A Laidback and Love-Filled Micro Wedding in Fairfield, Vermont

When love has been blooming for over two decades, a wedding becomes less about pomp and more about promise. Such was the case for Jess and Jeremy, a couple who decided to make their union official in the most intimate of settings! The venue of choice? The Soule House & Carriage Barn, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Fairfield, Vermont. This wasn’t just any wedding; it was a microwedding in Vermont, embodying the essence of intimacy, laidback joy, and heartfelt connections. Continue reading for the tale of how Jess and Jeremy, together for over twenty years with three boys in tow, decided it was time to “make it legal” in a swift and meaningful ceremony, planning their big day in merely four weeks!

A Love Story Two Decades In The Making

For Jess and Jeremy, their story isn’t one of sudden sparks or whirlwind romance; it’s a narrative of endurance, a slow burn that has deepened over more than two decades. Their journey, marked by shared experiences and the joy of raising three boys, stands as a testament to a love that has not just survived, but continues to thrive.

When the couple ultimately made the decision to get married, it wasn’t about marking a new beginning. Instead, it was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the life they’ve intricately woven and built together over the years. (and to make it officially, well, official!)

Planning A Micro Wedding In Vermont In 4 Weeks

The thought of orchestrating a wedding within a mere four weeks could easily send any couple into a spiral of stress, yet for Jess and Jeremy, it was simply another exciting chapter in their long-shared love story!

This brisk timeline didn’t faze them; it highlighted their desire for simplicity and genuineness on their special day. With their laidback demeanor guiding the way, they embarked on this whirlwind planning phase, relying on the trusted team at The Soule House & Carriage Barn to bring their vision to life. Lindsay, who works at The Soule House, has actually known Jess almost her whole life and was so excited to help bring this special day to life.

“Jess was my oldest sister’s best friend and we lived in the same neighborhood growing up. Fondly known as “Corky” due to her maiden name being Corrigan, Jess has always been cherished in our lives.” says Lindsay. “It was an honor to have the opportunity to transform our childhood friendship into a professional relationship as her wedding planner!”

The flexibility and efficiency of The Soule House’s staff were paramount, enabling the creation of a day that perfectly captured the essence of the couple’s relationship: straightforward, meaningful, and utterly authentic. Jess and Jeremy exchanged their “I-Do’s” with a beautiful fireplace as their backdrop in front of their three boys and closest friends and family.

This day was not marked by opulence but by the richness of shared moments and quiet affirmations of love. Friends and family, some of whom have witnessed the couple’s love story from the start, basked in the warmth of their bond, making the celebration not just an event, but a heartfelt, intimate gathering.

There was toasting. There was happy tears and hugs! There was dancing… and most importantly, there was love. Congratulations to Jess and Jeremy!


Venue: The Soule House & Carriage Barn, Photographer: Tara Partlow of BirdieLou Photography, Justice of the Peace: Helene Biggie.

The Soule House & Carriage Barn: Perfect for Microweddings

Nestled in the heart of Vermont’s stunning landscapes, The Soule House & Carriage Barn offers an idyllic backdrop for those dreaming of a microwedding. This venue, known for its intimate charm and rustic elegance, perfectly aligns with the desires of couples seeking a personalized and heartfelt celebration of their love. If you can believe it, Jess and Jeremy’s microwedding was a first for their dedicated staff!  The Soule House’s ability to transform any wedding, even one planned within the brisk span of four weeks, into a profoundly memorable occasion speaks volumes of its versatility and commitment to excellence. For larger celebrations, on average, couples spend $5,600 to reserve The Soule House and Carriage Barn which includes full weekend access (Friday – Sunday) to both the Carriage Barn and house, which sleeps 10. There is no additional fee for use of their ceremony site. Contact them for pricing details specific to your celebration!

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