We love seeing couples include their dog in your wedding day. For many of us, our dogs are more than just our pets; they’re our fur babies! And as an honorary member of the family, it’s only right that they’re included in our wedding day. Here are our best tips and suggestions for how to include your dog in yoru wedding day.

Tips for including your dog on your wedding day:

Check with your wedding venue on their dog policy

This is crucial. Some venues may not be as lenient on dogs as others, so it’s important to keep this in mind first. Once you’ve established that your venue will allow your pet to attend, check around the venue to find a quiet place for your dog to relax between photos or during the ceremony just in case the excitement of the day is too much.

Consider your dog’s personality around lots of people

You know your dog best. Do they do well in crowds and enjoy being around a lot of new people? If not, maybe walking down the aisle and keeping them around for the reception is too much for them. Some dogs tend to get shy at events like weddings. If that’s the case, plan to take photos with them before the ceremony so they’re not too overwhelmed after.

Assign someone to be in charge of the dog on your wedding day

To ease both you and your dog’s stress of the day, it’s a good idea to find them a wedding day buddy. The handler should be someone that your dog is familiar with. Also, this person should be able to bring the dog to and from the venue for photos, and be able to check in with them throughout the evening. So, don’t pick someone who you’ll need by your side for the day or who doesn’t have access to a vehicle.

Bring a squeaky toy and lots of treats to use throughout the wedding

If you’re looking to get good photos of your dog, a squeaky toy is a great idea! It’s perfect for getting their ears to perk up and their eyes to look at the camera. And, of course, don’t forget the treats to reward your dog for their hard work! (Like, lots of treats.)

What’s the most important part of including your dog on your wedding day? Deciding the dog’s role! Depending on his obedience level and personality, you have lots of options. 

The top roles for your dog on your wedding day:

Best Dog or Dog of Honor

Your wedding party is important, but so is your dog! Honor this by making them the Best Dog or Dog of Honor. Dress them in a nice bow or dress, or even a beautiful flower collar and have them right by your side as you say “I Do”.

Ring Bearer

This has become so popular that you can find all kinds of adorable pillows, tuxedos, and more canine ring bearer accessories online. Make sure your pet has someone walking them down the aisle, or consider using fake rings you quickly switch out. 


If having your dog at the wedding ceremony is too much for them, consider having them as a greeter. Have them sit by the guest sign-in book as your guests come in. A bonus that both your dog and guests will love: teach your dog to extend a paw and shake hands! 

Honored Guest

If all the roles are filled at your wedding, but you still love the idea of having your dog at your wedding, treat them as an honored guest. Get your dog their own front-and-center seat where they can watch the ceremony along with your closest friends and family. 

Dance Floor Partner

Who says your dog can only be part of the ceremony? Bring your dog to the wedding reception as your dance floor partner! Get them a bed near the dance floor where they can either relax, or get up and party with the rest of them!

Use your dog as inspiration for wedding details

If your dog isn’t allowed at the venue, or you realize that the day may be too much for them, there’s still plenty of ways to incorporate your dog in your wedding day! Here are just a few ideas:

Take Engagement Pictures with Your Dog

If the wedding is too much for your dog, perhaps you can include them in your engagement photos. You can use these photos on your wedding website, your save the date, and as decor at your wedding. 

Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Stationary

Use their smiling portrait as the inspiration for your wedding stationary

Wedding Cake Topper Featuring Your Dogs

Feature your pets on the ultimate treat – your wedding cake! Custom cake toppers made to look like your dogs are an adorable, personal touch. 

Name Your Signature Cocktails After Your Dogs

An easy way to pay tribute to your dogs – and one all your guests are sure to see! 

Here’s to hoping you have a doggone good time with your furry friend on your wedding day!