If you’re the kind of couple who wants to snowshoe into a fresh field of snow in the name of capturing the perfect image, you’ll love Juniper Studios. “Adventurous, natural, and vibrant” are three words Angela, the woman behind the lens, uses to describe her style, which couples all over Vermont (and beyond) love. 

Angela sat down with Vermont Weddings to share what makes her work so special.

How did you get into wedding photography?

In 7th grade, we created a time capsule, and answered questions about our dreams for our futures. Under “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I wrote “photographer.” It was the one thing I was sure of then, and am still sure of now!

I went to college for photography thinking I wanted to be a travel photographer for National Geographic. One of my professors urged me to give weddings a try, and I instantly fell in love. Each wedding is its own unique story to document, and I am so blessed to be a part of the happiest day of so many couple’s lives.

How would you describe your photography style?

I want to shoot the photos the way I feel the moments. Juniper Studios is adventurous, natural, and vibrant. We use the lens to capture the feeling of actually being there. We love vibrant colors, crisp, clean photographs and real emotions. 

We’ll hike with you to your favorite peak, ski with you to photograph your mountainside elopement, or stand in a flowing river if it means getting the shot (all of these things I’ve done). We’ll provide direction on posing for the formal family shots, but we’ll photograph the rest of the day unobtrusively, documenting moments as they happen. We’ll have lots of fun and laughs during your portraits, but you’ll hardly notice we’re there during your ceremony.

Any special tips for couples for choosing / working with a wedding photographer?

It’s important to know and like the shooting and editing style of your wedding photographer, which is why I’ll send you all kinds of wedding galleries before booking. I want you to know what your final product will look and feel like. It’s also important to choose a photographer whose personality and interests jive with your own. We’ll be with you all day on your most important day! 

I tend to jive with couples who see and appreciate the raw beauty of Vermont, value photography, and enjoy a little outdoor adventure.

A woman getting married

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

I love it when we can sneak out with the couple for 10-15 minutes for sunset portraits. Usually these happen after the ceremony when all the pre-wedding jitters are out, and guests are settling in to enjoy dinner. During the “golden hour,” the light is dreamy. It’s an opportunity to take a few romantic portraits of the just-married couple. Often these photos become the most treasured and framed photos from the day.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Vermont?

I love spending time on the Chittenden reservoir. My husband and I live only a couple of miles away, and it’s our favorite spot in all seasons. I love to swim and kayak in the summer, and hike and snowshoe in the winter. We even took some of our own wedding photos there in snowshoes on the ice!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I love doing things on a whim! I’ve been to Mexico twice with less than a week’s notice. Once I got a last minute job photographing for a medical non-profit in Bolivia, but almost didn’t make it because it turns out it’s incredibly hard to find the necessary yellow fever vaccine on a whim here in the US. 

Spontaneity keeps life fun!

Thank you, Angela! Check out Juniper Studios in the vendor guide to learn more.