Gliding into Forever: A Winter Wonderland Wedding with a Hockey Twist

Prepare to have your hearts do a little victory lap because we’ve got a love story that’s cooler than a fresh Zamboni-cut ice rink. Picture this: a beautiful Vermont backdrop courtesy of Mountain Top Resort, a couple madly in love, and a pair of ice skates for each. Yes, you read that right! This adorable couple decided to ditch tradition and lace up their skates for a first look that’s as unique as their love for each other. We’re excited to share with you every heart melting moment, perfectly captured by Courtney Cania Photography.

The Unique First Look on Ice

When planning their quintessential Vermont wedding, Stacie and Greg knew they wanted to have a laid back day. On the morning of their big day, Stacie and Greg embraced the essence of Vermont’s winter, opting for warmth and authenticity over traditional bridal norms. Stacie’s choice to wear fur-lined boots instead of the expected high heels was a testament to the couple’s desire for comfort and practicality. (without sacrificing style!) The bridal party donned matching Vermont Flannel Company shirts while getting ready, a perfect and practical choice for a chilly February morning.

Something Stacie and Greg share a love for is hockey and they found a perfect way to incorporate this into their special day! Amid the serenity of Mountain Top Resort’s ice rink, Stacie and Greg laced up their skates and created an unforgettable first look, infused with personal meaning and their shared passion. With the crisp air surrounding them, they glided toward one another to show off their wedding day attire. The scene was beautifully surreal, with their reflections dancing on the ice beneath them. (We’re melting over here!)

Crafting a Winter Wonderland Theme

The outdoor festivities didn’t stop there. Over at the venue’s terrace, guests were greeted with long, rustic wooden benches and cozy flannel blankets from Vermont Flannel Company to keep them warm while they anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. For their ceremony, Stacie and Greg chose a palette of navy, brown, and balsam- all which effortlessly mirrored the natural hues found in the forested surroundings of the Mountain Top Resort. The deliberate choice of snowy white blooms by Meadows Edge Floral Design, intertwined with balsam sprigs, added a layer of elegance and enriched the rustic feeling that a Vermont winter typically brings.

Upon entering the reception area, guests were whisked away to a enchanting, winter wonderland adorned with delicate string lights, flickering votive candles, and a luxe seating area by Wild Fern Boutique. Whenever guests needed a little pick me up, they gravitated towards the bar where signature cocktails awaited them. Stacie and Greg crafted unique libations to pay homage to their cherished  four-legged companions, Jet and Mika.

To wrap up an already magical day, Stacie and Greg opted for a mid-reception horse drawn sleigh ride, complete with a ‘just married’ sign of course. Congratulations, Stacie and Greg, on your magical day!

Tips for Creating a Memorable First Look

Creating a unique and memorable first look during your wedding can add an extra layer of intimacy and excitement to your special day! This moment, when the couple sees each other for the first time in their wedding attire, offers an opportunity for an incredibly emotional and personal experience. Here are three tips to make your first look uniquely unforgettable:

1. Incorporate Personal Elements: Think about what makes your relationship unique and try to include those elements in your first look. This could be the location where you first met or a spot that holds special significance to your relationship. You could also integrate something symbolic, like reading letters you’ve written to each other before turning around to see one another, or playing a song in the background that has meaning to you both. Personal touches like these will make the moment feel even more intimate and tailored to your unique love story.

2. Use a Creative Setting or Backdrop: While first looks are commonly done in the venue where you’re getting married, consider choosing a unique setting that differs from the typical wedding backgrounds. Look for interesting textures, vivid colors, or striking natural landscapes that will not only enhance the emotion of the moment but also create stunning visual memories. The key is to select a location that feels meaningful or exhilarating to you as a couple, setting the stage for a memorable first look and exciting rest of the day!

3. Plan a Surprise Element: Incorporate a surprise element for your partner into the first look to make the moment even more special. This could be anything from wearing an accessory or piece of clothing that has sentimental value, like a family heirloom. You might even involve your pets or loved ones in the surprise, creating a multi-layered experience that encompasses more than just the visual aspect of seeing each other. Whatever surprise you choose, ensure it’s something that it is meaningful to your partner adding a layer of emotional depth to the first look experience.

Remember, the goal of a first look is to craft a moment that feels deeply personal and meaningful to both of you. By focusing on personalization and the element of surprise, you’re setting the stage for an unforgettable experience that celebrates your individual love story in a way that feels authentic and uniquely you!

Plan Your Wedding at Mountain Top Inn and Resort

Mountain Top Resort is a secluded and idyllic wedding venue located in Chittenden, Vermont. Situated on on 700 private acres of woods & meadow, with sweeping views of the surrounding Green Mountains and a pristine 740 acre lake, Mountain Top Resort is the perfect location for couples looking for a special place to hold a weekend long celebration!

Capture Every Moment with Courtney Cania Photography

Courtney Cania Photography is a wedding photographer who provides couples timeless, romantic images and an exceptional wedding experience. Courtney’s approach to wedding photography is a blend of lifestyle and documentary; her ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional wedding experience, and to show up as a good friend looking out for you on this most special day!


Venue: Mountain Top Inn and Resort, Photographer: Courtney Cania Photography, Second Shooter: Amy Donohue Photography, Florals: Meadows Edge Floral Design, Rentals: Wild Fern Boutique, Hair & MUA: Blush Vermont, DJ: Big Handsome Entertainment, Desserts: Sweet Birch Bakery, Getting Ready Shirts & Blankets: Vermont Flannel Company.

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