your love for one another, every day.

What makes us unique:
As a proud farmer’s daughter, Kate has deeply sowed, agricultural roots. Her dedication to providing quality flowers is second to none. She genuinely enjoys getting to know every couple that she encounters. Kate will take the time to learn about your love story and unique vision so that she can make your day as beautiful and stress-free as possible!

Kate will build you a custom proposal built off of the ideas and blooms that you love, and from there, she’ll work her magic! Your proposal will have a custom vision board and a breakdown of each floral arrangement- and Memory Lane Floral Designs will create whatever you and your special someone dream of, whether it be; bridal bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, elaborate arbors, centerpieces, and anything in between.

You can rest assured that you will not have to stress about your florals on your big day. Memory Lane Floral Designs is here to make this process as easy, fun, and as beautiful as possible!

Favorite Moment During a Wedding: My favorite moment at a wedding is when the couple first sees each other at the aisle. The music begins to play, and my eyes automatically tear up with joy, and I have literal goose bumps. It is at that moment that I think of how special it truly is that love brought these two people together, and everyone there that day.

Favorite Vermont Activity: I love being outdoors, whether I am taking my lovely golden retriever pup for a walk, sunset chasing, or having a simple picnic at the end of the day, in one of the pastures at my family’s farm.

Dance Floor Request: That would have to be “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain (where are all my county music loving girlies out there?!) OR an absolute classic like “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston.


On average, most couples that I work with invest $4,000 dollars on their wedding florals. However, I am always open to working with couples of various price ranges! I offer an a-la-carte pricing approach, which I find works best to fit the needs of my couples since there is never truly a one-type-fits-all kind of package with florals! From intricate bridal bouquets, fun pocket boutonnieres, elaborate arbor florals, delicate hair pieces, or greenery garlands, I’m here to bring your vision to life.

I will work with you, your vision, and your budget, to make your wedding dreams a reality. Contact us for pricing details specific to your celebration!

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