Jasmine's interview reminds me a bit like her florals: vibrant, lovely, and with some surprises thrown in for good measure! This Vermont wedding florist, the guru behind the brand A Clover & One Bee, sat down with Vermont Weddings to share her take on floral design, and a bit about life outside the shop. Read on to learn more! 

How did you get into wedding florals?

It was the creative genius of my flower friend, Nina Towne, who owns Proud Flower in Waterbury (VT).  I helped her with a mutual friend's wedding.  We had a blast flowering that special event, and when I solved a day-of bridesmaid dress issue with scissors, a stapler, and a broach, she exclaimed - 'That's it! We're going into business together!'.  

A year later, I said goodbye to my previous career, and partnered with Nina. It wasn't the first time the idea had crossed my mind, but I needed Nina's enthusiasm, persistence, and wisdom to give me the guts to do it.  Everyone who is close to me says it made perfect sense: I've always needed plants and flowers around me, have a penchant for design, am project-oriented with a particular eye for detail, and love celebrating with people!  Seriously, pop the cork on those bubbles!   (Sidebar: while we're no longer business partners, Nina and I are forever flower sisters, and I am grateful beyond words to her for shining the light for me.)

How would you describe your style?

Fluid, animate, textural.  There is a quote from an Ani DiFranco song. "Evolve," that goes: I have the kind of beauty that moves. I feel that way about floral design.  It should look alive and have movement.

What inspires your work?


Any special tips for couples?

Make sure you jive with the floral designer and their natural style, and then don't stress!  Because this is what they do, and they've got you.  Your wedding is going to be amazing.  Your wedding flowers are going to be beautiful.

What's your favorite moment during a wedding?

The moment the officiant announces that you're married.  That moment is the reason this whole amazing party is happening. The look on the faces of the couple when they realize that they have really just done what they came to do is always a winner.  (Here's a photo of my husband and I at that moment on our wedding day!)

What's your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc.

My favorite thing to do in Vermont is to be outside.  Three years ago I would have said: mountain biking and skiing.  Now, it's watching my 2 year old daughter explore and discover.  A few years from now, I hope it will be mountain biking and skiing with my daughter and my husband!

If you weren't a wedding florist what would you do?

Write novels. Hey, dream big.

What's a fun fact about yourself? 

When I was a teenager I won a fashion design contest judged by Oscar de la Renta.  And, yes, I would looooooove to do a fresh floral wedding dress for a bride, so hit me up if you'd looooooove to wear one.

What's a song that always gets you on the dance floor?

"Let's Dance" by David Bowie. Ha!  Some things are just that simple.

Thank you, Jasmine! Learn more about A Clover & One Bee in the vendor guide.