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Leather Valet Tray

By Honor Leather

Upgrade an entryway, desk or bedside table with this beautiful leather valet tray. The leather is Full Grain, meaning it retains all the character from its previous life on the range: insect bites, stretch marks, and scars are all still visible. Each tray honors the life before it and no two are alike! This is a perfect gift for newlyweds, your parents, or for a special housewarming.

About this maker: Honor Leather is a husband and wife team striving to create beautiful and durable hand stitched leather goods in Burlington, VT.⁠ ⁠They use Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned leather – prized for its beauty and ability to develop a gorgeous patina to produce heirloom bags and carrygoods as well as select home goods, such as trays and coasters. Each piece is created unique and with honor.

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