Must Haves for Small Business Owners

Wouldn’t it be fun if we showered our entrepreneurial friends like we do when our loved ones get married or have babies? During this party you could get all the advice needed to start things off on the right foot, and a few essential things. (Plus, we’d rock out to a killer playlist like this together.) Here are a few must haves for small business owners would top my new business registry! 

stock image of woman sitting on bed with laptop and coffee

The Classic: Several Notebooks & Pens

Yep, even as an online business owner I am still 100% committed to having a paper notebook at all times. These are small enough to throw in my bag on the go. (Plus they’re cheap enough so I don’t stress if my toddler takes one to decorate with markers and stickers to “work like mama”.)

The WFH Indulgence: A Nespresso Maker

Dang if this hasn’t turned me into a coffee snob. I still love working from a coffee shop on occasion, but the Nespresso has made my morning coffee feel SO much more indulgent. I wish I had treated myself to this machine when I first started working from home! 

The Small Business Must Have Email App: FloDesk

Hands down it’s the easiest software to use for making beautiful emails. It’s always one of my top recommendations. (Save 50% off your first year with my link)

The Gotta Have It Social Media Scheduler: Later

If you’ve been on a call with me lately (pun intended), you have heard me sing the praises of this social media scheduling tool. I recommended it waaaay before I ever had an affiliate code, because it truly is a game changer in how I plan my Instagram. 

The Easy Check Out Tool: Thrivecart

This tool makes it super easy to build simple check out pages. I mainly use it for digital downloads (ex. Welcome Guide Template) and our Gift Guide membership. It doesn’t have all the features of Honeybook (which is what I currently use for membership), but it’s a great, simple tool. (I also appreciate that it’s a one time fee for lifetime access!)

The Best – Free – Online Organizer: Asana

I loveeee this project management tool! I have been using the free version for years, and have helped other business owners set their own up. It’s the best!

The Zoom Call Essential: A Ring Light

It’s nothing too fancy, but this little device does help me look a bit less like Casper the ghost on these dreamy winter mornings! 

What Are Your Small Business Must Haves?

What would be on your new business registry?! I’d love to hear your go-to tools, devices and WFH indulgences – shoot me a DM on Instagram to let me know what I need to check out!