Farmer Bob and Becky, aka Mother of All Anarchy, take their ice cream seriously. They started Fishers Brothers Farm in Shelburne to ensure their ice cream would include the freshest ingredients. But don’t let their dedication fool you; this couple is all about having fun with their brand. 

Take the name Sisters of Anarchy for example. The business got its quirky name from Becky and Bob’s three daughters, described as creating a “hurricane of anarchy” from a young age. “We believe than an interesting life, particularly one lived with three strong-willed and accomplished young women, encompasses a great deal of chaos,” says Becky. Read on to learn more about their family and the great ice cream they’re known for!

How did Sisters of Anarchy start? How did you get into wedding catering?

We started Fisher Brothers Farm in Shelburne 2016 with the express purpose of growing the flavor ingredients (six types of berries, grapes, and peppermint) for our premium, farm-to-cone ice cream made at our farm. 

Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream has done hundreds of off-site events every year. As couples tasted our ice cream at events, they began asking us to serve at their weddings, either as a complement to a traditional wedding cake, or in place of it. We love catering weddings and seeing a couple begin their life together. 

Wedding couples and guests also love that they are able to mail order Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream for delivery anywhere in the US!

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? 

We are big fans of hanging out on Lake Champlain and of the many gorgeous swimming holes around the state.  Our favorites are Dorset Quarry, Bolton Potholes, Warren Falls, and Bristol Falls. A nice afternoon hanging out with friends followed by a visit to our farm for a cone of Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream is ideal! (Bonus: these are perfect weekend activities for wedding guests!)

Any tips for couples for planning their wedding desserts?

Vermont is such a unique and beautiful wedding destination. We think it’s special when a wedding reflects both what the couple loves and incorporates elements unique to VT: the venue, the flowers, the craft beer, the farm-inspired catering, and, of course, the dessert. 

The dessert should be something special that you can only find in Vermont, whether Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream or a cake from an amazing local bakery.

How would you describe your products/brand?

While other brands talk “farm-to-cone,” we are the actual farmers! We grow nearly all of the flavor elements ourselves to make our delicious ice creams. We also believe that ice cream should taste like the ingredients used. For example, our blueberry ice cream “Crystal Blue Persuasion” tastes like fresh blueberries.  Raspberry beret…yup, it tastes like fresh raspberries. 

But don’t worry, we have more than just berry flavors. Our signature “Chocolate Anarchy” makes chocolate lovers swoon.  

What inspires your work?

Our inspirations are multiple. We love bringing the absolute best product to our customers whether at our farm, their wedding, or delivered to their door by mail order. We also are deeply committed that ice cream should be fun, and we love having fun with our customers. Whether bantering with customers, discussing our music-inspired flavor names, or writing cheeky copy for social media, ice cream is a small luxury to bring joy. We also love a challenge and doing something that others doubted could be done.

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

We love watching all the guests celebrate the couple on the dance floor! It’s so fun to see family and friends come together and enjoy the best parts of life.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Farmer Bob was previously a windsurfing model, and might be the only farmer in VT who won an Emmy. Becky was the handstand walking champion in Connecticut when she was a kid. She still occasionally will walk on her hands to stay in practice.

Thank you, Becky and Bob! Learn more about Sisters of Anarchy on their vendor profile