Amanda of Eightzero2 Productions is a talented wedding videographer who helps her couples relive their wedding day memories through her journalistic, beautiful wedding films. Clients describe her a true professional, with an eye for details, and genuinely fun to work with. From this brief interview, we can totally see that! Amanda’s passion for her craft and her fun loving spirit shine through. Read on to learn more about Amanda! 

How did you get into wedding videography?

I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling. I created my first film when I was in the sixth grade, a historic look at the Lyndon Outing Club. Since then, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that incorporated storytelling in a medium that suited my interests. I graduated with a Broadcast Journalism degree and ventured into the world of television news in South Carolina. That experience shaped me in many ways including teaching me how to select the best sound bites. 

Now, I get to travel and meet inspiring couples who constantly blow me away. It is such an honor to be welcomed into a couples’ life and share in some very intimate moments. I do not take this work for granted. It fills my cup and then some!

How would you describe your style?

My background really crafts my style. I approach every wedding from a journalistic perspective. I want the couple, friends and family to relive the day as it happened, key moments, how the energy was, the tears shed, the laughter that ensued.  

What inspires your work?

A major part of my life revolves around travel. Prior to the pandemic I took long, international trips each year to soak up new cultures, learn new traditions and immerse myself in a different environment. I find these experiences really enhance how I see the world. 

I also soak up a ton of inspiration from other vendors I work alongside or follow on social media. It is such a luxury to have social media as a way to connect us all and share ideas!. 

Any special tips for couples?

I think it is incredibly important to know the style you want and to be clear with your vendors about moments that you want captured. We all do our absolute best not to miss a beat but that can be challenging if something happens we weren’t made aware of. Be as transparent as possible about how the day will go and if either party is planning a surprise, let us know! I promise we will keep it under wraps!

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?

I’m a complete sucker for first looks. Whether it is with the couple or the parents… #waterworks, every single time. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT?/ Local spots to visit?

I’m addicted to golf. It is by far my favorite passion outside of filming. When I’m not editing or at a shoot I’m likely at the golf course (Rutland Country Club). I love the challenge of the game, the mental focus it takes allows me to fully immerse myself in something outside of work. 

Aside from golf, you can find me sitting on a dock at Shadow Lake in Glover where my family has a summer camp. It is a small, charming spot where I can disconnect and really enjoy nature and time with my family and friends. As I get older, this time is what I cherish most.

If you weren’t a wedding videographer what would you do? 

I would likely be a patient-care advocate. Living with an autoimmune disorder I’m constantly on the phone advocating for my own care. I’ve learned through my own experiences that this is crucial in getting the care and medications I need. It is a luxury to work for myself and have the flexibility to be on the phone with insurance companies and doctors offices. Most people do not have this time. I’m thankful I do. 

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

I used to play trombone in a jazz band and absolutely love when a couple has live music at their wedding.

What’s a song that always gets you on the dance floor? 

For a wedding reception there are two that I love: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder and “Low” – by Flor Rida and T-Pain – both offer a good time!

Thank you, Amanda! Learn more about Eightzero2 Productions in the vendor guide.