Your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your unique relationship, and the ceremony is at the heart of it. That’s why it’s important to find an officiant who helps you craft a ceremony specifically for you. 

At Rites of Passage, Kristabeth Atwood, works with couples to design a ceremony personalized to their love story. Read on to learn more about Kristabeth!

How did you become a Vermont wedding officiant?

I was a local church pastor for 18 years and loved officiating weddings for my parishioners and community members. When I left ministry and launched my business, I knew I wanted weddings to be a big part of it! 

Today I am a “pastor for people who don’t do church” and work with people of all spiritual and secular perspectives.

How would you describe your officiating style?

I am a creative celebrant and my passion is helping people design a ceremony that reflects their unique relationship and values. Throughout my career, I’ve officiated large, formal events as well as small, intimate, quirky ceremonies.

What inspires your work?

My inspiration is working with my couples! I love getting to know them and helping to make their special day particularly meaningful.

Any special tips for couples for choosing / working with a wedding officiant?

These days, many couples are asking friends or family members to officiate. While your uncle may be a great guy and skilled in his area of expertise, a professional wedding officiant has the training and experience to make your wedding ceremony run smoothly, and be memorable for all the right reasons. Ask Uncle Fred to read a favorite poem at your wedding, but leave the officiating to someone who can navigate the expected and unexpected aspects of your wedding ceremony with ease.

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?

My favorite moments are the little, serendipitous moments that happen during a wedding ceremony: a special look; a tear; laughter. As the officiant, I get to be up close and personal to witness these, and to be with the couple as they make the most important commitment of their lives.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Vermont?

Vermont is an amazing place to live! One of my favorite things to do is get a Lake Champlain Chocolates hot chocolate or a Burlington Bay maple creemee (depending on the season) and walk along the waterfront. 

I also enjoy hiking, bike riding, and exploring all the picturesque small towns and villages of Vermont.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

When my partner and I got married, our wedding ceremony was at 9am followed by brunch. It was a wonderful morning of celebrating love and sharing our favorite meal (brunch!) with our favorite people. Our wedding celebration combined the traditions that were important to us with our own unique flair. 

I love helping couples find that sweet-spot of tradition and creativity for themselves!

Thank you, Kristabeth! 

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