Love Blooms in Memory: A Heartfelt Holiday Proposal

The holiday season is often accompanied by a feeling of romance, but the love story of Emmanuel and Kendra stands out with its depth and raw emotion. Their beautiful love story takes us to Essex ,Vermont, where Emmanuel proposed to Kendra at a bench dedicated to her late father. The bench was adorned with a stunning floral installation by Tipsy Tulip Designs, creating a memory of love that bloomed like a flower. Jaclyn Watson Events played a pivotal role in making this surprise proposal happen, and we are thrilled to share all the special details of this heartwarming event with you today.

Choosing the Perfect Location and Team

“I knew I wanted to make the proposal special and memorable for Kendra. Her late father was an immense part of their family and the local community. What a great man he was,” said Emmanuel. “I remember wishing I had met him when I was first introduced to the family. In fact, I still feel this way. I felt it was only right to incorporate him in the proposal when I asked for Kendra’s mother and brother for their blessings. Proposing at her father’s memory bench in his favorite park was a way to receive his blessing, and have his presence there during his daughter’s special moment. This was a location that meant a lot to everyone!” 

To help bring his vision for the proposal to life, Emmanuel worked with Jaclyn Watson Events to gather a stellar team of wedding professionals to make sure no detail was overlooked for this Thanksgiving proposal. The duo worked with  Tipsy Tulip Designs to create a floral installation that would adorn the memorial bench, an artful arrangement symbolizing Kendra and Emmanuel’s love in full bloom.

Aware of the priceless value of capturing fleeting moments in time, Emmanuel orchestrated the presence of Julia Luckett Photography to capture the raw emotions and spontaneous reactions of this pivotal moment. Along with photography, Emmanuel also hired skilled videographer Wood & Ether to help capture the anticipation, surprise, joy, and the flurry of other emotions that the surprise proposal would bring!

As Kendra walked through the park hand and hand with her mother and brother, her emotions started building. When they approached her father’s memorial bench, there was Emmanuel, surrounded by candles, flower petals and gorgeous blooms. He asked Kendra to sit on the bench where he ultimately popped the question!

Planning a Sentimental Proposal of Your Own

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal has inspired us to share a few ideas on how to make your own proposal sentimental and unforgettable. Here are three tips to make your proposal genuinely stand out and resonate with both of you as a couple:

  1. Incorporate Personal Significance: Reflect on your journey together and incorporate elements that hold deep meaning for both of you. This could mean choosing a location that is significant to your relationship, such as where you first met, had your first date, or a place that you both have always dreamed of visiting together. You could also include subtle references or symbols in your proposal that bring you both back to special moments you’ve shared, inside jokes, or personal interests. This attention to detail not only enhances the sentimentality of the moment but also reaffirms the depth of your understanding and connection to one another!
  2. Include Family, Friends, or Pets: Involving significant individuals or pets in the proposal can amplify its emotional impact, provided this is something your partner would appreciate. This could mean planning a surprise gathering with close family and friends right after the proposal or having someone special to you both, like a sibling or a best friend, play a role in the setup. If your pet is like family to you, incorporating them into the proposal (like attaching the ring to a collar) can add an extra layer of personal charm and fond memories to the event. 
  3. Speak From the Heart: Last but certainly not least, speak honestly and from the heart. Share why you want to spend your life with your partner, what they mean to you, and your dreams for the future together. A proposal doesn’t have to be an eloquent speech; what matters most is that it’s genuine!

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal is a poignant reminder that an engagement ring is just a symbol. It’s the love, the shared journey, and the deep understanding of your partner that truly make a proposal special! As you navigate your own path towards a memorable proposal, bear in mind that it’s these subtle nuances, the heartfelt gestures that transform a moment into a cherished memory in your love story.


Planner: Jaclyn Watson Events, Florals: Tipsy Tulip Designs, Photographer: Julia Luckett Photography, Videographer: Wood & Ether, Ring: Neil Lane.

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Best of 2023: Wedding Design

Whether it’s the use of color, imaginative table setups, or breathtaking venue transformations, this year’s weddings were undoubtedly unforgettable in terms of wedding design. From beautiful blooms to colorful or unique accessories and even disco balls – these couples and their vendors knew how to throw a picture-perfect party!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Whimsical Escort Cards

Creativity was in full bloom with this escort card display by Tipsy Tulip Designs! Delicate buds, moss and handwritten names make this display a timeless combination!
Photo: Ellen Sargent Photography

Blinded by the Love

Feast your eyes on some of the most colorful wedding favors we’ve ever seen! Doubling as a seating chart and accessory to wear throughout the day, we adore these heart shaped sunnies.

Chic Camping

NJOY Weddings & Events brought one couple’s vision of a weekend summer camp to life at this stunning celebration at Basin Harbor. The weekend was packed with activities, and we absolutely adore the reception’s perfect blend of elegant and camp-chic decor.
Photo: Julia Luckett 

Budding Creativity

An interactive element for guests during your wedding reception is always a win in our book! For their garden party wedding, the couple wanted to keep the day full with fun activities for guests of all ages. Not only did guests enjoy making their own flower crowns, but it also gave them a beautiful keepsake to remember the occasion!
Photo: Moho Photo

Classic Sophistication

The Linen Shop used chic white and blue linens to create an effortlessly elegant base for this couple’s wedding day decor. The bud vases add delightful, bold pops of color against the blue floral tablecloth.
Photo: Rodeo & Co.

Overflowing Florals

We are officially adding florals in water fountains to our Pinterest boards! This floral installation by  M’s Wedding Flowers is so romantic and unique. It was perfect as a colorful, dramatic backdrop for photos, or just a serene place to sip a cocktail and enjoy the view.

In our Lover Era

“Alexa, play ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.” For a playful twist on a seating chart (that also doubled as favors!) the bride and groom handmade friendship bracelets for their guests. Complete with each guest’s name and charms, who wouldn’t love this?

Enchanted Tent

This beautiful tent reception executed by Jaclyn Watson Events is a dream come true! Twinkling string lights, rattan chandeliers and lavender draping created an enhancing ambience. Rock cairns scattered among florals added an earthy touch to the beautiful tables. 

Growing Love

We’re hoping ground floral arches continue to grow in popularity in 2024! This timeless ground floral arch by Anaphora Flowers is not only beautiful but also symbolic. The couple began their ceremony with an open semi-circle, and later in the ceremony, the couple’s mothers closed the circle around them to symbolize the unity in a marriage. Beautiful in style and meaning!

Colorful Romance

This wedding nailed the summer-meets-fall vibe, with a color palette that pops everywhere, from the cozy candles to the colorful ribbons on the bride and groom’s chairs.
Florals & Decor: A Clover & One Bee
Photo: Hayes & Baker Photography
Planner: Odyssey Events

Tying the Knot

This color decided to forgo the traditional color palette and embraced a bold, colorful approach. Ribbons added to the joyful, colorful celebration from the ceremony to the reception decor. 

Photo: The Great Blue Photo Co.

Disco-vering a Touch of Sparkle

We love this mirror set up as a welcome guests to your reception! Sara Judith Events worked with the bride and groom’s timeless green and white color palette and elevated it with a touch of sparkle and whimsy through the addition of disco balls!

Photo: Esra Y Photography, Venue: Equinox Resort

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont design in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Best of 2023: Just Married Moments

There is a unique magic found within ‘just married’ moments. It’s a magic derived from months, (sometimes even years!) of planning and anticipating this celebration. These captivating moments, forever frozen in time, serve as intimate glimpses into pure joy, boundless love, and the promising start of a shared journey.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our team’s curated selection of “just married” moments that stole our hearts.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Wrapped in Love and Traditions

This bright and beautiful wedding was full of Lithuanian wedding traditions! We love this photo of the newlyweds and their guests during their reception.

Cruisin’ In Style

Photo proof that motorcycle entrances at weddings should totally become a thing. This couple arrived to their reception in style!

Champagne Showers

If you’ve followed our ‘Best Of’ series before, you know our team loves a good champagne pop! (We had a whole category devoted to it last year.) This couple and their crew was clearly bubbling with excitement and we’re loving it.

The Gang’s All Here

One of the most special parts of your wedding day are the people who come to celebrate you! When will you ever have all of your favorite people in one place again? That being said, we love a good group photo at weddings and this one at The Grafton Inn was too sweet not to share!

Picture Perfect Perspective

When going over photo ideas with their photographer, this couple had the idea of capturing their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs with their guest’s reactions in the background – and what a fantastic idea it was!
Venue: Quechee Inn

On Cloud 9

We just love the pure joy in this photo! This couple is flying high on cloud 9.
Venue: Snow Farm Vineyard

First Dance Magic

A little sparkle, a little greenery and full attention on the bride and groom. What a beautiful image captured on this couple’s first dance!
Photo: Esra Y Photography
Venue: The Equinox Resort

Soaking In Newlywed Bliss

We highly recommend taking time on your wedding day to soak everything in, just the two of you. This couple did just that on the calm waters of Lake Bomoseen.
Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge

Blooms & Bubbles

Can’t choose between flower petals or bubbles as you make your way back up the aisle? Why not both!? The smiles here say it all.

A Timeless Treasure

This oil painting artfully captures the romance of this couple’s wedding day! Painted by Hope Sharp Art throughout the day, this piece added a joyful element of surprise and elegance for guests to observe- and is now a treasured heirloom for the couple to enjoy for years to come!

Whimsical Wedding

Blooms bursting with color, ribbons and a perfectly timed gust of wind… need we say more? We love this couple’s colorful and romantic vision!
Photo: Great Blue Photo Co.
Florals: Oak & Bee 

Bubbling with Excitement

After this couple exchanged their vows, their guests showered them with bubbles, creating a magical and heartwarming moment.

S’more Love

The campfire pit at this couple’s wedding ended up being a popular spot for guests to hang out throughout the night. When the crowd cleared, these newlyweds snuck in some one on one time to enjoy the fire and to roast marshmallows together!
Venue: Mad River Barn

Walking Into Forever Together

Rolling mountains, lush aisle markers and radiant smiles – it’s hard to pick our favorite element of this wedding. From the aisle to eternity! 
Venue: Kelly Way Garden 

Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After

After 3 years of rescheduling their celebration due to the pandemic, these grooms officially tied knot! Something truly special is that the couple led their own ceremony and it was full of love and tons of laughter! 
Photo: Moho Photo

A Romantic Recap

We bet this couple can’t help but fall in love over and over again when they watch their wedding recap video! A beautiful celebration perfectly captured.
Venue: Old Gray Barn

Fairytale Twirl

We’ll never pass up a photo of a beautiful bride twirling in her dream dress. A moment like this is one so many of us a dream of, a true fairytale feeling!

Let’s Get The Party Started

This photo screams “We did it! Now let’s get this party started!”  We guarantee this couple’s contagious enthusiasm evolved into an unforgettable evening of partying.
Venue: Mad River Barn

Grooms & Blooms

These joyful grooms were more than ready to tie the knot on this stunning summer day! We’re also crushing on the ceremony’s  beautiful florals, reflecting the couple’s love in full bloom.
Photo: Alex Paul Photography

Taking a Shot of Love

Nervous on your wedding day? A little bit of liquid courage doesn’t hurt! This image made us giggle and we’re sure those of you who have already planned a wedding can relate to it!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our editorial picks for the best ‘just married’ moments of 2023, it’s your turn to pick your favorite! Vote between now and January 27 for your favorite to crown the Readers Choice Winner. 

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Rustic Meets Chic at this Summer Vermont Wedding

When it comes to planning the perfect luxury Vermont wedding, many couples aim for a blend of rustic charm and chic elegance. Ivy and Michael’s summer wedding did just that with the help of event planner Jaclyn Watson Events. Complete with lush florals, a beautifully adorned tent, a unique escort wall and fireworks, you’ll want to see all the details from this special day captured by Kate Seymour Photography.

Dreamy "I Do's" in the Vermont Countryside

Nestled in the picturesque Vermont countryside, Ivy and Michael’s wedding at a private residence provided the idyllic backdrop for a dreamy, luxury Vermont wedding. The couple chose a stunning color palette of ivory, purple, and pops of pink, which perfectly complemented the natural beauty of their surroundings.
Lush floral arrangements, thoughtfully used as aisle markers, transformed the ceremony space into an ethereal field of wildflowers. As Ivy and Michael exchanged their vows, their guests showered them with bubbles, creating a magical and heartwarming moment.

Elegant and Elaborate Reception Details

Ivy and Michael, high school sweethearts hailing from the Chicago area, wanted to infuse their love for Chicago (and baseball!) into their special day. The creative minds at Jaclyn Watson Events did just that by designing a unique escort card wall. Each guest’s name and table number were beautifully displayed on ivy-covered baseballs, paying homage to Wrigley Field, one of Chicago’s iconic baseball stadiums.

The wedding tent, the centerpiece of the couple’s reception, was transformed into a mesmerizing wonderland. Twinkling string lights adorned the ceiling, and delicate lavender draping cascaded from the tent poles, creating an enchanting ambiance. The tables were elegantly adorned with floral arrangements, rock cairns, and candles, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Every corner of the tent was adorned with breathtaking decorations, making it an unforgettable experience for all. After an evening of joyful dancing, guests indulged in delectable cake and cupcakes, with a delightful surprise – the couple’s beloved dog made a charming appearance in the decorations!

Ivy and Michael spared no expense to ensure their special day was nothing short of magical. Their attention to detail and passion for creating lasting memories made this luxury Vermont wedding a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We’re certain that the love and joy felt on this day will be cherished for years to come.

Plan Your Vermont Wedding with Jaclyn Watson Events

Michael and Ivy’s wedding weekend, expertly crafted by Jaclyn Watson Events, exemplifies the pinnacle of wedding planning excellence. Inspired after planning her own wedding, Jaclyn has helped hundreds of couples over the years bring their unique love story to life. To explore the endless possibilities for your our luxury Vermont wedding, reach out to Jaclyn and her team at Jaclyn Watson Events.

Capture Timeless Memories with Kate Seymour Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer who will go the extra mile – both literally and figuratively – look no further than Kate Seymour Photography. Kate specializes mainly in adventure elopements and intimate weddings. She works with outdoor loving couples who are ready to dream big when it comes to planning their elopement or wedding day. Kate will be your guide as you tackle wedding planning and get comfortable in front of a camera. You don’t even have to have anything planned, together you’ll craft a day that is unique to you


Venue: Private Estate, Planner: Jaclyn Watson Events, Photographer: Kate Seymour PhotographyVideo: Justin Peay, PHMU: Dana Barton, Catering: Let’s Pretend Catering, Dessert: VT Sweet Tooth, Florals: Birds of a Flower, Lighting: Drape Art Design, DJ/Band: Rod & Turfcurls, Bar: Fluid Bar Service.

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Best of 2022: Reception Details

Pour yourself a beverage and settling in for some incredible inspiration! These couples included beautiful, inspiring, and downright fun reception details for their 2022 Vermont weddings. (You’ll want to steal these ideas for your Pinterest board for sure.)

Below are the editorial picks the best reception details; give them a look and scroll to see your (two!) favorites in our Readers Choice Awards below!

The Sit Down Stunner

We would love to pull up a seat and admire this tablescape Jaclyn Watson Events helped design for this stunning Topnotch Resort wedding. It’s full of color, depth and gorgeous details.

Photo: Rodeo & Co

The Love Language

This is one of the cutest, most unique dinner menus I’ve seen! The cheeky message “Food is our Love Language” adds a fun element on this elegant tablescape at Farm Road Estate.

Photo: Jenna Brisson Photography

Chopped (Readers Choice Awards Winner)

Want to give your guests a unique experience? How about an axe-throwing competition?! That’s exactly what this couple did for their Mansfield Barn wedding! 

Photo: Juniper Studios

Ring Ring (Readers Choice Awards Winner)

This couple greeted their guests will an interactive drink wall; guests rang one of the bells and a server’s gloved hand popped through a frame with a personal glass of bubbly! This is such a fun twist on a champagne welcome that Sara Judith Events helped to bring to life.

Photo: Adam Michaels 

The Foodies

This couple had a delicious, farm to table BBQ dinner for their Silhouette Hill reception, and even got involved themselves! Yum!

Photo: Sasha Israel

Bouncing for Joy

The matching heart sunglasses … the white bounce house… everything about this reception screams FUN! A bounce house is an unexpected, fun reception addition that will be enjoyed by guests of all ages!

Photo: Jess Rene Photos

Leave a Message

In lieu of a tradition guestbook, this couple opted for a voicemail guestbook. This is such a fun interactive idea for guests, and allows you to capture personal audio from your loved ones!

Photo: Hannah Photography

Love You Stowe Much

This punny neon sign is just one of the many thoughtful details from this Stowe wedding planned by NJOY Weddings & Events. This would be such a fun detail to take pictures with during the reception, and to decorate with at home post-wedding bliss! 

Photo: Amy Bennett Photography

Marvelous Mushrooms

This couple played off the natural beauty of Lareau Farm Inn with these unique handmade mushroom table details, wild flowers, and mismatched vases. The overall effect is earthy, boho and beautiful!

Photo: Madison Anne Studio

Botanical Beauty

This seating chart by Blossoming Bough is truly stunning! We love the mix of botanical prints, wildflowers, antique library trays, and seed favors. Absolutely gorgeous!

Photo: Abigail Grey Photography

Under the Lights

We would love to be on outdoor dance floor at Lake Bomoseen Lodge, and by the looks of it, so did the guests! Destinations Found helped create a dreamy dance oasis under the trees with a canopy of lights for this lovely reception.

Photo: Sixpence Studios 

Love Won

This couple included a bold, rainbow colored Love Wins sign for their wedding reception, which made for a perfect, super fun photo backdrop! Based on their smiles, we think it’s clear: love has won these two over!

Photo: GarrenTee Photography

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Best of 2022: Wedding Style

This year like never before, couples slayed their wedding photos in style. From elegant, timeless looks to one of a kind outfits, Vermont couples came dressed to impress!

Check out the style inspiration below in our editor’s picks for Best of 2022 Style, and scroll to see who you voted for your Readers Choice Awards pick! 

In Vogue

This unbelievably chic couple looks like they stepped out of the pages of Vogue. Jennifer Perellie created a sophisticated look for the bride that complimented their unique elopement style perfectly.

Photo: Illume by Paul Reynolds

Timeless Beauties

This couple’s style is as elegant as it is timeless! His black tux, from McNeil and Reedy and her embellished gown from Fiori Bridal, are stunning choices for their wedding at The Essex. (And if the arbor by Tipsy Tulip Designs looks familiar, it’s because it was a pick for the best florals of 2022!) 

Photo: Amy Demos Photography

The Two for One 

Just look at the ruffles on her skirt – how can you help but soon?! This Veilmonté Bridal Showroom gown had a surprise though; not only was it perfect for a romantic ceremony but the skirt detached revealing a sleak, ready-to-dance reception dress. Amazing. 

Black Beauty

This bride was determined to show off her darker style in her wedding attire, and she nailed it! Her black lace top and dip dyed skirt combo are stunning. (She even painted her nails black to match!) 

Photo: Madison Anne Studio

Shades of Green

Jaclyn Watson planned this stunning wedding which featured shades of green from the wedding party to the decor. This bridal party totally nailed the mismatched look with their coordinated green dresses. I especially love how their bouquets kept in the same green and white palette, perfectly complimenting the style. 

Photo: Kelsey Regan Photography

Classy and Classic

I love this timeliness look by Fawn MUA! The subtle makeup and lush lashes compliment her traditional gown and beaded veil perfectly. Perfection.

Photo: Rob Springs Photography

The Winter Wow

This is what happens when your wedding party not understands the assignment but completely rocks it. From the goggles to the boots to the fur shawls, this wedding party has the après party look locked down!

Photo: Juniper Studios

Black and White Beauties (Readers Choice Awards)

The bride’s beaded black suit is truly unlike anything I’ve seen before; I’m obsessed! Add to that her beloved in a stunningly elegant white gown and the wildly lush bouquets by M’s Wedding Flowers and I’m rendered speechless. Their entire look is a showstopper! 

Photo: Colette Kulig Photography

The Cape Sweep

This glamorous couple works in theatre, so it came to no surprise to planner Odyssey Events that they understood drama! The bridal cape adds an unparalleled sense of drama and elegance to their classic look.

Photo: Savannah Brown

Wild and Wonderful

Photographer Hallie Jade got married this year at Wild Sugar, the venue her and husband own and maintain. I love their colorful style – from her veil to their wedding party…it’s a little wild, and totally wonderful. 

Photo: Jessica Dantowitz (Miranda Photo Co., second shooter)

Modern Love

I love the contrast between the clean, modern lines of the space (how cool is that metal arbor?) with the lush, colorful flowers by Yanique Events. Designed by Ehmann Events, this look is so fresh and lovely! 

Photo: Isora Lithgow Creations

Radiant in Red

The bride wore a stunning red sari for her Sikh marriage ceremony, known as the ‘Anand Karaj’, meaning blissful union.  This grand, multi-day event was planned by NJoy Weddings & Events. From the rich colors to her sparkling jewels to her natural excitement, this bride is positively radiant! 
Photo: Virdee Films 

The Getaway Look

I love this bride’s feathered jacket for the most perfect getaway outfit! It adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to their sparkler exit.

Photo: Idena Beach Photography

French Fête

This couple’s celebration was inspired by classic French culture (they even shared their first dance to a classic French song!). The bride wore an off the shoulder gown, and the groom wore a white tux jacket. The elegant style was mirrored by their decor, including the lush florals by Anaphora Flowers. Each detail provided the perfect ambience for their intimate fête.

Nailing It

I love this close up shot of the bride’s bedazzled nails. The design is fun and glitzy, and the neutral color palette keeps it sophisticated. Hands down, a great look! 

Photo: Jess Rene Photo

Dark and Dreamy  

This couple embraced their dark side with a color palette that was both dreamy and dramatic! It’s a great choice for their emotional fall wedding (just try to watch their vows without crying). 
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Meet Wedding Planner Jackie of Jaclyn Watson Events

Wedding planner Jackie, the owner and lead designer of Jaclyn Watson Events, creates custom, bespoke weddings that her couples and their guests remember for a lifetime. You’ve likely swooned over one (or more) of her weddings on Instagram before yourself! Read on to learn more about Jackie.

How did you get into event planning? 

After planning my own wedding, I knew this was something that I would be good at and I dove right in! 

What inspires your work? 

Knowing that I get to be creative everyday inspires me

Any special tips for couples? 

Choose a wedding planner that fits both your budget and your personality – you’ll be spending a lot of time together! 

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

When the couple says I do, walks back down the aisle and I get the first hug and congratulations!

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc. 

Go to Scale and have poke bowl or Acai bowl

If you weren’t a wedding/event planner what would you do? 

I would have been a paramedic 

What’s a fun fact about yourself?  

I used to be a performer and did juggling

What’s a song that always gets you on the dance floor? 

“Footloose” – ha!


Thank you, Jackie! Learn more about Jaclyn Watson Events in the vendor guide.


From traditional and elegant to boho and casual, a couple’s style informs each design choice and detail on their wedding day. Here are a few of our favorite details and designs from 2021 Vermont weddings.

Love this post? We’re sharing our “semi finalist” picks on Instagram. Go check it out for even more inspiration!

Fresh & Floral

As a nod to the groom’s Georgia roots, Lindsey added whole and halved peaches into Clayton Floral’s amazing green garlands (also peep that archway installation – it’s UNBELIEVABLE), and painted custom place cards, menus and table numbers to include peaches as well. This Maquam Barn wedding is definitely a highlight of the year. (Photo: Julia Luckett Photography)

(Read the full wedding story)

The Bold & Beautiful

This “camp” inspired lakeside wedding designed by I Dews Design & Events was equal parts fun, beautiful, and sentimental. Their wedding incorporated nods to their family, including the groom’s grandfather’s UVM beer stein in their tablescapes.  (Photo: Obsidian)

A table full of wedding cakes

A Celebration of Cakes

Why have one cake when you can have a whole table of them? We love this display of multiple cakes (we especially love the gold brushstroke design) by The Goose Chase Cake Designs. It creates a huge visual impact and provides a variety of flavor options for guests! (Photo: Dear Edith & Lily)

Fresh & Festive

The chandeliers, the drapery, the neon sign and the pink tufted chairs … we can’t get enough of this design by Jaclyn Watson Events. It’s classically beautiful, but with a bit of a fresh update! (Photo: Rodeo & Co)

Elegance Under the Tent

NJOY Weddings & Events created a timeless, romantic reception tent for this Hildene wedding. We especially love how the tent glows after dark from the strands of twinkling lights that highlight the tent’s drapes. Total modern romance! (Photo: Corinne Parker)

A place card for wedding with custom logo with a heart for a Vermont wedding

Love-Inspired Logo

This couple, both graphic designers, designed their own (super cool) wedding logo, and made these candles – holders and all – as gifts for all their guests. (Photo: K Lenhart Photography)

A Stand Out Seating Chart

This seating chart floral display by Nectar and Root is one of the most unique, lovely design choices we’ve seen this year. It’s a small sample of the gorgeousness that is this wedding by Lindsey Leichthammer Events at the Inn at Grace Farm is gorgeous. (Photo: Jenna Brisson Photography)

(Read the full wedding story)


Love Notes

The bride, a teacher, asked her students to write down what love and marriage mean to them. The resulting cards are sweet, adorable, and unique additions to each table. (Photo: Love Wins Photography)

Dinner table set for outdoor wedding with bright pink flowers down the center

Dinner Party Goals

This al fresco dinner party at The Grafton Inn is stunning; we love the bright florals and lanterns down the center of the table. It’s casually elegant, and oh-so-fun.  (Photo: Loveland Creative)

Vermont wedding barn with greenery drapery

Paradise Found

We love how The Linen Shop’s neutral table liners show off the long farmhouse tables and lay the perfect backdrop for the lush greenery. Topped off with oodles of greenery and twinkling lights, and we feel like we’re in a garden paradise! (Photo: Cassi Claire)


A DIY Dream

Both wedding filmmaker Madison Anne Studio and photographer Juniper Studios highlighted this gorgeous boho wedding. The bride handmade many of the decor pieces, including the incredible crochet ceremony backdrop.


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Quick recap: what is Vermont Weddings Best of 2021 Series?

A little backstory if you’re unfamiliar: we started the Best of series last year (2020) to highlight some of the amazing work by the talented teams in the Vermont wedding industry. It’s an opportunity to both celebrate a year’s worth of weddings and inspire couples who are planning a future Vermont wedding. (A quick note on the word “best”: the intention isn’t to make this a competition between weddings, but to share a small, but representative, sample of the weddings in Vermont this year.  To that end, please know that we love each and every wedding that was submitted, and the final picks are carefully chosen based on a variety of factors to create a compelling series.)

Here’s what you can expect:

All December, we’ll be rolling out inspiring stories in various categories:

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Giuliana and Ben had a clear vision for the wedding day, and despite the challenges of wedding planning in 2020, the couple was able to bring that dream to life thanks to the expertise of Jaclyn Watson Events. The couple’s lakeside wedding at Basin Harbor in Vergennes, Vermont was truly spectacular (and safe – the couple was diligent about following state protocols in place at the time). 

Elegant Event Design & Custom Wedding Details

The team worked in details to make the design unique to the couple: the blue printed chargers mimicked the couple’s own dinnerware collection; the stationery collage was a custom piece created by a family friend; the collection of eclectic water pitchers used at both the cocktail hour and reception were hand-picked by the couple, and a gift to guests who wished to take them. From the lush centerpieces to the sparkling chandeliers in reception tent, each detail spoke of luxury.

Check out the gallery below for a peak at this elegant, waterfront wedding!

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When this romantic styled shoot showed up in our inbox we may have audibly sighed. It’s so dreamy!

“We wanted to create a romantic, Old World-inspired session that focused on the vitality of spring,” says photographer Julia.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Floral Installation on a Tree

Blossoming Bough brought this vision to life with lush florals (we especially dig the floral installation on the tree for a ceremony backdrop), a tablescape with natural details like moss and quail eggs, and a dreamy, colorful bespoke stationery suite.

Check it all out below!

Two brides nuzzling while holding large bouquets during a spring elopement styled shoot in Vermont

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When Hilary and Adam tied the knot, the ski-loving Texans wanted to provide guests with a weekend-long celebration in Vermont. The couple enlisted the expertise of Jaclyn Watson Events to bring their dreams to life, resulting in a truly spectacular wedding at the Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont.

“The design element of the event took many months to plan, says Jaclyn. The team handpicked each piece to create the special style of elegance that reflected the couple. “Everything from the heavy greenery floral design to the custom stationery elevated the event and wowed the guests and couple alike!” Check out their gallery, captured by Savannah Brown, below. 

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Wedding Planner: JACLYN WATSON EVENTS | Wedding Venue: TOPNOTCH RESORT | Specialty Rentals: CHICKADEE HILL | Photographer: SAVANNAH BROWN


Wedding decor is as unique as each couple’s love story and interests, and it sets the stage for the celebration. Here are a few of the most unique and beautiful design moments from 2020 Vermont weddings.

Natural Beauty

This tablescape celebrates the natural beauty of Vermont. Small blooms pop against the light blue napkins and add a special, personal touch on each seat. The elegant glassware provides a great, delicate contrast to the stately wood tables.

Jaclyn Watson Events | Hannah Photography | Nectar and Root

Elegant Elopement

Candles and white flower petals create a simple, elegant aisle and urns spilling over with flowers create a ceremony focal point for this couple’s elopement. Their adorable dog even matches the theme with a floral collar!

Kimpton Taconic Hotel | Mountain Hearts Photography | Haley Goodrich of Nancy Bishop Floral Design

Cozy Elegance

Flickering candlelight down a banquet table adorned with fall flowers creates a festive, cozy atmosphere for a small wedding celebration.

Inn at Weathersfield | Two of Us Photography

Backyard Bliss

This tented wedding is the definition of casual elegance. Small tables were set up around the sail tent to maintain social distance, but the beautiful, natural table decor makes it feel more intimate.
(Read the blog post)

Hannah Photography

Beauty & The Beach

This private beachfront residence is transformed into a boho wedding venue reminiscent of a tropical oasis. A ceremony space is crafted with lanterns, bright florals and beach grasses. Oriental rugs and twinkle lights create a dance floor in the sand. Overall, it nails the tropical boho beach party vibe.

Lindsey Leichthammer Events | Ben Hudson Photography

Lush & Luxe

This tented reception is beyond gorgeous. The chandeliers highlight the soft drapes of the tent and cast a warm glow on the lush, dramatic floral arrangements. 

Jaclyn Watson Events