A Breathtaking Fairytale Elopement in a Vermont Castle

When it comes to elopements, the picturesque landscapes of Vermont have always been a sought-after destination, and Becca and Brendan’s Vermont elopement was no exception! Choosing to embrace the notorious date of Friday the 13th, the couple’s intimate celebration turned superstition on its head, proving that the day can also be just as lucky. With Hillary Fay Studios and Moho Photo by their side, Becca and Brendan’s special day was one straight out of a fairytale. Continue reading for all the details of this one-of-a-kind elopement at Gregoire Castle, plus our top tips for planning your own elopement in Vermont.

Deciding On A Vermont Destination Wedding

A couple’s journey to exchanging vows is always a unique tale of love, preferences, and sometimes, a touch of serendipity. Such was the case for Becca and Brendan who, enamored by the enchanting allure of Vermont during a visit, decided it was the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Vermont’s breathtaking landscapes and warm, welcoming communities, captured their hearts on a previous trip; so when it came time to select a wedding location, the choice was easy! Vermont’s charm promised a day of peace, joy, and unmatched ambiance.

Becca and Brendan knew that, while planning an elopement just for the two of them, they still wanted a one-of-a-kind venue! An evening of scrolling on Airbnb led them to a unique discovery – a castle named Gregoire located in Irasburg, Vermont. With a venue booked, it was time to set a date, and the couple chose one that some may find a bit superstitious: October 13th! (Yes, Friday the 13th) Embracing their love for the unconventional and finding fortune in what many consider an ominous day, Becca and Brendan found that it perfectly aligned with their journey, marking nearly five years of shared moments and luck as a couple.

An Enchanting Elopement with Talented Vermont Wedding Vendors

Starting the day in leisure, the couple enjoyed champagne in a hot tub, embracing the tranquil morning hours. Intimate phone calls to family members replaced traditional pre-ceremony gatherings, maintaining the day’s serene spirit. When it was time to start getting ready, Becca had her hair and makeup done by the talented Hillary and Ashley from Hillary Fay Studios. Moriah of Moho Photo was on site to put the couple at ease, and of course, to dreamily document such a beautiful day! From first looks to the ceremony, dinner, dancing, and a late-night lantern walk – no detail was left behind due to Moriah’s talented lens.

Becca and Brendan’s officiant, Carmen George, who also served as their florist, exceeded all expectations, adding to the day’s perfection. After vows were exchanged, the couple explored the castle’s grounds and took portraits.

Inside the castle, champagne, dinner, and desserts aplenty awaited the newlyweds! The wedding dinner? A delightful surprise catered by The Dancing Sail out of Newport, showcased some of the best dishes Becca and Brendan had ever tasted, maintaining the day’s theme of pleasant unpredictability. For dessert, cakes crafted by Sarah at The Goose Chase Cake Design featured local flavors like maple, a nod to Vermont’s famous commodity.

Becca and Brendan cherished the intimacy and ease of their wedding day, where the focus remained solely on their union. Their elopement not only reflects their personalities and unique love story but also serves as an inspiration for those planning their wedding to seek what truly resonates with them. (It’s your special day, so plan it the way you want to!)

Congratulations, Becca and Brendan, on your special day. The couple plans to revisit Gregoire Castle on their first wedding anniversary, bringing their loved ones along to celebrate their love– and such a special place!

For information on planning your own elopement in Vermont, read our tips at the end of this blog post.

How to Elope in Vermont

Planning an elopement is exciting and is also a deeply personal decision for couples who prefer a more intimate celebration of their love. Here are our team’s top tips for couples looking for information on how to elope in Vermont:

Decide on the Core Elements: What do you want your special day to look like? Feel like? Your elopement is all about celebrating your love in a way that feels true to both of you. Choosing an “us only” elopement means your possibilities are virtually limitless, stretching from incredibly laid-back or romantic to adventurous. Consider incorporating personal touches that reflect your relationship; this could be anything from exchanging vows at the site of your first date to integrating a favorite shared hobby into the day.

Additionally, think about the season – Vermont, for example, offers stunning backdrops ranging from lush green summers to snowy winter wonderlands or vibrant fall foliage! The time of year can significantly influence the feel of your day. Should you decide to include a handful of guests, think about their capabilities (for example, it might be difficult for grandma to hike a few miles to the summit of a mountain!)

Manage the Legalities: The paperwork might seem like the least romantic part of your elopement, but it’s essential. You’ll need to make an appointment with a Vermont town clerk in your town of residence to apply for your marriage license.  If neither of you are a Vermont resident, you can choose any town clerk in the state. We advise making an appointment with a town clerk in the area you are eloping!

Once you receive your marriage license, you’ll have 60 days to get married. (Woohoo!)  After your elopement, the marriage license needs to be returned within 10 business days by the person performing your ceremony- more on that below!

More common legality questions, and answers, can be found here.

If you or your partner is considering a name change post-marriage, start researching the process early as it can be time-consuming. There are resources and even companies out there, like NewlyNamed, that can help you navigate this process.

Choose Your Location and Vendors: Vermont is home to a variety of stunning locations, from the serene Lake Champlain to the majestic Green Mountains. Once you’ve determined your desired date and atmosphere for your elopement, the next step is to begin the process of selecting vendors for the occasion.

A crucial choice for an elopement in Vermont is selecting an officiant. Options include a Vermont Justice of the Peace, a judge, or an ordained minister. Alternatively, you could have a friend obtain a temporary authorization from the state specifically for your ceremony. (Fun fact: some wedding photographers are also ordained. Make sure to ask!)

While an officiant and potentially a photographer are your key priorities, don’t overlook other elements that can enhance your day, such as a florist for a bespoke bouquet or a local bakery for an intimate wedding cake. When selecting vendors, look for those who have experience with elopements and understand the nuances of these smaller, more intimate gatherings!

Disclaimer: Seeing that you’ve visited us here at Vermont Weddings,  the above tips are for those looking to elope in Vermont! However, each state has different laws when it comes to elopements. We advise doing your own research if looking to plan an elopement outside of Vermont.


Venue: Gregoire Castle, Photographer: Moho Photo, Makeup/ Hair: Hillary & Ashley for Hillary Fay Studios, Officiant & Florals: Carmen George Weddings, Dress: Brickhouse Bridal, Suit: Knot Standard, Videography: Andrew Gallivan, Cake: The Goose Chase Cake Design

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Best of 2023: Rain

2023 may go down in history as the year that redefined the phrase ‘raining on your parade’, literally. It was the wettest wedding season in Vermont we’ve ever seen – and yet, love was never dampened! Instead, couples and wedding vendors alike found new ways to turn downpours and misty skies into memorable moments.

Whether it was adapting photoshoots, rethinking venue locations or ensuring all guests had umbrellas, the 2023 wedding season was a time where love thrived no matter the forecast and today we’re sharing our favorites with you.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

A Shower of Love

This couple’s special moment of alone time was made that much more romantic with moody skies and some rain!
Photo: Wood and Ether

Maid of Honor To The Rescue

To say this wedding was a complete washout would be an accurate statement! The bride and groom walked out to the ceremony site in 3 inches of standing water (all while it was still coming down!)  However, fear not – the Maid of Honor gets “MVP” for holding the umbrella for the bride during the ceremony, not giving a care in the world that she was getting drenched!

Waddle This Way

Pictured: a bride running out of the rain, but the best part? In the background, a delightful group of ducks waddling cheerfully under the soft, gentle drizzle.

Under The Same Umbrella

Nothing is sweeter than cozying up next to your partner! We love this snap of brides taking a moment for themselves on their wedding day.
Photo: Andy Madea Photography
Venue: Sterling Ridge Resort

A Shower of Smiles

Not even rain could dampen these newlywed’s smiles! A true snapshot of the excitement that comes with finally getting to say the words “I do!”
Photo: Melanie Ruth Photography

Colorful Cuddles

A rainy morning transformed into a delightful afternoon, with the cherry on top being a spectacular rainbow arching across the sky! 
Photo:  Moho Photo

Moody and Magical

When a passing rainstorm leaves some of Vermont’s most iconic mountain views socked in, you make the best of it by finding the most dramatic clouds and go in for the kiss!

A Downpour of Joy

Despite the drizzling rain, joy was the only thing that showered this beautiful couple! We can’t help but smile when looking at these brides their laughter and love for each other is contagious.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Two words: epic rainbow! This moment captured  by Juniper Studios is like something straight out of a movie.

Relish The Rain

Rainy skies, a spot light and clear umbrellas make for a winning combination! We love this couple embracing the weather on their wedding day!

Love Is An Umbrella For When It Rains

This couple wasn’t going to let a little rain stop them from holding their ceremony outdoors.  The couple’s wedding planner, K Kerkorian Events, along with their venue, Basin Harbor, supplied everyone with umbrellas and made it happen!
Venue: Basin Harbor

Lake Champlain Love

These newlyweds chose a secluded pier off of Lake Champlain to capture this beautiful and misty moment!

Magical Mist

Despite the rain falling around them, this radiant couple shared a cinematic-worthy smooch! 
Florals & Venue: Farmhouse Flowers

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

As you start to prepare for your own wedding, make sure to include clear umbrellas on your list! Not only do they keep you dry, but still let light in to create absolutely gorgeous and artistic photos, like this one!

Covered in Love

When the forecast called for rain, this couple moved their lakeside celebration at Grand Isle Lake House  up to the venue’s cozy wrap around porch for an even more intimate day!
Catering: Let’s Pretend Catering

Meet Me In The Rain

A sweet kiss captured in black and white. So dreamy and timeless!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont rain moments in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.


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Best of 2023: Wedding Design

Whether it’s the use of color, imaginative table setups, or breathtaking venue transformations, this year’s weddings were undoubtedly unforgettable in terms of wedding design. From beautiful blooms to colorful or unique accessories and even disco balls – these couples and their vendors knew how to throw a picture-perfect party!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Whimsical Escort Cards

Creativity was in full bloom with this escort card display by Tipsy Tulip Designs! Delicate buds, moss and handwritten names make this display a timeless combination!
Photo: Ellen Sargent Photography

Blinded by the Love

Feast your eyes on some of the most colorful wedding favors we’ve ever seen! Doubling as a seating chart and accessory to wear throughout the day, we adore these heart shaped sunnies.

Chic Camping

NJOY Weddings & Events brought one couple’s vision of a weekend summer camp to life at this stunning celebration at Basin Harbor. The weekend was packed with activities, and we absolutely adore the reception’s perfect blend of elegant and camp-chic decor.
Photo: Julia Luckett 

Budding Creativity

An interactive element for guests during your wedding reception is always a win in our book! For their garden party wedding, the couple wanted to keep the day full with fun activities for guests of all ages. Not only did guests enjoy making their own flower crowns, but it also gave them a beautiful keepsake to remember the occasion!
Photo: Moho Photo

Classic Sophistication

The Linen Shop used chic white and blue linens to create an effortlessly elegant base for this couple’s wedding day decor. The bud vases add delightful, bold pops of color against the blue floral tablecloth.
Photo: Rodeo & Co.

Overflowing Florals

We are officially adding florals in water fountains to our Pinterest boards! This floral installation by  M’s Wedding Flowers is so romantic and unique. It was perfect as a colorful, dramatic backdrop for photos, or just a serene place to sip a cocktail and enjoy the view.

In our Lover Era

“Alexa, play ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.” For a playful twist on a seating chart (that also doubled as favors!) the bride and groom handmade friendship bracelets for their guests. Complete with each guest’s name and charms, who wouldn’t love this?

Enchanted Tent

This beautiful tent reception executed by Jaclyn Watson Events is a dream come true! Twinkling string lights, rattan chandeliers and lavender draping created an enhancing ambience. Rock cairns scattered among florals added an earthy touch to the beautiful tables. 

Growing Love

We’re hoping ground floral arches continue to grow in popularity in 2024! This timeless ground floral arch by Anaphora Flowers is not only beautiful but also symbolic. The couple began their ceremony with an open semi-circle, and later in the ceremony, the couple’s mothers closed the circle around them to symbolize the unity in a marriage. Beautiful in style and meaning!

Colorful Romance

This wedding nailed the summer-meets-fall vibe, with a color palette that pops everywhere, from the cozy candles to the colorful ribbons on the bride and groom’s chairs.
Florals & Decor: A Clover & One Bee
Photo: Hayes & Baker Photography
Planner: Odyssey Events

Tying the Knot

This color decided to forgo the traditional color palette and embraced a bold, colorful approach. Ribbons added to the joyful, colorful celebration from the ceremony to the reception decor. 

Photo: The Great Blue Photo Co.

Disco-vering a Touch of Sparkle

We love this mirror set up as a welcome guests to your reception! Sara Judith Events worked with the bride and groom’s timeless green and white color palette and elevated it with a touch of sparkle and whimsy through the addition of disco balls!

Photo: Esra Y Photography, Venue: Equinox Resort

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont design in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Best of 2023: Just Married Moments

There is a unique magic found within ‘just married’ moments. It’s a magic derived from months, (sometimes even years!) of planning and anticipating this celebration. These captivating moments, forever frozen in time, serve as intimate glimpses into pure joy, boundless love, and the promising start of a shared journey.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our team’s curated selection of “just married” moments that stole our hearts.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Wrapped in Love and Traditions

This bright and beautiful wedding was full of Lithuanian wedding traditions! We love this photo of the newlyweds and their guests during their reception.

Cruisin’ In Style

Photo proof that motorcycle entrances at weddings should totally become a thing. This couple arrived to their reception in style!

Champagne Showers

If you’ve followed our ‘Best Of’ series before, you know our team loves a good champagne pop! (We had a whole category devoted to it last year.) This couple and their crew was clearly bubbling with excitement and we’re loving it.

The Gang’s All Here

One of the most special parts of your wedding day are the people who come to celebrate you! When will you ever have all of your favorite people in one place again? That being said, we love a good group photo at weddings and this one at The Grafton Inn was too sweet not to share!

Picture Perfect Perspective

When going over photo ideas with their photographer, this couple had the idea of capturing their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs with their guest’s reactions in the background – and what a fantastic idea it was!
Venue: Quechee Inn

On Cloud 9

We just love the pure joy in this photo! This couple is flying high on cloud 9.
Venue: Snow Farm Vineyard

First Dance Magic

A little sparkle, a little greenery and full attention on the bride and groom. What a beautiful image captured on this couple’s first dance!
Photo: Esra Y Photography
Venue: The Equinox Resort

Soaking In Newlywed Bliss

We highly recommend taking time on your wedding day to soak everything in, just the two of you. This couple did just that on the calm waters of Lake Bomoseen.
Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge

Blooms & Bubbles

Can’t choose between flower petals or bubbles as you make your way back up the aisle? Why not both!? The smiles here say it all.

A Timeless Treasure

This oil painting artfully captures the romance of this couple’s wedding day! Painted by Hope Sharp Art throughout the day, this piece added a joyful element of surprise and elegance for guests to observe- and is now a treasured heirloom for the couple to enjoy for years to come!

Whimsical Wedding

Blooms bursting with color, ribbons and a perfectly timed gust of wind… need we say more? We love this couple’s colorful and romantic vision!
Photo: Great Blue Photo Co.
Florals: Oak & Bee 

Bubbling with Excitement

After this couple exchanged their vows, their guests showered them with bubbles, creating a magical and heartwarming moment.

S’more Love

The campfire pit at this couple’s wedding ended up being a popular spot for guests to hang out throughout the night. When the crowd cleared, these newlyweds snuck in some one on one time to enjoy the fire and to roast marshmallows together!
Venue: Mad River Barn

Walking Into Forever Together

Rolling mountains, lush aisle markers and radiant smiles – it’s hard to pick our favorite element of this wedding. From the aisle to eternity! 
Venue: Kelly Way Garden 

Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After

After 3 years of rescheduling their celebration due to the pandemic, these grooms officially tied knot! Something truly special is that the couple led their own ceremony and it was full of love and tons of laughter! 
Photo: Moho Photo

A Romantic Recap

We bet this couple can’t help but fall in love over and over again when they watch their wedding recap video! A beautiful celebration perfectly captured.
Venue: Old Gray Barn

Fairytale Twirl

We’ll never pass up a photo of a beautiful bride twirling in her dream dress. A moment like this is one so many of us a dream of, a true fairytale feeling!

Let’s Get The Party Started

This photo screams “We did it! Now let’s get this party started!”  We guarantee this couple’s contagious enthusiasm evolved into an unforgettable evening of partying.
Venue: Mad River Barn

Grooms & Blooms

These joyful grooms were more than ready to tie the knot on this stunning summer day! We’re also crushing on the ceremony’s  beautiful florals, reflecting the couple’s love in full bloom.
Photo: Alex Paul Photography

Taking a Shot of Love

Nervous on your wedding day? A little bit of liquid courage doesn’t hurt! This image made us giggle and we’re sure those of you who have already planned a wedding can relate to it!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our editorial picks for the best ‘just married’ moments of 2023, it’s your turn to pick your favorite! Vote between now and January 27 for your favorite to crown the Readers Choice Winner. 

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Best of 2023: Elopements

Elopements let the couple focus on their connection and commitment, without distractions or expectations from others, making for a truly enchanting and romantic celebration. The below celebrations are proof! Here are some of our favorite moments from Vermont elopements in 2023.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Slope-side Vows

In a mix of romance and adrenaline, this couple chose to take their love to literal new heights with a snowy, slope-side elopement. We love this sweet snap taken on the ski lift on the way up to Killington’s summit.

A Fairytale Ending

Choosing to elope with a hint of fairy tale charm, this couple decided to rent a Vermont castle on Airbnb for their romantic nuptials! This beautiful location in Irasburg Vermont transformed their simple elopement into an enchanting, intimate wedding experience right out of a storybook.

Autumnal Romance

These brides chose the serene location of Lake Willoughby for their fall elopement. The cozy affair was perfectly adorned with warm flannel blankets, glowing lanterns, seasonal florals, and pumpkins, bringing their enchanting autumn wedding to life!

Vows with a View

* Sigh * This image perfectly exudes that just married feeling! In the picturesque setting of Middlebury, Vermont, this couple exchanged vows in a classic and timeless celebration of love.

Toasting to Forever

This vibrant, elopement photoshoot utilized classic designs with a mix of peachy-pink, and coral hues against soft light blue accents! Styled by wedding planner I Dews Design & Events it’s an elegant yet whimsical garden party we’d love to attend!
Photo: Anne Mientka

Love in the Snow

This couple braved chilly winter temps for their special day together! The dusting of snow on the nearby mountains, the bride’s veil flowing in the wind and a warm embrace – there is something so special about a wintertime elopement!

Dancing in the Rain

2023’s trend of rain didn’t stop this couple from fully embracing their love story. (In fact, the moody skies and mud added to it!) This couple giggled and danced in the rain during their misty photoshoot and we can’t imagine anything more romantic!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont elopements in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Why Vermont is the Perfect Destination for a Proposal 

In Vermont, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by stunning natural beauty – from lakes and mountains to waterfalls and trails. These picturesque landscapes provide the perfect destination for a proposal, and a stunning backdrop for engagement photos.

Couple Kyle and Mikaela recently discovered this during their unforgettable lakeside proposal at the Colchester Causeway. Not only was this lakeside proposal a huge surprise, but it was also shot by Moriah of Moho Photo and became an impromptu engagement shoot. Continue reading for all the details on having your own Vermont proposal or engagement shoot.

A Lakeside Surprise Proposal and Impromptu Engagement Shoot

Picture this: Kyle’s summer proposal to Mikaela at the Colchester Causeway, a lakeside gem. Not only did this proposal take Mikaela by surprise, but it also turned into an impromptu engagement shoot, thanks to the talented Moriah of Moho Photo! To celebrate their proposal, Kyle and Mikaela popped champagne, explored the scenic Causeway, and danced away the evening. The result? A collection of carefree, breathtaking golden hour-filled photos that we can’t help but adore.
Read on to learn more about how you can create your own surprise engagement shoot amidst Vermont’s natural beauty.

Three Reasons Why Vermont is the Perfect Destination for a Proposal:

1. Scenic Natural Beauty and Adventure: Vermont boasts some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the United States, including picturesque lakes, lush forests, majestic mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Whether you choose to propose by a serene lake, atop a mountain peak, or amidst colorful fall foliage, the natural beauty of Vermont creates a stunning backdrop for your special moment.
Plus, the Green Mountain State offers a plethora of outdoor activities to make your proposal unforgettable. You can propose during a scenic hike, a canoe ride on a tranquil lake, or even a hot air balloon ride over the stunning Vermont landscape. Adventure-filled proposals in Vermont are sure to be memorable and unique.

The Magic of a Lakeside Engagement Shoot

As you’ll see in the photos below, there’s something truly magical about a lakeside engagement shoot in Vermont. The serene waters, captivating sunset vistas, and gentle breezes come together to create a romantic ambiance like no other. A lakeside setting offers a picturesque canvas for engagement photos, with water and nature lending depth and dimension to the images. Lake Champlain is an obvious choice for a proposal, but with over 800 lakes across the state there’s no shortage of beautiful water views! Areas such as Lake Bomoseen, Lake Willoughby and Waterbury Reservoir are just a few other popular destinations. 

2. Four Seasons of Charm: Vermont experiences all four seasons, each offering its own unique charm. From the vibrant colors of autumn to the snowy wonderland of winter, the state provides diverse and enchanting settings for your proposal. You can tailor your proposal to match your partner’s favorite season and create a truly memorable experience.

3. Quaint and Romantic Settings: Vermont is known for its charming small towns, cozy inns, and historic villages. These idyllic settings provide a romantic and intimate atmosphere for your proposal. Whether you prefer a cozy fireside proposal or a stroll through a charming village, Vermont’s quaint locales offer plenty of options.

Tips for Planning a Surprise Engagement Shoot

Planning a surprise engagement proposal and shoot can be exhilarating – and nerve wracking! Here are some tips to make the process smoother:

Personalize the Proposal: Tailor the proposal to your partner’s personality and preferences, whether they love grand romantic gestures or prefer an intimate, low-key moment.

Involve Loved Ones: Consider involving family and close friends in the planning process to keep the surprise a secret and add to the excitement. This is also when you can decide if you’d like a Vermont photographer to document the surprise.

Coordinate with Your Photographer: Work closely with your photographer to ensure they understand your plan. Establish a code word or signal to let them know when the perfect moment is approaching!

Rain Plan: Vermont weather can be unpredictable. Have a backup plan in case of rain. Talk with your photographer for ideas!


Relax and Enjoy the Moment: On the proposal day, relax and savor the moment. Trust your photographer to capture the important details and allow them to guide you in posing and setting up shots. Remember that your love for each other is what truly matters, and the photographs will naturally reflect that.

Vermont is an ideal destination for a romantic and memorable proposal, like Kyle and Mikaela’s. Check out these Vermont photographers  to start planning your own romantic destination proposal!
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“I’m a Wedding Photographer, and Here are Four Things I Wish Couples Did During Their Wedding Ceremony” from Moho Photo

I’m sure that since announcing you’re planning a wedding, you’ve been given a lot of advice – both sought after and unsolicited. (Hopefully most of which is kind and helpful.) While every wedding is unique in its own way, after working in the industry, you begin to collect some tried and true pieces of wisdom that applies nearly universally. 

Recently Vermont wedding photographer Moriah of MoHo Photos shared some of her best advice for couples getting married. I loved her perspective and wanted to share her suggestions and my reactions. 

“While I’m all about capturing those candid wedding moments as they unfold,” says Moriah, “there are just some things that if I could tweak jussst a little bit, not only would the images be that much more powerful to look back on, but they would foster your connection to each other and your ability to be present that much more meaningful.”

You may read through this list and decide none of these are for you – and that’s okay! We hope that at the very least these suggestions inspire you to consider the details that matter most to you. 

Hold Hands During Your Ceremony

Moriah: Anytime I’m going through images picking my favorites to edit and deliver, I always react strongest to images where people are connecting. One of the best ways I see connection happening is through physical touch. My biggest suggestion is as soon as your ceremony begins, hold your partner’s hands.

(My Take: YES! I actually included this as one of my top wedding hot takes. If you think you may forget in the moment, maybe ask your officiant to subtly clue you both to hold hands or move closer together.)

Don’t Let Guests Use Their Phones During Your Wedding

Moriah: This is probably my most controversial opinion, but I stand by it. Knowing that I don’t have to dodge cellphones getting in the way of my shot makes my job that much easier, and you’re doing your guests by upping their ability to be really present.

One recent trend I’ve seen and absolutely love is giving guests a moment to take photos of their own. You can do this by having your officiant give your guests 15-30 seconds to get up and get the shot they like right as your ceremony begins. By doing this intentionally, not only are you giving guests their moment to grab their own shots, you’re making a pretty memorable moment out of it. It’s a win-win situation!

(My Take: I totally agree with unplugged ceremonies, but think it’s so hard to manage. If a phone-free ceremony is important to you, I suggest having your officiant say something at the beginning of the ceremony, including a note in your program, and maybe also including a small sign.

I do like the idea of including an intentional moment for guests to capture photos, but I’d prefer doing this at the end of the ceremony; this could also give you an extra minute to collect yourself before heading back down the aisle!)

Have your Officiant Step Out of the Way for Your First Kiss

Moriah: This small effort makes a world of difference. Nothing makes a first kiss more weird than having someone intently staring directly behind your two heads. Another option I’ve seen is having your officiant stand in front of your guests. That way when you’re looking at your officiant, you can also see your guests, and gives me your photographer a more interesting angle for documenting the two of you as well as your guests.

(My Take: YES! Talk with them about this ahead of time so they know it’s important to you.) 

Pause While Walking Down the Aisle

Moriah: This one is purely preference, but I love the unique perspective you get of you and your guests when you take a pause halfway down the aisle. You can do anything here from exchanging another smooch, celebrate with your guests, or do a little dance! Whatever you choose, take your time coming up the aisle and take it all in, you’ll be glad you did.

(My take: YES! Let this come naturally, but I loveeeee these shots – we even included a “just married” category in our Best of 2022 series!) 

While there may be a lot of advice and suggestions thrown your way, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what matters most on your special day! Moriah’s suggestions offer a fresh perspective on ways to enhance the experience, and if nothing else we hope these tips inspire you to consider what matters most to you. Ultimately, focus on your priorities as a couple, and everything else will fall into place! 

Looking for More Wedding Advice?

Check out our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide. It’s like sitting down to chat with your big sister, wedding insiders, and your most organized friends – all rolled into one easy guide! 

Best of 2022: Vermont Elopements & Microweddings

For couples who want to celebrate on their own terms, Vermont elopements are an excellent option. While we swoon for weddings of all sizes, elopements and microweddings offer couples a few unique benefits that we go giddy over (rounded up here for your consideration).

Our Editorial Picks for Vermont Elopements and Microweddings

It’s truly impossible to choose a “best” in this category, but we rounded up a few of our favorite, intimate celebrations from the year. Check out our editorial picks for the best Vermont elopements and mciroweddings of 2022, and check out your favorite in our Readers Choice Awards below!

Serenity on Champlain

This couple’s elopement at Shelburne Farms features the scenic shores of Lake Champlain…can you picture a more dreamy, serene backdrop? The landscape adds to the romantic feeling that these two lovebirds are the only ones in the world.

Photo: Allison Macy Photography

Autumn Elegance

This couple’s microwedding at a private residence in Stowe was nothing short of a romance novel. Think: sweeping mountain views, an emotional first look, thoughtful vows…and tight knit families to witness it all. Dreamy!
Wedding Film: Beyond Bliss Films

Lakeside Love

This couple got married in front of their family and closest friends on the dock at the bride’s family lake house, with her brother officiating. What an amazing memory to add to an already beloved family home!

Vows with a View

This stylish couple traveled all the way from Texas to elope in Vermont with their dog! They were down for exploring and the result is stunning: swimming holes and lush forest trees make for an amazing, uniquely Vermont backdrop for their portraits.

Photo: Kate Seymour Photography

A-Frame Amazing

This micro-wedding held at Sterling Ridge Resort‘s iconic A Frame home is quintessential Vermont! It feels both cozy (we love the use of the porch for the ceremony) and elegant (the ceremony decor is perfectly boho-chic). In a word: A-mazing.

Photo: Markella Kyprios Photography

Romantic Retreat

This couple prioritized quality time together for their wedding celebration, so an elopement was a natural choice! They planned an intentional, romantic summer elopement at Twin Farms followed by an intimate dinner and wine tasting. How romantic!

The Family Embrace

Try looking at this photo without completely melting into a puddle! After the couple tied the knot, the newly blended family of six shared this sweet hug as they celebrated their next chapter together. 

Photo: Blooming Photo Company

The Surprise Wedding

What’s better than an engagement party? A surprise wedding! This adventurous couple successfully pulled off a surprise microwedding for their closest loved ones. this is such a fun, unique celebration!

Photo: Photos by Kintz

Colorful Celebration

This couple planned a stunning. colorful elopement celebration. Vermont’s mountains set a scenic backdrop for their beautiful vow exchange. This couple did an amazing job of honoring important family traditions and celebrating on their own terms – inspiration for weddings of all sizes!

Photo: Isora Lithgow Creations

Al Fresco Dinner Party

This outdoor dinner party is one we’d love to attend! The table set under the trees adorned with twinkle lights, the bride serving up champagne, the table ready with loved ones… it’s casually elegant, and oh-so-fun.

Photo: Hannah Photography

Falling in Love

The couple knew they wanted to get married on the shores of Lake Champlain this past October, and their team brought their dream to life. Weddings by Janet Dunn oversaw their early morning elopement ceremony on a very private section of lake in Shelburne. The calm blue waters and the changing foliage make for a lovely backdrop for their special moment. 

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

This couple braved single digit temps for their winter elopement! Their winter fashion is 10/10 (peep the bride’s tights and boots!) and the blizzard backdrop is lends a romantic, snowglobe quality to their portraits.
Photo: Juniper Studios

Feeling the Spark

This couple stole away for a quiet moment under the twinkling lights during their intimate celebration. With a little help of the shutter speed, the couple’s magical moment looks even more fairytale-esque!
Photo: Margaret Michael Photography

Boho Beautiful (Readers Choice Awards Winner)

This couple’s microwedding at Sugarbush Resort featured a stunning macrame backdrop for their ceremony, lush pampas grass details, and a gorgeous moody color palette that perfectly matched the natural autumnal landscape. So many beautiful boho details for this intimate celebration!
Photo: Rae Ann Photo LLC

On Top of the World

We imagine this couple’s portrait by is what floating amongst the clouds would feel like! This couple eloped on top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest peak, and took some lovely, epic portraits! (Just look at that dress sweep!)
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BEST OF 2022: Wedding Venues

Despite being a small state, there is no shortage of amazing wedding venues across Vermont. From mountain retreats to lakeside spots, there truly is something for everyone here. We’re rounding up the best Vermont wedding venues to help you find your perfect “I do” location!

Check out our editorial picks for the best wedding venues in 2022, and vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Awards below!

The Equinox

The Equinox  is located in the beautiful town of Manchester, Vermont and has no shortage of sweeping, majestic mountain views. Showcased here is the venue’s picturesque Pond Pavilion, which is located at the foot of Mt. Equinox.

Photo: Jaclyn Schmitz

Sugarbush Resort

If you love Vermont for skiing or snowboarding, then you’ll fall head over heels for Sugarbush Resort! This quintessential Vermont wedding venue, located in Warren, is breathtaking all seasons. The Resort offers several options for gathering spaces and plentiful onsite accommodations.
Photo 2: Oliver Parini

Wilburton Inn

The Wilburton Inn is nestled on 30 acres of pure romantic and historic charm! This venue is perfect for couple’s looking to provide guests with a weekend-long celebration. Their ceremony site boasts sweeping views, and the unique marble courtyard is the dreamiest setting to dance the night away.

Photos: Swoyer Photography


Step straight into a fairytale at Hildene. The formal gardens of the Lincoln Family Home are the perfect backdrop for taking photos and sweeping views of the Taconic and Green Mountains are hard to beat. This is one of Vermont’s most elegant, historic and timeless venues!

Photo: Michelle Lange Photography


An Affair by the Lake

An Affair by the Lake, located on the shores of Lake Champlain, is truly stunning. Along with uninterrupted lake views, this venue also offers  a ceremony gazebo, large lawn for a tented reception, and elegant Inn on site for select guests.

Photo: Golden Door Photo


Talta Lodge

Tälta Lodge is one of Stowe, Vermont’s newest wedding venues and conveniently located near lots of outdoor activities, perfect for adventure loving couples. Highlighted here is a timeless summer wedding by Sara Judith Events. Everything about this day at Talta Lodge was customized to perfection for the bride and groom, and showcases what’s possible at this beautiful venue. 

Film: Beyond Bliss Films 


Complete with sparkling views of Lake Champlain, ECHO is truly a unique and modern wedding venue.  It’s one of the most memorable wedding venues in Vermont (think: fish tanks & exhibits inside and Adirondack mountains views outside!) and is one of only a few venues directly on the Burlington waterfront. 

Photo: Michael Tallman


Farm Road Estate 

Farm Road Estate is a historic and romantic wedding venue and inn nestled on 32 acres in West Dover, Vermont. A quintessential Vermont wedding destination, uniquely suited to host Pinterest- ready weddings and large events all year round!

Photo 1: Abigail Jean Photography

Photo 2: Jenna Brisson Photography

The Essex Resort & Spa

The Essex Resort and Spa is the perfect destination for couples looking for deluxe accommodations and Vermont charm. Featured here is a garden party themed summer wedding filmed by Kasaydia Wind Media. The couple’s big day was ethereal, personal and sweet, with the Essex being the perfect backdrop!

Maquam Barn

Maquam Barn and Winery in Milton, Vermont can be easily descirbed in one word: romantic! The venue is a working winery with a magnificent, newly constructed barn, and sweeping vistas to backdrop couple’s ceremonies.

Photo: Katie Jean Photos

Lake Bomoseen Lodge

Lake Bomoseen Lodge is nestled in the Taconic Mountains on Vermont’s largest inland lake, gorgeous Lake Bomoseen. the venue includes multiple ceremony locations and on-site accomodations. We’ve seen weddings from all four seasons held here, each breathtaking in their own right!

Photo: Lindsey Vann 

Inn at Grace Farm

The Inn at Grace Farm provides couples with a private estate experience for their Vermont celebration. With three ceremony sites, a stunning reception barn, and comfortable on-site accommodations, Grace Farm is a truly magical place to celebrate.

Photo: Photos by Kintz

Sleepy Hollow

Step into a storybook at Sleepy Hollow Inn! Shown here is the venue’s pavilion, a cozy and romantic space in the winter. I’m swooning over the flickering candles framing the aisles.

Photo Credit: Cait Fletcher photo

Silhouette Hill

Silhouette Hill checks all of the boxes when it comes to hosting a quintessential Vermont wedding in the county. They provide a serene, picturesque backdrop for couples looking to customize their big day.

Millstone Hill

Millstone Hill  is complete with gorgeous views, a beautiful event barn, and a Bed and Breakfast. For couples looking for a real Vermont feel and charm, this quaint and romantic venue is it!

Lareau Farm Inn

Lareau Farm Inn is a classic Vermont farmhouse venue in Waitsfield, Vermont. Celebrations sprawl from the pavilion onto the expansive lawn, which lends even the most elegant of wedding an intimate vibe. As the home of Vermont-famous, American Flatbread, they also offer catering, including that famous (and ridiculously delish) wood-fired pizza. 
Photo 1: MoHo Photo

Farmhouse Flowers

 Farmhouse Flowers VT  is blooming with beauty! As the name suggests, this gorgeous venue is nestled among the lush flower gardens, from which the team crafts stunning wedding floral arrangements and bouquets. The timber frame reception barn is equally lovely.
Photo: Desirae Jean Photography

Sterling Ridge (Readers Choice Awards)

Sterling Ridge Resort is a log cabin resort hidden in the mountains, providing a unique, private space for couples to celebrate with loved ones for an entire wedding weekend. This is an absolutely beautiful backdrop for nature lovers!

Wild Sugar Homestead

Wild Sugar Homestead is a stunning, rustic wedding venue perfect for couples who want to create a unique, DIY wedding experience in a place that showcases all of Vermont’s natural beauty. And fun fact: its owners, Hallie and Erik (pictured), were also among the first couple to get married here!
Photos by Jessica Dantowitz and second shooter Miranda Photo Co.
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Best of 2022: Favorite First Looks

The emotions surrounding a first look are some of the most powerful on your wedding day. Whether it’s with your partner, a parent, or close friends, that first peak at your completed look as a bride or groom is filled with so much anticipation and joy! It was hard to narrow down our favorite first looks from 2022, but we’ve selected our editorial picks.

Check them out and see who you crowned your Readers Choice Awards below!

All Smiles

This bride’s smile as she approaches for the first look is completely contagious! You can’t help but join in her excitement.

Photo: Ben Hudson Photography

Love on the Lake

The look of joy on this bride’s face as she sees her partner for the first time says it all. Moments like this (at the beautiful Lake Bomoseen Lodge) remind me why first looks are such a powerful, intimate moment. 

Photo: Eli Holmes

Brought to Tears

This couple brought each other to tears without a word during their emotional first look. Absolutely priceless!

All Grown Up (Readers Choice Award)

This dad was brought to tears when he sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, and honestly, so am I watching this clip!

Film: Beyond Bliss Films

Oh Damn!

I love this genuine look appreciation as the groom checks out his bride! Such a fun, sweet moment of desire caught on their wedding day. 

Photo: Hannah Photography 


A Daddy Daughter Moment

I love this moment between the groom and his daughter as they see each other for the first time on his wedding day at the Mansfield Barn. Such a sweet moment between parent and child! 

The First Touch

A great first look alternative, this first touch allows the couple to connect before the ceremony, without actually seeing each other! It’s sweet, creative, and a lovely option for couples who want to have a traditional “down the aisle” moment.

Photo: Love Wins Photography


Shock and Awe

This photo made me absolutely beam when I first saw it. The groom’s surprise, the bride’s big smile … it’s such a sweet, pure moment of joy. 
Photo: MoHo Photos 

The Three Generations

This one had me tearing up. Weddings are a chance to honor your history, and I love that this bride took a moment with her mom and grandma for a first look to celebrate her family.

Hype Girls

Hype girls, bride squad …whatever you call them, these girls brought the love for their first look with the bride! Planner NJOY Weddings & Events thought of everything, including a champagne toast so the crew could celebrate.
Photo: Amy Bennett 
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Adventurous Engagement Session Ideas

Whether you are proposing or planning your engagement photo session, we have some out-of-the-box adventurous engagement session ideas for the bold and fearless Vermont couples today!

My favorite thing about all of these sessions is the authenticity in each of these photos. Each couple is doing what they enjoy together in their photos – and their genuine excitement shines through! Scroll below and get inspired.

skiing engagement photos
Kelsey Regan Photography

Skiing and Snowboarding Engagement Photos

If you love to ski or snowboard, this is such a fun way to show off your love of the slopes. (Side note: I’m amazed how many Vermont wedding photographers can ski or snowboard while taking amazing photos!) The photos are always epic! 

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adventurous skiing engagement session
Ben Hudson Photography
adventurous engagement session skiing down the mountain
Ben Hudson Photography
skiing engagement photos
Kelsey Regan Photography
skiing adventurous engagement session
Kelsey Regan Photography

Adventurous Engagement Session: Hiking

Hiking is a no-brainer way to add some adventure to your engagement session. There is no shortage of places to explore in the Green Mountain State! If you can find a hike with a waterfall or swimming hole to cool off in – even better. 

Plan on going early in the morning or around sunset to capture some amazing lighting!

Related: Golden Hour Hike Engagement Shoot

hiking couples with dogs at a waterfall for engagement photos
Kate Seymour
couple at a waterfall for adventurous engagement session
Kate Seymour
hiking engagement session
Jenna Brisson
adventurous engagement session hiking
Garren Tee Photography

Hot Air Balloon Ride Proposal

Talk about taking your love to new heights! This would be an amazing bucket list date for your engagement shoot or, in the case of this couple, an EPIC surprise proposal! 

hot air balloon proposal
Kelsey Regan Photography
hot air balloon surprise proposal
Kelsey Regan Photography

Urban Adventure

Exploring a new place is always an adventure, and Vermont has plenty of charming towns to discover.

In Burlington, we’d head to Church Street Marketplace and Waterfront Park. Or, head to your favorite ski town (maybe after hitting the slopes!) for an adventure.

snowy aadventurous engagement session in downtown Burlington VT
Keith Macdonald
adventurous engagement session in downtown Burlington VT
Keith Macdonald
Juniper Studios

Adventurous Engagement Session at the Carnival

If there is a local carnival or fair in town around the time of your engagement photos, why not take advantage? I think this would be such a fun idea! Hop on the Ferris wheel, ride the swings,  and play some games together! 

Related: This Vermont Carnival Engagement Shoot Is Sure to Make You Smile

Couple kissing in front of carousel at carnival engagement shoot in Vermont
MoHo Photo

Explore A Lake

Vermont has lots of lakes, and the water always is a great backdrop to use for your engagement photos. Depending on your mood, you could simply just walk on the beach and dip your toes in the water. (Splashing each other optional, but encouraged!) Or you can go all out and go swimming or ride in a canoe together!

adventurous engagement session with couples in a canoe
Kate Seymour
adventurous engagement session on a lake in a canoe
Kate Seymour Photography
Isora Lithgow Creations

Fly Fishing Adventurous Engagement Session

To be honest, I never would have thought a fly fishing engagement could be so romantic and sweet, but THIS IS SO CUTE. This couple’s love for each other and the outdoors shines through their gallery and I can’t get enough.

fly fishing unique engagement session
Garren Tee Photography

Just goes to show you that anything you love to do with your partner could be an amazing photoshoot. Be sure to talk to your photographer about your plans so they can prepare for how to best capture you in your element.

These adventurous engagement sessions are a special and unique way to make memories together while taking your engagement photos!

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Indoor Engagement Session Ideas

Have you considered an indoor engagement session? These are amazing and often overlooked! As the weather turns colder in Vermont, this is especially a great idea to consider for your winter engagement photos.

Two of the biggest benefits of indoor engagement photos are that they are unique and not weather dependent.

While I love a Vermont scenic engagement shoot, your personality can really shine with your indoor location choice! Plus, an indoor shoot gives you more options for when you schedule your photos because you don’t have to worry about the weather. 

Convinced? Here are some of my favorite indoor engagement ideas from Vermont photographers.

Jess Rene

A Brewery, Wine Shop, Bar, or Coffee Shop

Head to your favorite brewery and cheers to saying “I do” over a brew or two! (Also, holding your mug is a great way to show off that new ring!) Plus, the industrial vibe is a great backdrop for your photos. Beer isn’t your thing? What about a wine bar or coffee shop? 

Think about places that are meaningful to both of you as a couple. Years from now you can look back on these photos and remember all the times you spent there together! 

VT coffee shop engagement photo
Moho Photo
fancy bar indoor engagement session idea
Kelsey Regan Photography
winter brewery engagement session
Kelsey Regan Photography
brewery engagement session ideas in the winter
Kelsey Regan Photography

Greenhouse for an Indoor Engagement Session

This is one of my favorite ideas! If you were dreaming of an outdoor shoot but the it didn’t work out, a greenhouse can give you that feeling without worrying about the weather. As a bonus, I’d pick out a new plant to bring home and grow to remember your shoot!

greenhouse indoor engagement session idea
Isora Lithgow Creations
greenhouse indoor engagement session idea
Isora Lithgow Creations

Indoor Engagement Session at the Arcade

If posed engagement photos aren’t your thing – head to the arcade! You can your partner can play around and just hang out together while getting some awesome photos. This is a great indoor engagement session idea for the any time of year. 

This has been one of our most popular engagement blog posts to date at The Archives Bar.

indoor engagement session ideas
MoHo Photo
Couple playing arcade games during engagement photoshoot in Vermont
Moho Photo

Library or Bookshop

There’s something extra cozy and romantic about this idea! If you are both bookworms this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon while taking some unique photos. Stroll through an adorable downtown and roam in and out of bookshops and libraries. 

library engagement session idea
Kelsey Regan Photography
bookshop engagement session
MoHo Photo
Jess Rene Photography

Record Store for Your Indoor Engagement Session

Love music? Visit a record shop together – maybe you’ll find inspiration for your first dance song! 

record shop engagement session idea
Keith MacDonald

Your Home

I think couples often overlook their own space for their photos! Taking indoor engagement session photos in your own space has a lot of advantages.

First, you’ll be comfortable, and have access to your stuff to do activities you love like play guitar, make food in your kitchen, or mix up a drink. It’s also good way to include your pets (and then have put in another room if needed, without the help of another person).

Also, I think it’s really special to have part of your actual, daily life captured by a professional.

engagement photos taken inside of your home
Kelsey Regan Photography
Jess Rene Photos
Jess Rene Photos
Jess Rene
Jess Rene

A Hotel Lounge or AirBnB

Make your engagement session a weekend away! Hotel lobbies and lounges can be stunning, and make for a great backdrop. You can also book a beautiful Airbnb for the weekend. This will be a fun weekend away and you get to make use of a beautiful interior. 

indoor engagement session at an airbnb
Jenna Brisson
unique engagement photo ideas for Vermont couples
Jenna Brisson

Plan Ahead

If you want to take your pictures at a local business, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask the manager if it’s okay beforehand. I’d say something like: My partner and I love [business name] so much, we’d love to take our engagement pictures on site! Is that something you allow? When would be a good time for you? 

Going at a slower time will be less stressful for everyone; you can take your time taking photos without worrying about inconveniencing the business or random other patrons jumping into your shot. Depending on the location and their availability, they may even be able to open to you before/after hours so you can have the place to yourself! 

And be sure to leave a tip to show your appreciation!

What do you think? Where would you plan an indoor engagement photo shoot?

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This Vermont Carnival Engagement Shoot Is Sure to Make You Smile

When Moho Photos sent us this carnival engagement shoot, we broke out into huge smiles and knew we had to share it. If you’re looking to do something fun and unique for your engagement photos, a carnival (or amusement park or state fair) is an excellent photoshoot idea! 

Champlain Valley Fair Engagement Session

These photos were taken at the iconic Champlain Valley Fair in Essex, Vermont. Dubbed “the ten best days of summer” this fair happens every year in late August to early September. (Check out this list of fairs and festivals in Vermont for other possible venues.) 

If you’re hoping to book an engagement session at the Fair (or another carnival) we recommend trying to go on a weekday versus a weekend because it will be less crowded and you’ll have more time to linger and get your shot. 

Ideas for Carnival Engagement Photos

Channel your inner child and have FUN! Go on timeless rides like the carousel or ferris wheel; binge your favorite carnival snacks like cotton candy, funnel cakes, or popcorn; get competitive over some games… the fun photo opportunities are endless!

Another benefit of this location is that carnivals provide a variety of colorful backdrops for photos during the day or nighttime, which gives you lots of options. 

Scroll through the gallery below for more inspiration. 

Ready For Your Own Engagement Session?

We hope this carnival engagement shoot gallery inspires you to have fun with your engagement session, wherever it is! 

Feature Credits:

Photographer: Moho Photos

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Jess and Ben’s fun backyard wedding was intimate, filled with thoughtful details and ended with a lively party. What could be better? 

Photographer Moriah of Moho Photos says that one of her favorite details was their cocktail hour decor. “The couple took over the garage for cocktail hour, and my favorite feature was the wall they covered with photos of them, their parents, and their grandparents. It was a really special touch!” says Moriah. It’s also a great reminder that personal touches don’t have to be elaborate to be meaningful and special!

Other highlights include the cutest, festive pup and lots and lots of smiles – you can totally feel excitement and fun of this day! Check out the full gallery below.


Moriah of MoHo Photo describes herself as a wedding photographer for fun-loving, adventurous couples – and that vibe shines through in all of her work. Whenever her name pops up on my feed I feel a smile come over my face and get inspired. (Remember that fun arcade date engagement shoot?!) Learn more about Moriah below!

How did you get into wedding photography? 

I grew up loving photography – I was that person in high school who dug out the unused dark room in the school to teach myself how to shoot and roll film. 

My first experience with wedding photography was when my sister got married, and she asked if I could take portraits of her and her new husband during the wedding (while also being in the wedding party as maid of honor – wild times!). 

It was that experience that established my love of couples portraits during a wedding day – it’s such a beautiful combination of capturing people I care about, finding their unique connection to highlight and photograph, all while getting really creative in the process. After that I was totally hooked and knew this is what I had to do for a living.

How would you describe your photography style? 

In three words: fun, candid, joyful. I love finding the balance between capturing my couples as they are and inspiring them to be their best selves in front of my camera….And I always make sure we have fun in the process.

What inspires your work? 

My couples! It’s kinda like taking a trip to your favorite place, but it’s new every time with each person I work with. Getting to know their true selves and the connection they have with each other is at the core of how I document my people.

Any special tips for couples for choosing / working with a wedding photographer or about wedding photos in general?

Make sure you have amazing chemistry with your photographer! Not only will they be one of the only people with you the entire day (other than your new partner of course), but the level of comfort you have with your photographer will help you feel relaxed and natural, which will make your images shine.

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

I love the quiet in-between moments, when no one is really watching and the couple is totally immersed in what’s happening around and between them. Those moments I photograph are always the most powerful images from a wedding day.

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc. 

I’m totally spoiled by the beer scene in Vermont. I love spending a lazy weekend exploring local towns and finding new breweries and food spots. My current favorites are Four Quarters in Winooski and Hill Farmstead in Greensboro. If you book me for a session down by the waterfront in Burlington there’s a good chance we’ll be stopping at Foam during the session.

If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do? 

I actually worked as a Business/Quality Analyst in the IT world for manyyyyy years before going full time with photography. I sometimes miss the logical structure of IT, but I’m so much happier focusing that energy on my creative business. I also have a dream when I ‘retire’ from weddings of owning an alpaca farm in the Northeast Kingdom and helping rescue animals there.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

I love to travel! I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and Namibia working with local communities, and I’m always looking for ways to travel more consciously and intentionally. My bucket list spots are Mongolia and Patagonia for extended stays!

What’s a song that always gets you on the dance floor? 

Anything by Taylor Swift, but I’m a huge sucker for live bands and anything they play with high energy.


Thank you, Moriah! Learn more about MoHo Photo in the vendor guide. 

Photographer: MOHO PHOTO


Meaghan and Matt invited photographer Moriah, of MoHo Photos for a fun photoshoot crawl, which they dubbed “the engagement gauntlet.” Starting at the Winooski River, they made their way to The Archives on the circle, an arcade bar in which Matt brought tokens for before the pandemic and was eager to use. They strolled along the Winooski river, and topped off the day with creemees at Al’s.

Moriah says her favorite moments were along the river where the couple was able to relax and take in the sounds of the river and the golden light. Based on the gallery below, we can’t choose our favorites! This engagement is a great inspiration for couples who want to do something a little different for their engagement shoot and visit a few spots that are meaningful.

Couple playing arcade games during engagement photoshoot in Vermont

More Real Vermont Engagement Inspiration

Be sure to check out more posts of our real Vermont engagement posts here.

Photographer: MOHO PHOTO


There’s something extra romantic about elopements – a couple focussed entirely on their love for one another… swoon. Here are just a few of our favorite elopements from 2021!

(Interested in planning your own Vermont elopement? Start here!)

Love this story? We’re sharing our “semi finalist” picks on Instagram. Go check it out for even more inspiration!

Bride and groom hiking up a mountain during Vermont elopement

Top of the World

This couple climbed to the top of Mt. Mansfield for their epic elopement and included their moms as witnesses! (Photo: Jenna Brisson Photography)

A couple eloping during the winter in Vermont surrounded by a winter landscape. 

Romantic Retreat

This couple planned a romantic elopement at a private home, and the bride created all of the lovely, simple decor herself! (Photo: Hallie Jade Pictures)

(Read the full elopement story)

Love is The Bomb

This couple showed off their adventurous and creative sides with a colorful smoke bomb photo session as part of their fall elopement. (Photo: Madison Anne Studio)

Bride and groom kissing in the field of Vermont during elopement

Backcountry Romance

After canceling their initial wedding plans, this couple they booked a tiny house in the woods in Warren, Vermont to elope…and take some epic portraits along the way! (Photo: Keith MacDonald Photography)

Mountain Magic

You know the old saying “cold hands, warm hearts”? It rings true for this couple! They eloped on the summit of Killington Mountain and skied down on a sunny, freezing day! (Photo: Juniper Studios)

(Read the full elopement story)

Curvy bride wearing a glittery gold bridal top and groom smiling and standing in front of a bright blue wall

All That Glitters is Gold

The bride’s gold, glittery dress, her bold bouquet, and the bright blue wall backdrop…it’s all so fun. The couple’s obvious joy makes it even more fun and special. (Photo: Margaret Michael)

Bride and groom laughing on mountain top with colorful foliage in the background in Vermont

Peak Romance

This couple planned their elopement in under two weeks! They started with a sunrise hike, and the peak foliage turned out to make the most gorgeous backdrop. (Photo: MoHo Photo


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Quick recap: what is Vermont Weddings Best of 2021 Series?

A little backstory if you’re unfamiliar: we started the Best of series last year (2020) to highlight some of the amazing work by the talented teams in the Vermont wedding industry. It’s an opportunity to both celebrate a year’s worth of weddings and inspire couples who are planning a future Vermont wedding. (A quick note on the word “best”: the intention isn’t to make this a competition between weddings, but to share a small, but representative, sample of the weddings in Vermont this year.  To that end, please know that we love each and every wedding that was submitted, and the final picks are carefully chosen based on a variety of factors to create a compelling series.)

Here’s what you can expect:

All December, we’ll be rolling out inspiring stories in various categories:

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