Meet Wedding Photographer Jenna Brisson

Jenna Brisson is one of those wedding vendors who you just know you’ll stay friends with after the big event. She’s bubbly, authentic, and a wicked talented wedding and elopement photographer. I joke with her that she’s the current reigning queen of dog photos because, as a dog lover herself, her feed is always filled with the most adorable shots of couples with their pets at their engagements, elopements and weddings. Sound like someone you’d like to know better? Pull up a seat and get to know Jenna!

How did you get into wedding photography?

In high school and college I took a couple of photography courses, developed my own film, etc and loved it but never had the means to buy myself a “fancy” DSLR camera.  Shortly after we got married, my husband, Mark, bought me a Canon Rebel as a gift. I started taking photos of anything and everything – Vermont landscapes, our cat’s shenanigans, you name it.  After a couple of years, my sister-in-law (who is Vermont family photographer) connected me with a local photographer who needed a second photographer/assistant for the summer. I said yes, ended up working almost 20 weddings with her that first year and fell in love with wedding photography. I started my own business that October, and this will be my 5th year owning my own business!

How would you describe your photography style? 

My approach to wedding photography blurs the line between photo-journalistic and fine art styles to provide couples with timeless imagery representing real, organic moments in an artistic way. While I am drawn more towards capturing the organic, naturally candid moments of the day, I believe there is also a time and place to trust your wedding photographer to gently direct you through a few beautiful portraits in glowy, golden hour light.  In my opinion, the best wedding galleries represent an intentional mix of the two.

What inspires your work? 

Honestly? It is such an honor to document one of the happiest days in a couple’s life, that the job in itself is inspiration enough. I know this sounds corny, but couples put an insane amount of trust in their photographer and it’s such a gift to be able to preserve these memories for them for generations.

Any special tips for couples for working with a wedding photographer?

Oh gosh, yes! I actually wrote an entire blog post on this!.  My #1 tip? I always tell couples that while it’s important to love my work, it’s equally important that they feel comfortable chatting with me on our first phone or Zoom call. Feeling the slightest bit comfortable speaking with your photographer will help you feel that much more comfortable being photographed.  So, find someone you get along with – it helps, I promise. 

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

I love documenting those first few moments of the recessional, just after the couple makes things official.  These are often some of my favorite photos of the day because the couple’s joy is so authentic and tangible. And, for at least a few moments, they are 100% present and not worried about the what/when/where/how of the remainder of their wedding timeline.

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT?

Aside from adventuring outdoors with Mark and our two rescue pups, Winnie and Milo, I love spending my free time boating on Lake Champlain with Mark and our friends, drinking a local beer at a brewery or our favorite local hangout, checking out the Farmer’s Market, or planning our next vacation. We caught the travel bug pre-pandemic and can’t wait to get back out there and see more of the world.

If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do? 

I have always thought that being a counselor of some sort would be really rewarding! If I can’t help document people’s stories, I would love to be able to listen to them and help as much as I can.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

I used to work for Senator Leahy in various capacities: in his Montpelier office in college, on his campaign after college, and in his DC office a year or two later.  During his campaign, I was asked to drive him in the motorcade for Michelle Obama when she visited Vermont (and got to meet her). More recently, I was asked to photograph Senator Leahy’s retirement speech which was a really special thing to capture having worked for him over a decade ago.

What’s a song that always gets you on the dance floor? 

Ooh I’m a sucker for “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Full disclosure: I’m a little bit of an old soul in the music department, but don’t get me wrong – I love the heck out of some Beyonce too!

Thank you, Jenna! Learn more about Jenna Brisson Photography in the vendor guide.