Love Blooms in Memory: A Heartfelt Holiday Proposal

The holiday season is often accompanied by a feeling of romance, but the love story of Emmanuel and Kendra stands out with its depth and raw emotion. Their beautiful love story takes us to Essex ,Vermont, where Emmanuel proposed to Kendra at a bench dedicated to her late father. The bench was adorned with a stunning floral installation by Tipsy Tulip Designs, creating a memory of love that bloomed like a flower. Jaclyn Watson Events played a pivotal role in making this surprise proposal happen, and we are thrilled to share all the special details of this heartwarming event with you today.

Choosing the Perfect Location and Team

“I knew I wanted to make the proposal special and memorable for Kendra. Her late father was an immense part of their family and the local community. What a great man he was,” said Emmanuel. “I remember wishing I had met him when I was first introduced to the family. In fact, I still feel this way. I felt it was only right to incorporate him in the proposal when I asked for Kendra’s mother and brother for their blessings. Proposing at her father’s memory bench in his favorite park was a way to receive his blessing, and have his presence there during his daughter’s special moment. This was a location that meant a lot to everyone!” 

To help bring his vision for the proposal to life, Emmanuel worked with Jaclyn Watson Events to gather a stellar team of wedding professionals to make sure no detail was overlooked for this Thanksgiving proposal. The duo worked with  Tipsy Tulip Designs to create a floral installation that would adorn the memorial bench, an artful arrangement symbolizing Kendra and Emmanuel’s love in full bloom.

Aware of the priceless value of capturing fleeting moments in time, Emmanuel orchestrated the presence of Julia Luckett Photography to capture the raw emotions and spontaneous reactions of this pivotal moment. Along with photography, Emmanuel also hired skilled videographer Wood & Ether to help capture the anticipation, surprise, joy, and the flurry of other emotions that the surprise proposal would bring!

As Kendra walked through the park hand and hand with her mother and brother, her emotions started building. When they approached her father’s memorial bench, there was Emmanuel, surrounded by candles, flower petals and gorgeous blooms. He asked Kendra to sit on the bench where he ultimately popped the question!

Planning a Sentimental Proposal of Your Own

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal has inspired us to share a few ideas on how to make your own proposal sentimental and unforgettable. Here are three tips to make your proposal genuinely stand out and resonate with both of you as a couple:

  1. Incorporate Personal Significance: Reflect on your journey together and incorporate elements that hold deep meaning for both of you. This could mean choosing a location that is significant to your relationship, such as where you first met, had your first date, or a place that you both have always dreamed of visiting together. You could also include subtle references or symbols in your proposal that bring you both back to special moments you’ve shared, inside jokes, or personal interests. This attention to detail not only enhances the sentimentality of the moment but also reaffirms the depth of your understanding and connection to one another!
  2. Include Family, Friends, or Pets: Involving significant individuals or pets in the proposal can amplify its emotional impact, provided this is something your partner would appreciate. This could mean planning a surprise gathering with close family and friends right after the proposal or having someone special to you both, like a sibling or a best friend, play a role in the setup. If your pet is like family to you, incorporating them into the proposal (like attaching the ring to a collar) can add an extra layer of personal charm and fond memories to the event. 
  3. Speak From the Heart: Last but certainly not least, speak honestly and from the heart. Share why you want to spend your life with your partner, what they mean to you, and your dreams for the future together. A proposal doesn’t have to be an eloquent speech; what matters most is that it’s genuine!

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal is a poignant reminder that an engagement ring is just a symbol. It’s the love, the shared journey, and the deep understanding of your partner that truly make a proposal special! As you navigate your own path towards a memorable proposal, bear in mind that it’s these subtle nuances, the heartfelt gestures that transform a moment into a cherished memory in your love story.


Planner: Jaclyn Watson Events, Florals: Tipsy Tulip Designs, Photographer: Julia Luckett Photography, Videographer: Wood & Ether, Ring: Neil Lane.

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