Adventurous Wedding at Onion River Campground

Onion River Campground was the perfect place for Emily and Julia to tie the knot! Located just twenty minutes from Montpelier, this enormous 23-acre campground has a beautiful natural setting along Vermont’s Winooski River. The joyous spirit of the day was reflected in the wild nature of the flowers growing all around the hillsides surrounding their celebration. 

Emotional Ceremony In An Apple Orchard

Emily and Julia live a big, urban, contemporary life, but gathered over 100 loved ones for an outdoor ceremony under a Chuppah surrounded by a beautiful apple orchard. They carefully planned their wedding ceremony to bring together traditions, while also making it unique to them. They were surrounded by so much love and joy from everyone who was present. 

Summer Camp Feel Wedding at Onion River Campground

The guests happily descended the hillside to an enormous tent that stands near the river. Emily and Julia wanted their wedding to be FUN! They spent the afternoon playing lawn games, feasting on Vermont-themed food, and making memories. They literally threw people in the air and danced into the night. They included special touches like party favors, s’mores, and… dinosaurs! They ended the night together gathered around campfires. 

This couple perfectly demonstrates how your wedding can be however you want it to be! There are no rules and you can create a wedding day that is unique to you and your love story! There’s room to dream at an Onion River Campground wedding.

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