Backyard Elegance is the term that Katelyn used to describe her wedding at the Barnard Inn. We think it is the most fitting description for their fun-filled, relaxed, yet elegant event. Enjoy these photos while you dream of the scrumptious meal that was served by the award winning Chef Will Dodson.

Katelyn told us how they met,

Jamey and I met our junior year of college.  We were both orientation counselors for the incoming freshmen at Villanova and were both moving in early to our on-campus apartments.  I'll never forget seeing Jamey's twin sisters walking up the stairs with boxes, thinking they were my new neighbors, but low and behold, Jamey came around the corner out of the very apartment next door to mine and turned out HE was my new neighbor!  I thought I had won the lottery and the rest was history!

Their proposal story,

We were living in Northern California (a short ten years after our first meeting, and it was a Tuesday.  I returned home from work to a well-orchestrated romance playlist filling our apartment walls.  There was a note to meet him in the backyard with a change of clothes.  When I arrived in our backyard, Jamey wore a shirt and tie, complete with basketball shorts standing next to a small inflatable boat in the small lake behind our apartment.  He proposed in the boat on one knee with champagne.....and he rowed me off into the sunset (yes, that really happened!).

We both hold a special place in our hearts for Vermont. I grew up in Woodstock. Jamey first visited during our early years of dating and immediately loved its peacefulness. We had many "first times" here including skiing, snowshoeing, shooting, etc.  We both knew Vermont would be the place we would get married and the rest fell into place!

Katelyn and Jamey searched and searched, but they were having trouble finding the right venue. Most venues felt too much like wedding venues and not enough like "Vermont."  

Katelyn told us,

I grew up going to the Barnard Inn for delicious meals and never knew it as a "wedding venue."  As soon as it came up, we knew it was right.

I grew up going to the Barnard Inn for delicious meals and never knew it as a "wedding venue."  As soon as it came up, we knew it was right.  

So much history, the most beautiful Vermont "backyard" and the food, cocktails, and genuine local warmth made it THE place we HAD to celebrate our wedding!  We ended up choosing our menu based on our "comfort food" favorites, because as Corinna & Will told us so many times, "your guests will enjoy what you enjoy!"  We chose a family-style meal approach with the yummiest fried chicken, pulled pork, mac & cheese, and five-bean salad.  Our guests have not stopped talking about the food, almost a year later!

Katelyn calls her wedding style, "Backyard Elegance" even though she isn't sure if that is the name of a wedding style! We think it is the most fitting description for their fun-filled, relaxed, yet elegant event.

There were lots of DIY elements at the reception. Katelyn told us that she should have listed her dad as a vendor!

My dad is a DIY master and doesn't know what that abbreviation even stands for!  As long as I can remember, he has always enjoyed working outside, working on various projects, and making things on his own.  Vermont has enabled him to embrace this to its fullest.  From the beautiful wedding cornhole to the framed chalkboard welcome sign, to the birch logs he hand-picked from a forest behind his house that we used for welcome card displays and table # holders, to the maple syrup wedding favors.....he nailed it!

Katelyn's favorite moment of the day,

There was a moment when Jamey and I were returning from a trip to the bathroom in the Inn, hand in hand, and we were walking up the beautiful stone steps, it was dark at this point, and the tent was lit up and the band was blasting and all of our favorite people were under the tent laughing and dancing.  This moment confirmed that this may just be one of the most special moments of our lives, and what an incredible way to start the beginning of our married life!

When giving planning advice to other couples, Katelyn steals that same line from Corinna & Will, "your guests will enjoy what you enjoy!"

There are so many decisions to make throughout the planning process, but what it comes down to is all of your guests are coming because they love you, so why not make it all about you?! Your friends and family will notice the personal touch/choices, whether it is a lavender cocktail or specific food choice (fried chicken! why not?!), it will make them smile and enjoy it knowing it is your favorite too!