A Breathtaking Fairytale Elopement in a Vermont Castle

When it comes to elopements, the picturesque landscapes of Vermont have always been a sought-after destination, and Becca and Brendan’s Vermont elopement was no exception! Choosing to embrace the notorious date of Friday the 13th, the couple’s intimate celebration turned superstition on its head, proving that the day can also be just as lucky. With Hillary Fay Studios and Moho Photo by their side, Becca and Brendan’s special day was one straight out of a fairytale. Continue reading for all the details of this one-of-a-kind elopement at Gregoire Castle, plus our top tips for planning your own elopement in Vermont.

Deciding On A Vermont Destination Wedding

A couple’s journey to exchanging vows is always a unique tale of love, preferences, and sometimes, a touch of serendipity. Such was the case for Becca and Brendan who, enamored by the enchanting allure of Vermont during a visit, decided it was the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Vermont’s breathtaking landscapes and warm, welcoming communities, captured their hearts on a previous trip; so when it came time to select a wedding location, the choice was easy! Vermont’s charm promised a day of peace, joy, and unmatched ambiance.

Becca and Brendan knew that, while planning an elopement just for the two of them, they still wanted a one-of-a-kind venue! An evening of scrolling on Airbnb led them to a unique discovery – a castle named Gregoire located in Irasburg, Vermont. With a venue booked, it was time to set a date, and the couple chose one that some may find a bit superstitious: October 13th! (Yes, Friday the 13th) Embracing their love for the unconventional and finding fortune in what many consider an ominous day, Becca and Brendan found that it perfectly aligned with their journey, marking nearly five years of shared moments and luck as a couple.

An Enchanting Elopement with Talented Vermont Wedding Vendors

Starting the day in leisure, the couple enjoyed champagne in a hot tub, embracing the tranquil morning hours. Intimate phone calls to family members replaced traditional pre-ceremony gatherings, maintaining the day’s serene spirit. When it was time to start getting ready, Becca had her hair and makeup done by the talented Hillary and Ashley from Hillary Fay Studios. Moriah of Moho Photo was on site to put the couple at ease, and of course, to dreamily document such a beautiful day! From first looks to the ceremony, dinner, dancing, and a late-night lantern walk – no detail was left behind due to Moriah’s talented lens.

Becca and Brendan’s officiant, Carmen George, who also served as their florist, exceeded all expectations, adding to the day’s perfection. After vows were exchanged, the couple explored the castle’s grounds and took portraits.

Inside the castle, champagne, dinner, and desserts aplenty awaited the newlyweds! The wedding dinner? A delightful surprise catered by The Dancing Sail out of Newport, showcased some of the best dishes Becca and Brendan had ever tasted, maintaining the day’s theme of pleasant unpredictability. For dessert, cakes crafted by Sarah at The Goose Chase Cake Design featured local flavors like maple, a nod to Vermont’s famous commodity.

Becca and Brendan cherished the intimacy and ease of their wedding day, where the focus remained solely on their union. Their elopement not only reflects their personalities and unique love story but also serves as an inspiration for those planning their wedding to seek what truly resonates with them. (It’s your special day, so plan it the way you want to!)

Congratulations, Becca and Brendan, on your special day. The couple plans to revisit Gregoire Castle on their first wedding anniversary, bringing their loved ones along to celebrate their love– and such a special place!

For information on planning your own elopement in Vermont, read our tips at the end of this blog post.

How to Elope in Vermont

Planning an elopement is exciting and is also a deeply personal decision for couples who prefer a more intimate celebration of their love. Here are our team’s top tips for couples looking for information on how to elope in Vermont:

Decide on the Core Elements: What do you want your special day to look like? Feel like? Your elopement is all about celebrating your love in a way that feels true to both of you. Choosing an “us only” elopement means your possibilities are virtually limitless, stretching from incredibly laid-back or romantic to adventurous. Consider incorporating personal touches that reflect your relationship; this could be anything from exchanging vows at the site of your first date to integrating a favorite shared hobby into the day.

Additionally, think about the season – Vermont, for example, offers stunning backdrops ranging from lush green summers to snowy winter wonderlands or vibrant fall foliage! The time of year can significantly influence the feel of your day. Should you decide to include a handful of guests, think about their capabilities (for example, it might be difficult for grandma to hike a few miles to the summit of a mountain!)

Manage the Legalities: The paperwork might seem like the least romantic part of your elopement, but it’s essential. You’ll need to make an appointment with a Vermont town clerk in your town of residence to apply for your marriage license.  If neither of you are a Vermont resident, you can choose any town clerk in the state. We advise making an appointment with a town clerk in the area you are eloping!

Once you receive your marriage license, you’ll have 60 days to get married. (Woohoo!)  After your elopement, the marriage license needs to be returned within 10 business days by the person performing your ceremony- more on that below!

More common legality questions, and answers, can be found here.

If you or your partner is considering a name change post-marriage, start researching the process early as it can be time-consuming. There are resources and even companies out there, like NewlyNamed, that can help you navigate this process.

Choose Your Location and Vendors: Vermont is home to a variety of stunning locations, from the serene Lake Champlain to the majestic Green Mountains. Once you’ve determined your desired date and atmosphere for your elopement, the next step is to begin the process of selecting vendors for the occasion.

A crucial choice for an elopement in Vermont is selecting an officiant. Options include a Vermont Justice of the Peace, a judge, or an ordained minister. Alternatively, you could have a friend obtain a temporary authorization from the state specifically for your ceremony. (Fun fact: some wedding photographers are also ordained. Make sure to ask!)

While an officiant and potentially a photographer are your key priorities, don’t overlook other elements that can enhance your day, such as a florist for a bespoke bouquet or a local bakery for an intimate wedding cake. When selecting vendors, look for those who have experience with elopements and understand the nuances of these smaller, more intimate gatherings!

Disclaimer: Seeing that you’ve visited us here at Vermont Weddings,  the above tips are for those looking to elope in Vermont! However, each state has different laws when it comes to elopements. We advise doing your own research if looking to plan an elopement outside of Vermont.


Venue: Gregoire Castle, Photographer: Moho Photo, Makeup/ Hair: Hillary & Ashley for Hillary Fay Studios, Officiant & Florals: Carmen George Weddings, Dress: Brickhouse Bridal, Suit: Knot Standard, Videography: Andrew Gallivan, Cake: The Goose Chase Cake Design

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Best of 2023: Wedding Style

Today, we’re diving into a category that’s all about self-expression and personal flair: Wedding Style! It’s not just about the dress or the suit; it’s the full ensemble of attire, hair, makeup, and the overarching vision that brings a wedding to life. 

From sweeping trains boho chic boots, this category celebrates the unique choices that make a wedding genuinely reflective of the couple’s personality and love story. It’s where fashion meets passion!

Prepare to be inspired by the creativity and personal touch each couple brought to their big day.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Dazzling Duo

This bride wowed us with her dual looks. The first: golden and glowing, with traditional Indian jewelry and dress. The second: casual elegance with loose locks and a stunning off the shoulder gown. 
Makeup Artist: Hopcraft Collective
Photo: Liz Andolina Photography

A Vision in a Veil 

A sweeping veil paired with stunning sleeves adorned with intricate lace creates a harmonious blend of contemporary and classic. It’s absolutely gorgeous! 
Photo: Sarah Surette Photography

Lovely on the Lake

Envisioning an Italian getaway at Lake Como, this bride brought her dream to Vermont’s shores! Her classic sweetheart dress with a dramatic train is the perfect look for this elegant lakeside wedding.
Photo: Amanda Young 

A Sunny Start

Adorable, custom pearl sunnies added a playful touch to this bride’s look and became a memorable prop, circulating among guests to create a fun TikTok!

Cool & Chic

With a seafoam green suit for him, a gorgeous low-back dress for her, and a vintage car serving as a backdrop, this couple’s style is effortlessly cool.

Radiant & Romantic

This bride’s natural beauty shines through with a refined updo and glowing makeup. It’s simple and stunning; perfect for a Vermont wedding day!
Photo: Idena Beach Photography

Hey Shortie

Rocking a short satin dress with a dramatic bow and matching bowed heels, this bride’s outfit is playful, chic and oh-so-fun!

Tips Up

This fun ski lapel pin added a whimsical touch to the groom’s outfit. It’s a perfect nod to the overall theme for this winter wedding.

Dragon Dance Delight

This couple wanted to incorporate traditional Chinese elements in their wedding, including this enchanting Chinese dragon dance performed by some of their talented guests.
Videographer: Todd Stoilov

Boho Beauty

From macrame dream catchers to the colorful bouquet; the off-the-shoulder lace gown to the a white cowboy hat and boots, this couple’s boho style is goals.

Flannel Forever

Does anything say “Vermont style” quite like flannel? These brides rocked matching Vermont Flannel shirts while getting ready for their wedding morning. 
Photo: Andy Madea Photography

Elegant and Classic

This couple is the picture of elegance. From the luxurious white floral ceremony arch to their classic black and white attire, the overall effect is elegance at its finest. 

Photo: Jackie Fox

Adventurous Sole

Perfect for this trail-blazing couple, these hiking boots and socks are the ultimate under-the-dress accessory for the ultimate adventure!

Rainbow of Love

A vibrant rainbow of bridesmaids dresses add to the celebratory nature of this vibrant wedding.

Party Pizzazz

Sequins, feathers, hats, and all – this couple is dressed to the nines and ready to revel on the dance floor!

Photo: Ben Hudson Photography

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont wedding style in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Best of 2023: Elopements

Elopements let the couple focus on their connection and commitment, without distractions or expectations from others, making for a truly enchanting and romantic celebration. The below celebrations are proof! Here are some of our favorite moments from Vermont elopements in 2023.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Slope-side Vows

In a mix of romance and adrenaline, this couple chose to take their love to literal new heights with a snowy, slope-side elopement. We love this sweet snap taken on the ski lift on the way up to Killington’s summit.

A Fairytale Ending

Choosing to elope with a hint of fairy tale charm, this couple decided to rent a Vermont castle on Airbnb for their romantic nuptials! This beautiful location in Irasburg Vermont transformed their simple elopement into an enchanting, intimate wedding experience right out of a storybook.

Autumnal Romance

These brides chose the serene location of Lake Willoughby for their fall elopement. The cozy affair was perfectly adorned with warm flannel blankets, glowing lanterns, seasonal florals, and pumpkins, bringing their enchanting autumn wedding to life!

Vows with a View

* Sigh * This image perfectly exudes that just married feeling! In the picturesque setting of Middlebury, Vermont, this couple exchanged vows in a classic and timeless celebration of love.

Toasting to Forever

This vibrant, elopement photoshoot utilized classic designs with a mix of peachy-pink, and coral hues against soft light blue accents! Styled by wedding planner I Dews Design & Events it’s an elegant yet whimsical garden party we’d love to attend!
Photo: Anne Mientka

Love in the Snow

This couple braved chilly winter temps for their special day together! The dusting of snow on the nearby mountains, the bride’s veil flowing in the wind and a warm embrace – there is something so special about a wintertime elopement!

Dancing in the Rain

2023’s trend of rain didn’t stop this couple from fully embracing their love story. (In fact, the moody skies and mud added to it!) This couple giggled and danced in the rain during their misty photoshoot and we can’t imagine anything more romantic!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont elopements in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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