How to Respond When A Couple Says Your Prices are Too High

It can be tough to hear a potential client say that your rates are too high. Even as a seasoned pro, these objections can feel like a blow to your confidence and leave you wondering how to respond. That’s why it’s helpful to have a plan for how to respond when a couple says your prices are too high. 

Below, I’m sharing a script you can build from when you encounter these sales objectives to respond with both kindness and firmness. 

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A New Mindset on Sales Objectives

Before we dive into the template, I wanted to take a quick moment to share how I personally handle this feedback in my business. There have been lots and lots of “no’s” along my entrepreneurial journey, and I try to intentionally treat these as moments of growth.

We are not meant to serve everyone. So instead of looking at the “no” as a bad thing, I take it as an opportunity to remind myself of who I want to be as a business and who I want to serve; I remember that this “no” allows me to stay open and better serve more dreamy, aligned clients.

Kris Lenox Photography
Kris Lenox Photography

A Step by Step Guide on How to Respond When A Couple Says Your Prices are Too High

Here is a three part template you can use when responding to an inquiry on pricing. Each part reinforces your professionalism and will hopefully leave the couple with a good impression of you, whether or not they decide to move forward! 

1. Acknowledge the couple’s concern

Let them know that you understand that wedding planning can be expensive, and that you appreciate them taking the time to consider your services. 

This may sound like…

 “Thank you for considering our services for your upcoming wedding! I understand that planning a wedding can be expensive, and I appreciate your honesty.”

2. Explain your value

This is where you get to highlight what makes you unique and what your couples can expect from you. Ex. Your attention to detail; years of experience; a highly personalized approach, etc. 

This may sound like…

 “At [Company Name], we pride ourselves on providing a personalized approach to each wedding that is tailored to your unique needs and vision. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to cultivate relationships with the best vendors and venues in the area. For a wedding like this our rate is [xx] to maintain the level of service that our couples deserve and have come to expect from our team.”

3. Offer alternatives or refer to another professional 

For example, imagine a couple reaches out to you totally smitten with your desserts after trying them at a friend’s wedding. They dream of a huge dessert display, but their budget is more in line with a simple cake. Their date is open, the location is close by, and you genuinely like them and want to take on the job. Great! Suggest a cake only package. This shows you’re willing to offer solutions that meet their needs. 

This may sound like…

 “I’d be happy to discuss alternative options that may work better for your budget. For example, we could offer a [smaller package/service] at [x rate]. I’d love to work with you to create something that fits your vision!”

Alternatively, you may decide this couple just isn’t the right fit for you. Rather than try to accommodate them, use it as an opportunity to pass along business and raise up others! Refer the couple to another business whose prices may be better aligned. (Ex. “I’d love to refer you to my colleague, [name]. They’re amazing, and may be a great fit for your wedding!”)

If you don’t know someone specifically, you can always refer them to the Vendor Guide. (“I’m honored you asked us to be a part of your special day! While I won’t be able to accommodate your request, I would recommend checking out my colleagues in the Vermont Weddings Vendor Guide. Best of luck with your wedding planning!”)

Objections Are Opportunities for Growth

By acknowledging their concern, explaining your value, and offering alternatives, you can respond to a potential client who says your prices are too high with grace and confidence. And, by flipping the script and seeing these moments as opportunities to recommit to your values, you’ll be even more ready for the next, most aligned inquiry!

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