Lucas K Barrett  


Lucas is a Vermont-based sketch portrait artist who sketches your wedding guests. His live artistry adds to the magic of your celebration with keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. 

In Their Own Words:

Capture the essence of your special day with the captivating artistry of live sketching! I am Lucas, a skilled artist specializing in quick portrait sketching, offering a unique and elevated entertainment experience for your wedding.

Quick Portrait Sketches

Unlike caricatures, my quick portrait sketches are kind likenesses, worthy of framing and treasuring. Your guests will be delighted as they witness the magic unfold before their eyes! Each sketch takes just 10 to 15 minutes, and your guests won’t need to pose or remain still. I’ll seamlessly blend into the atmosphere, engaging with guests while I create their cherished keepsakes.

Please note that due to the time commitment for each sketch, providing one for every guest may not be feasible for larger weddings. Some couples opt to add live sketching to their rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch for a more intimate occasion.

Heirloom Couples Fine Art Portraits

I also create keepsake fine art portraits of couples, capturing a special moment from your wedding. These portraits make a perfect, sentimental gift. I’ll set up my easel where your guests can watch as I draw the portrait from start to finish during your reception.

Add live sketch art to your celebration, and allow me to create everlasting memories through each pencil stroke! 

Favorite Moment During a Wedding: The father/daughter dance at the reception. I am a proud father to a beautiful young woman. I can’t help but feel all the feelings when I see a dad’s joy on his daughter’s big day.

Favorite Vermont Activity: I love hiking and foraging with my Boston Terrier.

Dance Floor Request: The first one. No matter the song, I have the reputation of being the life of the party and the first to the dance floor. I bring that energy to my work, always trying to make it fun for everyone else.

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