Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Vermont Lover

Once you get married, you unlock a new holiday every year – your anniversary! Anniversaries may just be the most special holiday of the year because it’s one that you earn. Each year you spend 365 days choosing each other and building a life together.

Traditional anniversary gifts are a fun way to recognize this important milestone in both of your lives. And, following the traditional anniversary gift ideas makes the process of purchasing your spouse get a little easier. If you got married in Vermont, buying gifts every year from local, Vermont vendors is a special way to celebrate! 

Below you’ll find ideas for each big milestone – all from Vermont makers!


Your first anniversary is definitely a special one! The theme of paper represents a blank slate to write your story together. The thread of the paper is a symbol of your connectivity and blossoming relationship. 

Wildflower Seed Notecard Set by Cards by Cato: Each card contains embedded wildflower seeds that grow when planted and is printed on 100% post-consumer fiber paper.

Vermont Alphabet Print by As Little Cooking As Possible. Order a Vermont art print to remember your Vermont wedding or request a custom design. 


Year ten is a big one for many couples. Aluminum represents a durable, yet flexible relationship that you both have sustained through the ups and downs of marriage.

Couple Sculpture by Vermont Rocks: This is such a unique gift. It’s the use of rocks with aluminum (it’s actually steel, but we won’t tell if you don’t) figures on the top that can be shown doing any activity that you and your spouse enjoy.


China represents the delicate care and tending your relationship takes year after year. You both look after each other carefully and look after your relationship after twenty years.

Resin Chess Set by Catinko Creations: Ok, this isn’t made of china… but it’s as beautiful as china! Plus, you can play with your partner and make new precious memories together!

Handblown Vase by AO Glass: Again, not china, but dare we say it’s even more beautiful and useful? This heirloom vase will be the centerpiece of your table for years to come!


A pearl comes from deep in the ocean and takes anywhere from five to twenty years to form. The pearl as this traditional anniversary gift represents the depth and longevity of your marriage.

Pearl Necklace by Yes MISS Bridal Jewelry: A gorgeous piece of jewelry to commemorate thirty years together! You could also pass this down to a daughter or even granddaughter on the day of their wedding to make it extra special.

Ornament by Mint Print Studios: Choose a pearly ornament to represent a special date or memory from your relationship


Ruby is one of the most sought-after gemstones. It represents love and passion. Here are my recommendations for this wonderful anniversary:

Keepsake Necklace by Ceci Leibovitz: Take a swatch of ruby fabric from something you or your spouse wear and have it set within a special necklace or cufflinks. 

Jam Set by Blake Hill Preserves: How about a ruby red jam (strawberry, raspberry, etc) and a coupon for breakfast in bed. (We’d recommend throwing in a bag of coffee from Kestrel Coffee Roasters or Carrier Roasting Co. as well!) 


Fifty years of marriage is incredible and should be celebrated as such – with gold. Gold represents strength, wisdom, and prosperity.

Trail Ring or Necklace by Courtney Reckord Jewelry: Celebrate one of your favorite hiking trails with a signature gold ring or necklace

Vanilla Bean Bar by Botanical Tribe Apothecary: Not only does this smell delicious, but it also includes gold flakes within the bar. While you can’t keep it forever, it will definitely be a gift that’s appreciated.

Looking for even more Anniversary gift ideas?

Imagine always having the perfect gift idea ready for your anniversary, a baby shower, a housewarming…for five whole years. That’s where the Vermont Weddings Gift Ideas for the First Five Years Guide comes in! You’ll get three traditional anniversary gift ideas for years 1 – 5, and ideas for other big occasions. Basically, we got your first five years of marriage covered! Plus it’s only $6 – a great investment to always have the perfect gift idea!

We also have our Vermont Weddings Gift Guide! It is the ultimate collection of Vermont-made gifts perfect for any Vermont wedding occasion or Vermont lover. We’ve curated over 100 gift ideas for everyone on your list – all made by local Vermont businesses.

I hope these gift ideas inspire you as you celebrate the anniversary of your Vermont wedding and shop local whether you are newlyweds or married for years!