If you've postponed your wedding due to COVID-19, you may not be looking forward to seeing your original wedding date pop up on your calendar. That's totally understandable. But, as you work with your team to reschedule your festivities, you may decide to honor your original date in a meaningful way. 

Below are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate your original wedding date while you're at home. 

Plan an All-Out Date Night

Get dressed up, turn your phones off, light some candles, and settle in for a truly special evening. Cook a fancy dinner together, or support your local favorite restaurant with a multi-course takeout meal. Pop a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the quality time together. 

Recite or Write Your Vows

If you've already written your vows, recite them to one another in honor of your commitment. If you're still in the planning phase, take this as an opportunity to work on your vows together. You could also research and select other readings for your ceremony.

Curate Your Playlist 

Snuggle up and jam out to some tunes together. Sharing music can be a fun way to learn new things about your partner. Is there a song that they would love to hear during your ceremony? What kind of background music do you envision for the cocktail hour? What's a song you guys want to bust a move to on the dance floor? Have fun - it may even turn into an impromptu dance party! 

Indulge in a Special Dessert

Order a small cake, cupcakes or another treat from a local bakery as a special treat to share together. 

Daydream about Your Honeymoon

If you haven't booked a honeymoon yet, set aside some time to daydream about where you'll go together. You could watch a travel show and even make a meal or beverage inspired by your ideas. (Tacos and margaritas, anyone?) You can also contact a honeymoon planner for professional advice on where to go! 

Organize a Virtual Cocktail Party

Want to invite others into your celebration? Host a party over Zoom (or another conferencing software) with your family, wedding party and friends. They will be excited to help you celebrate! 

No matter how you choose to honor the day, know that your milestone is worth celebrating-now and later.