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Hope is a luxury wedding painter. She artfully captures the romance on a couple’s wedding day through an oil painting she creates on site, which is finished in the studio. The paintings are one of a kind treasured heirlooms.

In Their Own Words:

Using vivid colors, expressive brushstrokes and unique compositions, I create oil paintings live at weddings. 

Guests are invited to observe and engage with as I paint, and this, along with easel and canvas, adds a joyful element of surprise and elegance to each wedding. 

These timeless and romantic paintings, composed on site and completed in the studio, will be enjoyed by you and your family for generations.

Favorite Moment During a Wedding: I love watching the couple walk back down the aisle after their ceremony. That moment is filled with such joy and romance, and you can tell the couple is excited to celebrate. 

Gallery Photo Credits: Hope Sharp Art

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