Meet Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography

Are you currently looking for a Vermont wedding photographer for your special day? Brian of B. Farnum Photography may be just who you’ve been looking for! This Vermont-born artist has an undeniable talent for capturing the enchanting moments of a couple’s wedding day through his captivating imagery. With an exceptional eye for detail and a genuine passion for storytelling, Brian has become a highly sought-after wedding photographers in the Green Mountain State. We recently sat down with Brian to learn more about how he got into wedding photography and his creative process. Continue reading to learn more about Brian and his work!

How did you get into wedding photography?

So, you’re wondering how I got into wedding photography? Picture this: I bought my first digital camera and instantly got hooked on capturing people’s expressions and moments. It’s like having a backstage pass to life’s little dramas! Then, a friend popped the question (no, not to me) and asked if I’d photograph their wedding.
After that first gig, it was like a light bulb moment – a really bright one. I realized I could be part of the happiest day of a couple’s journey, witnessing all the smiles, tears, and funky dance moves. And you know what? I haven’t stopped since. Being a wedding photographer is like being a happiness detective, and I absolutely love it!

How would you describe your photography style? 

Focused around clear subjects set against softly out-of-focus backdrops, a technique that accentuates the emotional depth and intimacy of each photograph. The colors in my photographs are true to life, mirroring the genuine atmosphere of your special day without relying on artificial alterations. Composition is an art form for me, and I am constantly striving to compose each photograph in a manner that is not only visually striking but also holds a deeper significance.

What inspires your work?

Light! Let’s chat about this superstar. It’s the secret ingredient in my photography recipe. I’m always on a mission, to capture that elusive beam darting through the leaves or a playful shadow pattern lurking in the background. Light isn’t just an element; it’s the headline act in every shot. The goal? To ensure the light isn’t just present, but it’s having a blast in the frame. It’s all about coaxing, tweaking, and sometimes coaxing that light into crafting something spectacular. It’s not just taking photos; it’s an epic quest in light-wrangling!

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding photographer?

No matter what photographer you’re looking to work with, don’t forget to check if your wedding photography package includes an engagement session!  It’s like a warm-up exercise before the big game. Having this session is like a rehearsal dinner for smiles and poses. It seriously ramps up the comfort factor. By the time the wedding day rolls around, everyone’s more relaxed, more themselves. It turns the “Say cheese” moments into genuine “We’re having the time of our lives” smiles. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?

The first dance. Absolute favorite moment of the day! It’s like the emotional jackpot for a wedding photographer. You’ve got the couple lost in their own world, swaying to their favorite tune. And me? I’m over there, sneakily dabbing away a tear while clicking away. It’s all about those feels! Capturing these moments isn’t just about getting a good shot; it’s about bottling up a little bit of magic. Photography is more than an art; it’s an emotion-catcher.

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc.

Kayaking and hiking, now that’s my jam! There’s something about paddling through serene waters or trekking up a trail, camera in hand, that just hits the spot. And getting lost in the woods with my lens? That’s my time machine right there. Hours vanish like minutes when I’m out there, snapping away in nature’s playground.
If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do?
I would be doing something within the arts. I would be working at a non-profit getting funding to increase arts education.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I was a balloon decorator in the 90’s. (Yep, it’s a thing!) I love to dance, and may even have a trophy from a dance competition.
Thanks, Brian! View more of Brian’s beautiful work by visiting his profile in our Vendor Guide.