The Hottest Vermont Wedding Trends for 2024 (and 2025!)

With each passing year, the realm of weddings takes a gentle shift, embracing new aesthetics, themes, and ideas that capture the imaginations of brides and grooms around the world. As we look at wedding planning in 2024 and beyond, it’s clear that the horizon holds a delightful array of trends waiting to be explored. Thanks to the stellar wedding professionals that make up the Green Mountain State, we have the inside scoop on Vermont wedding trends for 2024 (and beyond!) Keep reading for trends and ideas that may inspire your own celebration!

Love in Full Bloom: Colorful Florals Are Back!

When reaching out to Vermont wedding professionals, one of the most popular Vermont wedding trends for 2024 was more color, especially when it came to florals.

“I’m most excited about the return of colorful flowers in any way, shape, or form! In the past, we’ve seen a lot of neutrals, whites & ivories and I feel like a lot of couples in 2024 are leaning towards either a sunset vibe or at the very least, earthy tones such as cactus, spice & nutmeg! The growing trend of wildflower or garden party weddings is also a joy to see.” says Hallie of The Linen Shop.

Expect more pops of color in 2024 and beyond- whether through full-blown floral installations or in simple, bud vases.

Mixing It Up: Mismatched Bridal Parties

The trend toward mismatched bridal parties has been gaining momentum and continues to do so in 2024 for several reasons. Mismatched bridal parties offer a way to play with a broader color palette and integrate more complex or nuanced wedding themes. This can create a visually striking and dynamic aesthetic that is both modern and stylish, allowing for creativity and flexibility!

“One of the weddings I’m working this year will have bridesmaids wearing different colors, so I am making each bouquet for them different to go with their dress. We are doing pops of orange, pink, and coral, citrus. It’s going to be so fun!, says Adriane of Anaphora.

To keep things somewhat uniform, you can have your bridal party wear the same color, but mix things up with different shades, textures patterns or silhouettes. Allowing your bridal party to choose mismatched attire is a way to honor the budget, individual personalities, and preferences of each member, making the wedding more inclusive and personal. (And  because of that point alone, we think this is one trend that will be sticking around!)

I Saw The Sign: Unique Wedding Signage

When it comes to weaving in special details of your love story into your special day, your wedding signage, stationary or seating chart are all great places to start! Wedding guests and professionals love seeing the personal touches couples choose to showcase on their special day.

“There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding personal touches to your seating chart or place cards! I love hearing the story of how a couple met, where their favorite spot is, what careers they have, their passions and hobbies, etc., and creating something magical with those details. Signage and stationery pieces are the perfect details to showcase what makes you uniquely YOU on YOUR special day!, says Sierra , the wedding stationer extraordinaire behind Lettering With Love Co.

Something For Everyone: Things To-Do Beyond Dancing

While it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a packed dance floor, the truth is that not every guest will necessarily be itching to show off their moves.  Many couples have been adding additional things to do during their wedding to accommodate this! Some examples are: cozy seating areas, fun photobooths, interactive food stations and lawn games or axe throwing.

“The Vermont wedding trend I’m seeing increasingly more of is couples wanting to extend their celebrations. Think: welcome parties the day before the wedding, after parties, or even farewell events before guests travel back home.” Talena of Premier Entertainment recently shared with us. “We’ve been incorporating more activities for events too, like lawn games, music bingo (a huge hit that can be tailored to your guests), photo booths, and La Hora Locas.”

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Color Revelations: The Three Must-Have Color Schemes & Themes of 2024 (and 2025!)

Couples planning their 2024 and 2025 Vermont weddings can’t get enough of the following color schemes and theme trends:

Flower Power

Continuing the trend of bright and colorful blooms is wildflower or garden party-inspired celebrations! Beatrix of Blue House Bakeshop shared with us “I have a wedding cake trend that it’s still going strong in 2024 – the pressed flower cakes! They are perfect for wildflower and garden party themes.”

This theme is prevalent in the spring and summer months, allowing couples and their vendors to pull from Vermont’s natural beauty, and provide a romantic atmosphere. From whimsical escort cards and signage to beautiful tablescapes, and even through fashion- this trend continues to grow!

Earth Tones

Another trend that works almost every season, is the earth tone trend. (Think shades of green, terracotta, or nutmeg, mixed with cream and deep wood tones!) This earthy color palette provides lots of flexibility when it comes to decorating. Couples can keep things simple with lush greenery that pops against sunset-hued florals, or get even more rustic and detailed through linens, chargers, fruit or veggies in their decor, and more! Our state is home to so many historic and beautiful barns, making this trend the perfect match to compliment the charm of these quintessential Vermont venues.

Playing with Patterns

Last but not least, couples wedding planning are getting more creative with the patterns and textures used during their big day! “Embrace your style and incorporate that into the day, if you like bold, jewel tones bring those in.  If you LOVE velvet, add that to the look.  Looking for sunset colors? Bring those to the table.  Ask your vendors what they’ve seen work well and then use that as a jumping-off point with your style.  It is YOUR day, after all.” says Hallie of The Linen Shop.

Simple additions of texture or pattern through linens can create a big impact, offering a cost-effective way to add elegance and style. For example, using patterned table runners or textured centerpieces can significantly enhance the visual appeal without the need for other extensive decorations.  Additionally, the incorporation of patterns or textures can play a crucial role in emphasizing the wedding theme. A vintage-themed wedding might feature antique lace and soft, floral patterns, while a modern wedding might lean towards bold geometric shapes and sleek textures.

Keeping It Real: Crafting Your Dream Wedding by Following Your Heart

And there you have it, a little glimpse into the kaleidoscope of 2024 Vermont wedding trends out there! Before you dive headfirst into the Pinterest rabbit hole or start second-guessing your choices because they don’t fit the mold, remember this: your wedding day is all about you and your partner. At the end of the day, what truly matters is that your celebration feels right in your heart and mirrors the uniqueness of your love story. So, whether you decide to plan a large luxe wedding, say your I-dos in a candlelit backyard, or stick to something timelessly classic, make sure it’s a reflection of you. Your wedding day is your canvas; paint it in a way that makes your heart happy. Here’s to a wedding day that’s as wonderfully unique as you are!

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Meet Lettering With Love Co., a Vermont-based Wedding Stationer and Calligrapher

Wedding signage and calligraphy bring a personalized touch that elevates the overall aesthetic of a wedding day, making it uniquely memorable. By incorporating bespoke lettering elements, from elegant invitations to thoughtfully designed directional signs, couples can create a cohesive theme that flows throughout their ceremony and reception. 

We recently sat down with Sierra, the owner of Lettering With Love Co. She specializes in turning ordinary words into extraordinary art, ensuring that each piece of written decor resonates with the couple’s personality and love story! Sierra’s attention to detail and passion for design make her a cherished partner in bringing wedding visions to life.  Learn more about Sierra and her work below.

How did you get into wedding stationery and calligraphy?

I’ve been an event planner for almost 10 years, but on a whim, I decided to take a lettering class by a local artist when I lived in Denver, CO, and quickly fell in love with the creative outlet. When COVID hit in 2020 I (obviously!) had a lot more time to practice it. Shortly after, we moved to Hawaii and had a fresh start so I thought, why not!? I dove head first into creating Lettering With Love Co. Now I’m here in Vermont and loving it!

How would you describe your style?

I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to take Lettering With Love Co. from coast to coast as it has exposed me to diverse cultures and clients. I love connecting with my couples to see how I can share their story and make THEIR style shine through the signage and stationery pieces I create.

What inspires your work?

My inspiration is sourced from so many different things – textiles, architecture, nature, color, fashion, and my clients.

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding stationer in general?
Trust the process and trust your calligrapher! Signage and stationery are an investment, but it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase you as a couple. We love inspo photos, but trust us to take them and add a little bit of YOU, to create something magical you’ve never seen before!
What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?
Cake! I will NEVER pass up a sweet slice of wedding cake. I also love getting to witness the moment a couple sees their reception all put together – months and months of details finally making their debut!

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? Local spot to visit? 
Anything outside and in the sun – hiking, camping, skiing, riding horses! I enjoy finding cute little shops to explore and local foods to try.

If you weren’t doing signage and calligraphy what could you see yourself doing?
I could see myself as an interior designer or full-time cowgirl. 

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
When I was younger, I dressed up as a baked potato for Halloween. I stuffed a pillow in my oversized shirt, rubbed some pollen on it to make it look like butter, and made a jacket out of aluminum foil.

Your wedding stationery and signs are a tangible expression of your love and some of the first glimpses your guests will have of your big day. When selecting a wedding calligrapher in Vermont, opt for someone who truly understands your vision and aesthetic. It’s important to meet with your Vermont stationer to share your inspirations, color schemes, and elements that embody your relationship. A skilled Vermont calligrapher will take the time to understand your story as a couple and work closely with you to design invitations, RSVP cards, signs, and other stationery items that beautifully communicate the theme and emotion of your wedding. Learn more about Vermont stationer Lettering With Love Co. by visiting their vendor profile in our Vendor Guide.

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