This Couple Had Their Engagement Photos Done at Their Future Wedding Venue

There’s something purely magical about capturing love amidst the lush greenery and picturesque views of Vermont. That’s why engaged couple, Paxton and Julie, decided to take a little pre-wedding adventure to the very spot they’ll be saying “I do” and let the brilliant Todd Stoilov work his photographic wizardry for their engagement shoot. Imagine this: two lovebirds, a myriad of natural backdrops thanks to beautiful wedding venue Crofter’s Green, and a camera ready to capture every laugh, twirl, and tender look.

Keep scrolling for the stunning images that came from this session and our insights on why visiting your wedding venue before the big day can make all the difference.

A Love Story Years In The Making

Paxton and Julie’s story is truly heartwarming and it sounds like they are planning a wedding that reflects the journey they’ve already had together! Paxton and Julie met in college back in 2017 and slowly grew to be best friends and even roommates through their last year of school. (Spoiler alert: everyone around Paxton and Julie knew that they were in love before they did!)

In May of 2020, the pair began dating and knew they’d found “the one”. While on a trip to Dingle, Ireland in the summer of 2022, Paxton surprised Julie with a proposal in front of their Airbnb; a converted coach bus set on beautiful farmland. Aiming for a wedding just as magical and green as the landscape in Ireland, the couple found Crofter’s Green in Montgomery, Vermont, and knew it would be a perfect location. Not only is the venue secluded and full of lush greenery, it also has a stunning event barn and one-of-a-kind, themed cottages on-site for wedding guests to stay in.

During a recent venue visit, the couple coordinated with Vermont wedding photographer Todd Stoilov to capture their love story and the results are nothing short of romantic!

Why You Should Visit Your Wedding Venue Before Your Wedding

Visiting your wedding venue multiple times before your big day is critical for numerous reasons, each trip helping to ensure that your wedding day unfolds as beautifully and smoothly as possible! We’ll dive a bit more into this below:

Building a Connection: For Paxton and Julie, visiting Crofter’s Green on multiple occasions, including for their engagement photos, helped them build a connection with the venue they’ll be saying “I do” at. Having your engagement photos taken at your wedding venue can be practical and also deeply meaningful. It creates a sense of continuity in your wedding journey, capturing the anticipation and love leading up to the big day. The venue becomes more than just a backdrop; it’s a character in your story, providing a narrative thread that weaves through your engagement and wedding photos, enhancing the cohesion and depth of your wedding memories!

Familiarity with the Venue: Multiple visits help you become familiar with the layout and logistics of the venue. Knowing the ins and outs can be crucial for planning the flow of your day, from the ceremony to the reception. You’ll know where the restrooms are, how the guest flow will work, and where key events will happen. Multiple visits can also mean more time with your vendors and brainstorming sessions, which ensures everyone is on the same page.

Troubleshooting Potential Issues: Venue visits before your big day can help you spot and address any potential issues before they become problems on your wedding day. This could be anything from identifying a need for additional signage to avoid guest confusion, to realizing a particular area might be too cramped for the guest flow you envisioned. Knowing things like this well ahead of time allows you to work with your vendors on solutions or plan B’s, so that when your wedding day finally arrives you can relax knowing that everything is covered.

If You’re Planning a Destination Wedding in Vermont: Vermont is an amazing location to have a destination wedding! Choosing to have a destination wedding brings about a unique experience compared to getting married in your hometown, particularly when it comes to exploring venues and knowing the surrounding area. We’re biased, but Vermont is beautiful all four seasons, and there’s no harm in visiting it more than once before your wedding day! (Wink, wink) Gaining prior exposure to the locations you want to get married at can enhance your visualization of where your ceremony and reception will take place, especially if your chosen site boasts numerous options for both. The impact of viewing pictures versus experiencing the venue in person cannot be understated, as it provides invaluable insight into the layouts and logistics of your big day and things to do in the surrounding area.

Crofter's Green: A Unique Vermont Wedding Venue

Crofter’s Green is the perfect wedding venue for those looking to tie the knot in a rustic environment. Nestled in picturesque Montgomery Center, this Vermont wedding venue offers unique on-site cottages as accommodations for the wedding party and guests. Located on 25 acres in the heart of the Green Mountains, rustic meets elegance in their handcrafted post-and-beam wedding barn! With unique on-site accommodations, a fire pit, and three uninterrupted days of merriment included in all of their wedding packages, Crofter’s Green gives upscale adult summer-camp vibes. They are also a fully customizable venue and offer a wide range of vendor options.  Learn more about Crofter’s Green and the services they offer by clicking here.

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