Weddings are a unique opportunity to celebrate not only where you’re headed as a couple (marriage!) but also to honor where you come from, your heritage. When Karine and Vahe were planning their wedding, they knew honoring their shared Armenian heritage was important to them. 

“The culture of Armenia is a big part of our identity,” says Karine. “It’s a nation with strong rural traditions, and we kind of wanted to recreate the feeling of traveling to an Armenian village for our wedding. We jokingly referred to Vermont as the ‘Armenia of the East Coast’ because the landscape is so lush and stunning!”

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

In addition, the couple prioritized an eco-friendly wedding. Common Ground Center‘s commitment to the environment was a major deciding factor for the couple. “It has a full kitchen, so we were able to use their facilities and flatware instead of disposable plastic cups, plates, silverware, etc. Wherever possible, everything we used was reusable. Our wedding favors were camping mugs that we asked everybody to wash and use throughout the weekend.” 

Karine said their celebration came together with a lot of help from family and friends – including a full Armenian BBQ (“which is no small feat!”). Check out the gallery below!

Armenian couple kissing on wedding day in front of rolling hills in Vermont

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Wedding Venue: COMMON GROUND CENTER | Photographer: SINCERELY PHOTO + VIDEO | Hair & Makeup: BRITTANY DEGREE | Wedding Planner: ANJA MATUKIC