Love in Totality: How This Couple Made Their Eclipse Wedding Dream Come True

Imagine a love story being sealed beneath a total solar eclipse. This is exactly what unfolded for one lucky couple at the breathtaking Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. In an extraordinary concurrence of cosmic timing and personal destiny, their wedding day coincided with this awe-inspiring celestial event, transforming their celebration into a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon!  Every fleeting moment, tender exchange, and even the ethereal eclipse itself were immortalized by the skilled lens of Kate Seymour Photography and we’re so excited to share more with you below.

Ski Passes and Wedding (Eclipse) Glasses

Having origins in the Jay region, Shawn and his now-wife, Bryn, have extensively indulged in skiing there. When it came time for their special day, they just knew it had to be slopeside at Jay Peak Resort. While planning, the couple realized that they’d be remiss if they didn’t involve a once-in-a-lifetime twist! On April 8, 2024, Vermont was in the line of totality, being able to view a one-of-a-kind full, solar eclipse! Knowing this information, the couple focused their special day around this unique celestial event. Bryn found a celestial-themed dress, stocked up on eclipse glasses, and the couple planned their ceremony to end exactly as full totality happened.

Bryn and Shawn’s love for skiing has taken them on adventures all over the world. It was a no-brainer that their wedding would be centered around their favorite activity. However, they didn’t place much importance on traditional wedding photography. The couple only desired to capture their ceremony, family photos, and the solar eclipse. Nonetheless, when their photographer, Kate Seymour Photography, offered to take them on a skiing adventure session a day before their ceremony at Jay Peak Resort, they couldn’t resist.

Kate began by snapping some shots of the couple and their beloved pet, a one-eyed bunny named Percy, at their Slope-Side Condo. Once Percy grew camera-shy, the trio hit the mountain for a fun-filled skiing session. After a few runs, Shawn and Bryn’s friends joined in for some additional photos.

Saying 'I Do' Under the Solar Eclipse

The couple’s much-awaited wedding day coincided with the arrival of a total solar eclipse, whose trajectory directly passed over Jay Peak. Bryn and Shawn, along with their 40 guests, ascended the tram to reach the summit, with palpable excitement in the air as the moon started to eclipse the sun. Upon arriving at the peak, everyone scurried towards the snowy ridge to capture some photos of the happy couple before the ceremony commenced.

As they approached the summit, Bryn and Shawn were welcomed with raucous applause, cheers, and encouraging words from over 100 eclipse enthusiasts who had already gathered at the peak! The following hour was spent in taking family photos and intermittently gazing towards the sky in anticipation of the celestial event.

The couple had orchestrated their ceremony to coincide with the eclipse, with the moon’s gradual takeover of the sun casting an eerie dusk-like lighting that exuded a mystical aura. As the total eclipse drew near, the wedding ceremony began, and the air grew colder as the guests gathered around the newlyweds.

Just as the moon completed its final encroachment of the sun, Bryn and Shawn exchanged rings and were declared husband and wife, kissing as they gazed in awe at the wondrous phenomenon occurring in the sky. Emotions ran high as they hugged and trembled with adrenaline and excitement, relishing in the fleeting moments of totality with their loved ones. The unforgettable experience was etched forever in their memories, and is undoubtedly going to be cherished for years to come!

The next total solar eclipse won’t grace the skies of Vermont for another 400 years, making it a once-in-a-lifetime event for many of us, including myself. I’m honored that wedding photographer Kate Seymour Photography shared such a one-of-a-kind wedding with me so that I could then share it with you, dear readers! Check out Bryn and Shawn’s interview with Vermont’s Local 22 & Local 44 News below for even more details about their celestial celebration.

For those considering getting married during the next total solar eclipse, wherever it may be, Kate Seymour Photography has already expressed to us that she would be thrilled to capture all the love and adventure that comes with such a momentous occasion!


Photographer: Kate Seymour Photography, Venue: Jay Peak Resort.

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