Wedding Planning Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

Being engaged and starting the wedding planning process is not always as exciting as it’s portrayed on social media. *sigh*
Whether you’re struggling to find your perfect vendors, your guest list or budget is out of control, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning thing … wedding planning dilemmas happen. Off days happen.
I felt it when planning my own wedding – and I’m here to reassure you that you are not alone in wondering: WHAT THE HECK? Isn’t wedding planning supposed to be fun!?! 
Sometimes, even good things like planning your wedding can feel stressful. (And that’s completely normal.) When you’re ready for a reset, I got you. Keep reading for common wedding planning dilemmas and how to solve them.
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When you're arguing with your partner over wedding details

Can this decision wait? Put it on the back burner and come back to it at a set time. (Even if it’s 20 minutes from now.) 
One of the best pieces of advice I heard was to set a “wedding date night” with my partner. That way, I knew we’d have dedicated time to talk through questions and decisions…but we didn’t have to spend every night talking about wedding planning. It’s important to continue to have a life outside your wedding plans! 

When you're feeling disorganized in your wedding planning

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down everything in your brain right now. Then, look through your list and mark what absolutely must be done now, what can wait, and what can actually be ignored. 
(Feeling like you need a bigger organization system overall? Check out our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide.) 

When something goes wrong with your plan

Your DJ fell through, your mother-in-law handed you a guest list that’s 50 people long, and the forecast is calling for rain … it sucks. Honestly, sometimes the best thing to do is to feel through these feelings and allow yourself to grieve that some parts of planning aren’t going exactly how you wanted them to. 
Showing yourself compassion isn’t the same as wallowing endlessly. By being kind to yourself, you can remind yourself that you’re capable and scrappy and able to problem solve. 
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When you're feeling overwhelmed making decisions

Put down your phone. Step away from Pinterest and Instagram. Put the bridal magazine away. It’s so easy to get caught up in a million visions for your day. Sometimes, you just need to reset. 
My best advice is to pick a couple of trusted accounts and unfollow the rest. And, once you’ve made a decision, stop searching for other ideas or options. Move on and go celebrate your progress!
And when all else fails, please know that wedding planning isn’t all champagne and romance. It’s totally normal to have bumps along the way. 
Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not having the perfect day. In fact, it’s on those days you might just take a break and get back at it tomorrow.
You can always turn to our Instagram or Facebook for help when you hit a wedding planning snag. And don’t forget about our Vendor Guide filled with knowledgeable wedding professionals who are more than happy to help navigate you through the wedding planning process!
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