Giuliana and Ben had a clear vision for the wedding day, and despite the challenges of wedding planning in 2020, the couple was able to bring that dream to life thanks to the expertise of Jaclyn Watson Events. The couple’s lakeside wedding at Basin Harbor in Vergennes, Vermont was truly spectacular (and safe – the couple was diligent about following state protocols in place at the time). 

Elegant Event Design & Custom Wedding Details

The team worked in details to make the design unique to the couple: the blue printed chargers mimicked the couple’s own dinnerware collection; the stationery collage was a custom piece created by a family friend; the collection of eclectic water pitchers used at both the cocktail hour and reception were hand-picked by the couple, and a gift to guests who wished to take them. From the lush centerpieces to the sparkling chandeliers in reception tent, each detail spoke of luxury.

Check out the gallery below for a peak at this elegant, waterfront wedding!

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Everything You Need to Know About Having Fireworks at Your Wedding

Are you interested in celebrating your wedding with a bang? The team at Northstar Fireworks shares what you need to know to add a killer firework display to your reception. With over 35 years of experience, Northstar Fireworks has the expertise (they produce over 250 displays each year) and local connections needed to host a firework show at your wedding. 

“We shoot displays for all kinds of events, and the wedding displays are the ones I enjoy coordinating the most,” says D.J. Montague, Fireworks Display Coordinator. “I love working directly with the couples, getting to know everyone on a personal level and making their wedding fireworks display dream come true!”

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Displays can be more affordable than you may think

When considering a fireworks display for a wedding I often ask brides/grooms what kind of impact do they want to make. This information assists me in recommending a budget for their display. Some couples like what is often referred to as “a few quick blasts at the end of the night” in which case I recommend our entry-level, 10-12 minute display that has a body and a terrific finale. Even though this is our entry-level display, it is quite popular and more amazing than most clients realize! 

The sky’s the limit for what you can do

The options are limitless so I really like to take the time to listen to what the bride/groom is looking for. Often I hear brides/grooms say that they have many guests that have incurred a lot of travel expenses to attend their wedding and that they want to give them a really big thank you. In those instances I recommend one of our mid-range 18-30 minute displays. These displays will often have an opener, specialty-flight scenes (ex. filling the sky with heart-shaped blasts) and amazing, over-the-top finales. 

Fireworks displays that are synched to music are called pyromusicals and are some of the most amazing fireworks displays! Every second of the display is choreographed and each shell or effect is timed to a specific moment in the music. These displays can be very theatrical and impactful. Our choreographers spend weeks, even months, designing these displays so they are much more expensive than your traditional display. 

You need to abide by both your venue’s rules and local regulations 

Many wedding venues require that fireworks be shot by a professional company due to insurance reasons. We have worked with many venues throughout the East Coast over the years and they have come to really trust us. 

Regulations require us to have a very large space available for display set up; we offer a no-strings, free site visit and consultation so that we can help a couple determine where tents, cars and spectators will be for optimal viewing and safety. We also take into account local noise ordinances towns may have regarding what time fireworks displays need to end. 

Basically, we take care of all of the logistics and regulatory matters, as well as providing insurance and obtaining the necessary local and state permits, so that burden doesn’t fall on the couple.

You’ll need to set a start time and designate a day-of point person 

It’s really up the bride/groom as to when they want to start the display, but we recommend that the display start an hour or after sunset for the best viewing (and conclude before local noise ordinances require). 

We are often asked to start displays at the end of the reception, but we can also start at the end of the dinner as parties transition from the meal to dancing. Other times we are asked to start after all the toasts are made. At one wedding we shot a large display at the end of the reception followed by another, smaller display, at the end of the after party!

It’s also a good idea to designate a point person who’s in charge of telling the team when to start the show if the timeline changes. 

You can add an element of surprise 

We are often contracted by either a bride or a groom to shoot a surprise display for their new spouse! Sometimes, family members or friends ask us to shoot a fireworks display at a wedding that is a surprise to the couple. The element of surprise is always amazing, and I work very closely with the “surpriser” to coordinate the logistics so that the display can truly be a surprise! 

Even if you and your spouse are in on the display, you can choose to make it a surprise to your guests!

Northstar Fireworks makes having fireworks at your wedding easy and affordable. Contact the team today for a free consultation!