Meet Vermont Wedding Photographer Gold Wing Photography

Are you looking for a photographer who has a gift for capturing real, candid moments? For the past 7 years, Lillian of Gold Wing Photography has been telling love stories with her camera, finding that sweet balance between capturing those unexpected, fleeting moments and delivering beautifully crafted portraits.

Lillian’s love for photography combined with her passion for storytelling make her a highly sought-after Vermont wedding photographer. Our team recently sat down and chatted with Lillian about her work and love for all things art-related. Continue reading to learn all about Lillian!

How did you get into wedding photography? 

I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of Vermont, inspired by my imagination, melodies, and fairytales. As a child, I could be found in my dress-up box and dancing with my shadow on long summer evenings. As technology developed, I used any camera or camcorder I could get my hands on to photograph my doll’s weddings, my best friends in my backyard, and the light as it moved through the corners of our old Vermont home. Photography has continued to grow naturally in my life, and so did my first step into photographing weddings. I fell in love with the powerful storytelling tool and have never looked back!

How would you describe your photography style? 

I describe my work as natural editorial, meaning that I believe in the documentary approach of letting the flow of the day dictate my direction while still creating timeless art. Candid moments can be editorial. Just because it looks beautiful does not mean it has to feel forced or posed– the opposite, I create an environment for you to feel comfortable and seen, I can offer as your guide and witness. Your love will radiate, that’s where the real beauty lies. 

What inspires your work? 

I draw equally from my own photo albums and memories as I do from cinema and fantasy. Romanticization is a balancing act that requires equal parts reality and creativity. 

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding photographer? 

It’s important to remember that your wedding photographer will be with you throughout your entire wedding day. Decide what energy you want around you. Often when art resonates with you in your soul, there is a soul behind that art that will resonate with you too. Follow the art and then follow your heart!

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

That’s almost an impossible question because I really do believe that no two weddings are the same, but if I had to pick something, I would say cocktail hour. There is something so fun and fresh about watching everyone bask in the glow of your newly spoken vows and the friendships and memories that are forged between your guests. I really enjoy playing witness to those moments, true genuine moments in the afternoon light.

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT?

A favorite pastime for me would have to be swimming in the pond in my parent’s backyard. I love the seclusion and serenity that Vermont has to offer, feeling the cool water, gazing at the clouds, and watching ripples obstruct an upside-down reality that feels void of time and the perfect way to reset. I also love a polar plunge!

If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do? 

I believe that I always would have been, and always will be, an artist. In addition to photography, I have always had a deep love for writing music and poetry and exploring my world through art. The time that is not spent in photography is spent in recording studios, my diary, daydreaming, and traveling.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

I am a German speaker and was presented as a debutant at an Opera Ball in Hannover, Germany when I studied aboard for a year at age 15. I will always find a way to be around beautiful dresses and fairytales! 

Thank you, Lillian! View more of Lillian’s gorgeous work by visiting her profile in our Vendor Guide.