Love Blooms in Memory: A Heartfelt Holiday Proposal

The holiday season is often accompanied by a feeling of romance, but the love story of Emmanuel and Kendra stands out with its depth and raw emotion. Their beautiful love story takes us to Essex ,Vermont, where Emmanuel proposed to Kendra at a bench dedicated to her late father. The bench was adorned with a stunning floral installation by Tipsy Tulip Designs, creating a memory of love that bloomed like a flower. Jaclyn Watson Events played a pivotal role in making this surprise proposal happen, and we are thrilled to share all the special details of this heartwarming event with you today.

Choosing the Perfect Location and Team

“I knew I wanted to make the proposal special and memorable for Kendra. Her late father was an immense part of their family and the local community. What a great man he was,” said Emmanuel. “I remember wishing I had met him when I was first introduced to the family. In fact, I still feel this way. I felt it was only right to incorporate him in the proposal when I asked for Kendra’s mother and brother for their blessings. Proposing at her father’s memory bench in his favorite park was a way to receive his blessing, and have his presence there during his daughter’s special moment. This was a location that meant a lot to everyone!” 

To help bring his vision for the proposal to life, Emmanuel worked with Jaclyn Watson Events to gather a stellar team of wedding professionals to make sure no detail was overlooked for this Thanksgiving proposal. The duo worked with  Tipsy Tulip Designs to create a floral installation that would adorn the memorial bench, an artful arrangement symbolizing Kendra and Emmanuel’s love in full bloom.

Aware of the priceless value of capturing fleeting moments in time, Emmanuel orchestrated the presence of Julia Luckett Photography to capture the raw emotions and spontaneous reactions of this pivotal moment. Along with photography, Emmanuel also hired skilled videographer Wood & Ether to help capture the anticipation, surprise, joy, and the flurry of other emotions that the surprise proposal would bring!

As Kendra walked through the park hand and hand with her mother and brother, her emotions started building. When they approached her father’s memorial bench, there was Emmanuel, surrounded by candles, flower petals and gorgeous blooms. He asked Kendra to sit on the bench where he ultimately popped the question!

Planning a Sentimental Proposal of Your Own

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal has inspired us to share a few ideas on how to make your own proposal sentimental and unforgettable. Here are three tips to make your proposal genuinely stand out and resonate with both of you as a couple:

  1. Incorporate Personal Significance: Reflect on your journey together and incorporate elements that hold deep meaning for both of you. This could mean choosing a location that is significant to your relationship, such as where you first met, had your first date, or a place that you both have always dreamed of visiting together. You could also include subtle references or symbols in your proposal that bring you both back to special moments you’ve shared, inside jokes, or personal interests. This attention to detail not only enhances the sentimentality of the moment but also reaffirms the depth of your understanding and connection to one another!
  2. Include Family, Friends, or Pets: Involving significant individuals or pets in the proposal can amplify its emotional impact, provided this is something your partner would appreciate. This could mean planning a surprise gathering with close family and friends right after the proposal or having someone special to you both, like a sibling or a best friend, play a role in the setup. If your pet is like family to you, incorporating them into the proposal (like attaching the ring to a collar) can add an extra layer of personal charm and fond memories to the event. 
  3. Speak From the Heart: Last but certainly not least, speak honestly and from the heart. Share why you want to spend your life with your partner, what they mean to you, and your dreams for the future together. A proposal doesn’t have to be an eloquent speech; what matters most is that it’s genuine!

Emmanuel and Kendra’s proposal is a poignant reminder that an engagement ring is just a symbol. It’s the love, the shared journey, and the deep understanding of your partner that truly make a proposal special! As you navigate your own path towards a memorable proposal, bear in mind that it’s these subtle nuances, the heartfelt gestures that transform a moment into a cherished memory in your love story.


Planner: Jaclyn Watson Events, Florals: Tipsy Tulip Designs, Photographer: Julia Luckett Photography, Videographer: Wood & Ether, Ring: Neil Lane.

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An Intimate and Vibrant Wedding on the Shores of Lake Champlain

Today, we’re sharing the love story of  TJ and Tau, who tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at a private residence. The incredible day these two created goes to show that when every detail is crafted with purposeful intention and love, the resultant memories are ones no one will ever forget! Continue reading for all of the details and gorgeous images from Isora Lithgow Creations that beautifully capture TJ and Tau’s personalities, their love, and their commitment to each other.

Saying I Do with a View

The day started off with TJ and Tau getting ready together, side by side. The relaxing morning set the mood for the rest of their intimate and loving day. We love how, while different, the couple’s wedding style still has aspects that mirrored one and another. (Peep the matching heart converse sneakers!)

There was an undeniable whimsical feel to TJ and Tau’s wedding ceremony, not just from the vision they had in mind, but the location they had chosen to say their ‘I do’s’. Nothing says fairytale quite like tying the knot under the shade of a 200-year-old oak tree, with Lake Champlain glistening like an infinite mirror in the background.

As guests made their way to their seats, a live pianist played entry music. Tau walked down the aisle by their younger brother, and TJ walked down the aisle with their mother.

TJ and Tau each wrote their own vows and also asked friends to read excerpts from a book that holds meaning for both of them, called “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran. There was not a dry eye in sight!

A Lakeside Love Story in Living Color

The predominant color scheme chosen for the celebration centered on terracotta and sage, prominently displayed in the couple’s custom-made signs, stylish table linens, and TJ’s remarkable cape. These enchanting hues seamlessly integrated with the awe-inspiring, uninterrupted vistas of Lake Champlain from the couple’s secluded residence. All of the flowers for the celebration came from SparrowHawk farm, a local Queer and woman owned flower farm in Charlotte, Vermont. While TJ’s bouquet was pre-arranged by the farmers, the table top bouquets and other florals were arranged by TJ, Tau and their close family and friends.

The wedding reception was also outdoors, held under a canopy of massive, towering trees. Strings of fairy lights adorned the trees and lit the area with a soft, magical glow. Harmony’s Kitchen, based out of Burlington, handled the catering, pleasing everyone’s taste buds! Another special highlight was the dessert – an exquisite cake crafted by Thistle and Honey Baking.

When it came time to dance, Tau and TJ had their first dance to the song “Real Peach” by Henry Jamison. The festivities were then ignited, beckoning guests to dance their way through the rest of the night.

To round out the evening’s celebrations, Tau, TJ, and their guests headed to a cozy beach bonfire, creating an intimate and friendly environment that perfectly embodied the events of the day. Congratulations TJ and Tau!

Capture Your Wedding Day With Photography By Isora Lithgow Creations

Isora Lithgow Creations is a BIPOC, Queer, woman-owned wedding and branding photography business passionate about capturing the essence of joy, fun, and vibrancy in every moment! I offer a unique blend of naturally posed and candid shots that capture my couples’ authentic personalities and relationships. Your wedding isn’t just about a day, it’s about a lifetime together. When you look through your timeless and vibrant wedding photo galleries, you’ll relive the details of your special day through keepsakes you’ll cherish forever.


Photographer: Isora Lithgow Creations, Florals: Sparrowhawk Farm, Rings/Wedding bands: Automic Gold, Caterer: Harmony’s Kitchen, Cake: Thistle and Honey Baking.

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Meet Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography

Are you currently looking for a Vermont wedding photographer for your special day? Brian of B. Farnum Photography may be just who you’ve been looking for! This Vermont-born artist has an undeniable talent for capturing the enchanting moments of a couple’s wedding day through his captivating imagery. With an exceptional eye for detail and a genuine passion for storytelling, Brian has become a highly sought-after wedding photographers in the Green Mountain State. We recently sat down with Brian to learn more about how he got into wedding photography and his creative process. Continue reading to learn more about Brian and his work!

How did you get into wedding photography?

So, you’re wondering how I got into wedding photography? Picture this: I bought my first digital camera and instantly got hooked on capturing people’s expressions and moments. It’s like having a backstage pass to life’s little dramas! Then, a friend popped the question (no, not to me) and asked if I’d photograph their wedding.
After that first gig, it was like a light bulb moment – a really bright one. I realized I could be part of the happiest day of a couple’s journey, witnessing all the smiles, tears, and funky dance moves. And you know what? I haven’t stopped since. Being a wedding photographer is like being a happiness detective, and I absolutely love it!

How would you describe your photography style? 

Focused around clear subjects set against softly out-of-focus backdrops, a technique that accentuates the emotional depth and intimacy of each photograph. The colors in my photographs are true to life, mirroring the genuine atmosphere of your special day without relying on artificial alterations. Composition is an art form for me, and I am constantly striving to compose each photograph in a manner that is not only visually striking but also holds a deeper significance.

What inspires your work?

Light! Let’s chat about this superstar. It’s the secret ingredient in my photography recipe. I’m always on a mission, to capture that elusive beam darting through the leaves or a playful shadow pattern lurking in the background. Light isn’t just an element; it’s the headline act in every shot. The goal? To ensure the light isn’t just present, but it’s having a blast in the frame. It’s all about coaxing, tweaking, and sometimes coaxing that light into crafting something spectacular. It’s not just taking photos; it’s an epic quest in light-wrangling!

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding photographer?

No matter what photographer you’re looking to work with, don’t forget to check if your wedding photography package includes an engagement session!  It’s like a warm-up exercise before the big game. Having this session is like a rehearsal dinner for smiles and poses. It seriously ramps up the comfort factor. By the time the wedding day rolls around, everyone’s more relaxed, more themselves. It turns the “Say cheese” moments into genuine “We’re having the time of our lives” smiles. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?

The first dance. Absolute favorite moment of the day! It’s like the emotional jackpot for a wedding photographer. You’ve got the couple lost in their own world, swaying to their favorite tune. And me? I’m over there, sneakily dabbing away a tear while clicking away. It’s all about those feels! Capturing these moments isn’t just about getting a good shot; it’s about bottling up a little bit of magic. Photography is more than an art; it’s an emotion-catcher.

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc.

Kayaking and hiking, now that’s my jam! There’s something about paddling through serene waters or trekking up a trail, camera in hand, that just hits the spot. And getting lost in the woods with my lens? That’s my time machine right there. Hours vanish like minutes when I’m out there, snapping away in nature’s playground.
If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do?
I would be doing something within the arts. I would be working at a non-profit getting funding to increase arts education.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I was a balloon decorator in the 90’s. (Yep, it’s a thing!) I love to dance, and may even have a trophy from a dance competition.
Thanks, Brian! View more of Brian’s beautiful work by visiting his profile in our Vendor Guide.

A Wildflower Inspired Wedding at Wilburton Inn

We are thrilled to share with you the wildflower-inspired wedding of Greg and Julie, set in the enchanting grounds of the Wilburton Inn,  located in Manchester Vermont. The captivating charm of the venue combined with the couple’s exceptional vision for a nature-themed celebration resulted in a wedding straight out of a storybook! Continue reading with us, as we dive into their journey, sharing unique wedding ideas and the all beautiful moments captured by Samantha Margaret Photography.

Love in Full Bloom

When Greg walked into his indoor cycling class at a Boston studio, he wound up with a better deal than he could’ve bargained for. He and one of the employees, Julie, caught each other’s eyes and hit it off instantly! He left that day after taking his first (and last) cycling class with a date to a Red Sox game. After many more dates, Greg proposed to Julie on a pier in Charleston as the sun set over the Boston skyline. 

Fast forward to wedding planning, Julie and Greg traveled to the Wilburton Inn, a 19th-century historic mansion nestled in the rolling hills of  Manchester, Vermont and knew it would be the perfect location to host friends and family for a wedding weekend.

A Fun-Filled Manchester Vermont Wedding

On the morning of their wedding, Julie and Greg met atop the mist-covered peak of Mount Equinox for an enchanting first look and intimate vow exchange. We experienced a lot of moody and rainy days during the 2023 wedding season here in Vermont, but these first look photos remind us that sometimes dreary weather can make for amazing memories- and images! Julie donned a whimsical Monique Lhuillier ballgown adorned with a delicate floral motif that perfectly matched her bouquet by Nancy Bishop Floral Design, and Greg’s suit.

Over at the Wilburton Inn, guests eagerly anticipated the start of Julie and Greg’s ceremony. With Julie’s sister serving as the officiant, the ceremony was delivered with a beautiful and heartfelt sentiment that was appreciated by all in attendance. Once pronounced husband and wife, Greg and Julie made their way up the aisle and headed towards a champagne tower, toasting to guests and officially kicking off cocktail hour.

With the help of wedding planners Gabrielle Wilson, and Locust Bloom, the Wilburton Inn’s wedding tent was transformed into a wildflower wonderland, blooming with luxe details. As guests entered the reception tent, they were greeted by a charming vintage wooden desk overflowing with an abundance of flowers, serving as both a seating chart and a captivating centerpiece. The watercolor name cards by Paigenco were thoughtfully crafted from wildflower seed paper, making for a sustainable and memorable wedding favor. (Perfectly on theme and so chic!) 

The upbeat songs of Clockwork East Coast filled the dance floor, keeping it packed with energy. To fully immerse herself in the rhythm, Julie changed into a different outfit to fully unleash her dancing skills.

The reception showcased a lavish dessert table featuring a magnificent flower-covered cake by Blackbird Cake Design, maple leaf-shaped cookies, and a delectable Ben & Jerry’s ice cream station, all which are wonderful nods to Vermont!

To wrap up the magical day, Julie and Greg drank espresso martinis with guests and had a sparkler send off. Throughout the entire wedding weekend, there was an abundance of heartfelt details, beaming smiles, and an outpouring of love. These sentiments radiate through the captured moments by Samantha Margaret Photography and we hope that they evoke the same joy in you. Our warmest congratulations to Julie and Greg.

A Manchester Vermont Wedding at Wilburton Inn

The Wilburton Inn is a 30-acre historic estate. The mansion is the centerpiece for a full weekend celebration with an outdoor ceremony on the grand lawn, cocktail hour at our patio bar, and receptions for 200+ in our Vermont Marble Pavilion Tent. We provide onsite lodging for 100+ guests with a pool, tennis, and lawn games. Located in the beautiful town of Manchester, Vermont there are also ample outdoor activities, restaurants and shopping to discover just minutes away.


Venue & Catering: The Wilburton Inn, Planning: Gabrielle Wilson, and Locust Bloom, Photography: Samantha Margaret Photography, Florals: Nancy Bishop Floral Design, Cake: Blackbird Cake Design, Band: Clockwork East Coast, Hair & Makeup: Bespoke Salon Suite,  Rentals: Vermont Tent Company, Stationery & Signage: Paigenco, Dress: Monique Lhuillier from L’Elite Bridal in Massachusetts.

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A Colorful DIY Summer Wedding Celebration

We can’t get enough of this bright and colorful DIY summer wedding celebration at Lareau Farm Inn, captured beautifully by Colette Kulig Photography. Brides Emmie and Meg brought their creative vision and talents to life on their big day and the results are truly spectacular.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding celebration, a DIY Vermont wedding is the perfect way to make your day truly unique to you and your love story. Continue reading for the ultimate beautiful and bold inspo!

A Vibrant Wedding In Waitsfield, Vermont

Brides Emmie and Meg got married on a beautiful July day in Waitsfield, Vermont at Lareau Farm Inn. Lareau Farm Inn is not only the birthplace of Vermont foodie staple American Flatbread, but it is also a quintessential Vermont wedding venue, complete with a rustic barn pavilion, farm house and expansive meadows. The venue’s wedding pavilion can accommodate up to 150 guests and couples have free reign on how they want to decorate.

When it came to incorporating fun into the big day no detail was overlooked! Emmie and Meg both got ready with their friends and family and made sure to capture the unique styles of their dresses. (Emmie’s Dress is from Fiori Bridal Boutique in Essex Junction, VT) Wedding Photographer Colette Kulig Photography, was there to capture every colorful moment- from the couple’s personal letters to each other to the first dance and more.

There were repurposed vinyl records to really amp up the flair when it came to the couple’s seat chart. Twinkle lights were hung up in the barn and bud vases with colorful blooms adorned each table. When it came to dinner, guests had their choice of delicious flat bread pizzas to choose from and an expansive dessert table filled with sweet treats by The Goose Chase Cake Design.

Outside, guests could relax in the sun and play lawn games such as corn hole or take photos in the ruby red, converted VW bus by Photobooth Planet.

While the entire day is Pinterest board worthy, our favorite detail is the bridal party!  The dress and suit colors, the patterns, the bouquets! *Chef’s kiss* From the colorful bridesmaids dresses to the creative décor, there’s no doubt that Emmie and Meg, and their guests, will be talking about this special day for years to come


Venue: Lareau Farm Inn, Photographer: Colette Kulig Photography, Desserts: The Goose Chase Cake Design, Cake Artist: Gabby Headrick, Catering: American Flatbread, Florals: Heavenscent Floral Art, Emmie’s Dress: Fiori Bridal Boutique , Meg’s Dress: Everthine Bridal, Rings: Olive Ave Jewelry,  Hair: Vermont Bridal Beauty, Bridal Makeup: Crystal Dawn Hebert, Bridal Party Makeup: Amanda Sue Studios, Invitations: Minted, Entertainment: Photobooth Planet.

Capture Your Special Day With Colette Kulig Photography

Colette Kulig is a wedding photographer who captures gorgeous images and crafts bespoke albums which couples treasure for years to come. Her style is a mix of advertising and portraiture, creating a modern collection, and her warm personality puts couples at ease.

Celebrate Your Love Story At Lareau Farm Inn

Lareau Farm Inn is a classic Vermont farmhouse venue in Waitsfield, Vermont. Couples can exchange vows in a lush meadow at our ceremony arch, and celebrate your reception with loved ones in our rustic barn pavilion. As the home of American Flatbread, we offer delicious catering, including our famous wood-fired pizza!

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Venue Spotlight: Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont offers a remarkable wedding venue with stunning scenery and unparalleled amenities. Its vast grounds, lavish accommodations, and a myriad of activities and facilities make it the perfect destination for a memorable and unique wedding celebration.

This exceptional venue caters to all your needs, whether you prefer a summer wedding ceremony basking in the sun or a winter wedding by the fireplace. Read on to discover more about this exquisite location!

The Space: What’s the vibe? 

Trapp Family Lodge is known for its picturesque location, surrounded by the beautiful Vermont landscape. The scenic views add a romantic and charming atmosphere to any wedding!

At Trapp Family Lodge, versatility is a hallmark of our services. Our team is dedicated to accommodating diverse preferences and needs, making it possible for couples to customize their special day to fit their unique style and vision. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our flexibility allows us to offer a tailored experience that caters to different wedding styles, themes, and guest counts.

For couples in search of a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their nuptials, the lodge provides a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. The setting is reminiscent of a delightful storybook scene, yet complete with all the modern conveniences of home.

The amenities: What do you include?

Our wedding packages include everything you need for your ceremony and reception, including two experienced wedding planners!

Hotel amenities include 96 guest rooms, a fitness center with indoor pool, outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, yoga and massages, disc golf, tennis courts, 26 Kilometers of hiking and mountain bike trails on property. There are also two beloved spaces, Kaffeehaus and Bakery, and the von Trapp Bierhall and Brewery, to host welcome receptions, farewell brunches or simply dine in over the course of your stay.

The Location: What is There to Do in the Local Area?

There is so much to do right on our property especially during our Summer / Fall wedding season! We are situated on 2,600 acres of land including 60k of renown Stowe mountain biking and hiking trails.  We offer a variety of tours such as a Meet the Cows Tour and Family History Tour where you learn a little more about the von Trapp Family. (Yes, the family portrayed in The Sound of Music!)

The quintessential town of Stowe has so much to offer including fabulous restaurants, shopping, beautiful bike paths and areas for mountain biking. New England’s finest downhill skiing is also just up the road at Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest peak.

The History: What Is the Venue’s Story?

After leaving Austria the von Trapp Family settled in the United States. In 1942, the von Trapp family purchased a farmhouse in Stowe, Vermont. This became their new home, and they started a farm. The family engaged in various activities, including maple sugaring and dairy farming. The idea of turning their home into a lodge was born when guests started to inquire about staying on the property. In 1950, the Trapp Family Lodge officially opened as a modest, 27-room mountain resort. 

Over the years, the lodge underwent expansions and developments. The family added facilities to accommodate guests and enhance the lodge’s offerings. Now the property is known not only for its connection to the von Trapp family, but also for its stunning setting in the Vermont mountains!

Trapp Family Lodge offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, providing guests with a variety of exciting activities to enjoy throughout the wedding weekend. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to couples with weddings of all sizes, whether they’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair with over 200 guests!

At Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont, we strive to bring each couple’s unique vision to life, creating a truly special and unforgettable experience. Learn more about Trapp Family Lodge in the Vermont Weddings Vendor Guide.

A Relaxed and Intimate Celebration at Grand Isle Lake House

Tucked away in the Champlain Islands on the pristine waters of Lake Champlain, you’ll find the charming Grand Isle Lake House. This remarkable venue paints a picture of tranquility and charm, setting the stage for a romantic, intimate wedding like no other! When planning their wedding, Lucy and Russell knew Grand Isle Lake House would be the perfect backdrop for their vision of a laid back garden party celebration and we are excited to share it with you all today.

An Unforgettable Garden Party Wedding

In a world filled with extravagant wedding decor and elaborate themes, this garden party wedding at the Grand Isle Lake House embraced simplicity in the most beautiful way. Lucy and Russell, alongside their wedding planner Willow Hill Design Co., intentionally opted for a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, allowing the natural beauty of the Champlain Islands to take center stage during their ceremony.

A beautiful ground floral arch, designed by Clayton Floral, was made up lush greenery and soft hues of green, white, peach and purple.

We also have to take a moment to highlight the couple’s style. Lucy donned a sleek and timeless A line gown and a natural makeup look by Jennifer Perellie MakeupRussell went for a twist on his formal wear, sporting a green suit. The wedding party, on both sides, adorned hues of green, gray, and blue, which flawlessly accentuated the stunning surroundings of the outdoor nuptials.

An Intimate and Relaxed Reception

To get the party started, a  4- piece band played for guests on the Grand Isle Lake House’s scenic wraparound porch during cocktail hour.

Lucy and Russell’s August celebration was beautifully adorned with customized menus, floral bunting flags, and a dried wildflower escort display created by RH Design House, embodying the perfect balance of casual and elegance throughout the entirety of the day.

Over at the reception tent, a symphony of scents filled the air as terracotta pots filled to the brim with fresh lavender were placed strategically throughout. The vibrant purple hues of the lavender contrasted beautifully with the earthy tones of the pots, creating an eye-catching feature around the stage and dance floor. The décor, while grand in its display, was thoughtfully designed to amplify the natural charm of the venue rather than overshadow it.

Off to the side of the reception tent was a seating area complete with bistro lighting for guests looking to escape the lively dance floor and partake in casual conversation. As the night progressed, the laughter grew louder, the conversations deeper, and the connections stronger. 


This memorable gathering was more than just a wedding; it was a celebration of love and unity that is sure to be fondly remembered for years to come!

More on Grand Isle Lake House

Grand Isle Lake House is tucked away in the idyllic Champlain Islands. With beautiful views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, onsite accommodations and more, this wedding venue is a relaxing, lakeside oasis! The serene property boasts13 beautiful guest roomswith exquisite woodwork and historic details. The expansive wraparound porch offers a stunning 270 degree view and is large enough for ceremonies, cocktail hours, to plated, buffet or family style dinners.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Jennifer Perellie – Makeup Artist

Jennifer Perellie is an award-winning, internationally published professional freelance makeup artist. She focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of her clients. Known for flawless beauty makeup, Jennifer’s focus is on creating a look that results in the best version of you!


Venue: Grand Isle Lake House, Planning & Design: Willow Hill Design Co., Stationary: RH Designs VT,  Photography: The Light and Color, Florals: Clayton Floral, Catering: Let’s Pretend Catering, Bar: Fluid Bar Service, Band: The Cool Rulers, Rentals: Vermont Tent Company,  Lounge Rental: Wild Fern Boutique VT, Hair: Jessica Murphy Hair, Makeup: Jennifer Perellie Makeup

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Best of 2023: Readers Choice Awards

Over the past few weeks, we have featured a selection of remarkable Vermont weddings in our annual Best of Vermont Weddings series.  Like last year, we requested  you, our loyal readers, to partake in our Readers Choice Awards and vote for your favorites!

Today, as we conclude this series and look forward to 2024, we are so excited to reveal your top choices. Despite tight competition and a significant number of votes, these winners emerged victorious. Without further ado, the highly anticipated moment has arrived, revealing the esteemed winners of each category as chosen by you!

Best of Wedding Florals: Purple Passion

This enchanting purple-hued bouquet by M’s Wedding Flowers truly mesmerized us… and you! These beautiful blooms took first place this year in our floral category.
Photo by Sarah Peet Photography

Best of Elopements: Autumnal Romance

A Vermont elopement is beautiful no matter the season, but it was this photo by Kate Seymour Photography that reminded readers how romantic a secluded lakeside wedding in the fall can be!

Best of Desserts: Let It Snow

After a flurry of votes, this delectable and intricately decorated cake by Blue House Bakeshop ended up taking first place!

Best of Wedding Style: Tips Up

This fun ski lapel pin added a whimsical touch to the groom’s outfit. It’s a perfect nod to the overall theme for this winter wedding-  and inspired all of you!

Best of Furry Friends: Sweet Smooch

This was our closest category by votes in our Best of Series! (Who can resist animals?) Congratulations to Allison Macy Photography for this winning image.

Best of Vermont Wedding Venues: Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling Ridge Resort won you over with its Vermont charm and incredible views!

Photo: Isora Lithgow Creations

Best of Just Married Moments: Picture Perfect Perspective

This look at the couple’s first kiss, captured by Courtney Cania Photography, gave you alllll those warm “just married” feels. 
Venue: Quechee Inn

Best of Wedding Design: Chic Camping

Siri, “Pack my bags, I’m heading to camp!” We swooned for this summer camp chic celebration, planned by NJOY Weddings & Events at Basin Harbor, and you voted it your favorite too!
Photo: Julia Luckett 

Best of Rain: A Shower of Smiles

Not even rain could dampen these newlywed’s smiles! A true snapshot of the excitement that comes with finally getting to say the words “I do!”
Photo: Melanie Ruth Photography

That’s a Wrap on Best of Vermont Weddings 2023

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Readers Choice Awards! And a huge congratulations to every featured member in our Best of Vermont Weddings series! Our Vendor Guide is truly made up of the most creative and dedicated wedding professionals in Vermont. We are grateful for their support and their incredible work that continues to inspire all of us.

While this is one of our most popular string of blogs post for the year, we write about engagements, elopements and weddings year round. Have a celebration you’d like to share with us? Fill out a blog submission form for a chance to be featured.

It’s safe to say that 2023 was an amazing year, and we can’t wait to celebrate along with you all in 2024!

Advice for Planning Your Own Vermont Wedding

Snag your copy of our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide inspiration, advice & guides to plan your very best Vermont wedding! During this month the guide is on sale for only $20.24! Who knows…your celebration could be featured in next year’s Best of Vermont Weddings series. 

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Best of 2023: Rain

2023 may go down in history as the year that redefined the phrase ‘raining on your parade’, literally. It was the wettest wedding season in Vermont we’ve ever seen – and yet, love was never dampened! Instead, couples and wedding vendors alike found new ways to turn downpours and misty skies into memorable moments.

Whether it was adapting photoshoots, rethinking venue locations or ensuring all guests had umbrellas, the 2023 wedding season was a time where love thrived no matter the forecast and today we’re sharing our favorites with you.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

A Shower of Love

This couple’s special moment of alone time was made that much more romantic with moody skies and some rain!
Photo: Wood and Ether

Maid of Honor To The Rescue

To say this wedding was a complete washout would be an accurate statement! The bride and groom walked out to the ceremony site in 3 inches of standing water (all while it was still coming down!)  However, fear not – the Maid of Honor gets “MVP” for holding the umbrella for the bride during the ceremony, not giving a care in the world that she was getting drenched!

Waddle This Way

Pictured: a bride running out of the rain, but the best part? In the background, a delightful group of ducks waddling cheerfully under the soft, gentle drizzle.

Under The Same Umbrella

Nothing is sweeter than cozying up next to your partner! We love this snap of brides taking a moment for themselves on their wedding day.
Photo: Andy Madea Photography
Venue: Sterling Ridge Resort

A Shower of Smiles

Not even rain could dampen these newlywed’s smiles! A true snapshot of the excitement that comes with finally getting to say the words “I do!”
Photo: Melanie Ruth Photography

Colorful Cuddles

A rainy morning transformed into a delightful afternoon, with the cherry on top being a spectacular rainbow arching across the sky! 
Photo:  Moho Photo

Moody and Magical

When a passing rainstorm leaves some of Vermont’s most iconic mountain views socked in, you make the best of it by finding the most dramatic clouds and go in for the kiss!

A Downpour of Joy

Despite the drizzling rain, joy was the only thing that showered this beautiful couple! We can’t help but smile when looking at these brides their laughter and love for each other is contagious.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Two words: epic rainbow! This moment captured  by Juniper Studios is like something straight out of a movie.

Relish The Rain

Rainy skies, a spot light and clear umbrellas make for a winning combination! We love this couple embracing the weather on their wedding day!

Love Is An Umbrella For When It Rains

This couple wasn’t going to let a little rain stop them from holding their ceremony outdoors.  The couple’s wedding planner, K Kerkorian Events, along with their venue, Basin Harbor, supplied everyone with umbrellas and made it happen!
Venue: Basin Harbor

Lake Champlain Love

These newlyweds chose a secluded pier off of Lake Champlain to capture this beautiful and misty moment!

Magical Mist

Despite the rain falling around them, this radiant couple shared a cinematic-worthy smooch! 
Florals & Venue: Farmhouse Flowers

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

As you start to prepare for your own wedding, make sure to include clear umbrellas on your list! Not only do they keep you dry, but still let light in to create absolutely gorgeous and artistic photos, like this one!

Covered in Love

When the forecast called for rain, this couple moved their lakeside celebration at Grand Isle Lake House  up to the venue’s cozy wrap around porch for an even more intimate day!
Catering: Let’s Pretend Catering

Meet Me In The Rain

A sweet kiss captured in black and white. So dreamy and timeless!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont rain moments in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.


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Best of 2023: Wedding Design

Whether it’s the use of color, imaginative table setups, or breathtaking venue transformations, this year’s weddings were undoubtedly unforgettable in terms of wedding design. From beautiful blooms to colorful or unique accessories and even disco balls – these couples and their vendors knew how to throw a picture-perfect party!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Whimsical Escort Cards

Creativity was in full bloom with this escort card display by Tipsy Tulip Designs! Delicate buds, moss and handwritten names make this display a timeless combination!
Photo: Ellen Sargent Photography

Blinded by the Love

Feast your eyes on some of the most colorful wedding favors we’ve ever seen! Doubling as a seating chart and accessory to wear throughout the day, we adore these heart shaped sunnies.

Chic Camping

NJOY Weddings & Events brought one couple’s vision of a weekend summer camp to life at this stunning celebration at Basin Harbor. The weekend was packed with activities, and we absolutely adore the reception’s perfect blend of elegant and camp-chic decor.
Photo: Julia Luckett 

Budding Creativity

An interactive element for guests during your wedding reception is always a win in our book! For their garden party wedding, the couple wanted to keep the day full with fun activities for guests of all ages. Not only did guests enjoy making their own flower crowns, but it also gave them a beautiful keepsake to remember the occasion!
Photo: Moho Photo

Classic Sophistication

The Linen Shop used chic white and blue linens to create an effortlessly elegant base for this couple’s wedding day decor. The bud vases add delightful, bold pops of color against the blue floral tablecloth.
Photo: Rodeo & Co.

Overflowing Florals

We are officially adding florals in water fountains to our Pinterest boards! This floral installation by  M’s Wedding Flowers is so romantic and unique. It was perfect as a colorful, dramatic backdrop for photos, or just a serene place to sip a cocktail and enjoy the view.

In our Lover Era

“Alexa, play ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.” For a playful twist on a seating chart (that also doubled as favors!) the bride and groom handmade friendship bracelets for their guests. Complete with each guest’s name and charms, who wouldn’t love this?

Enchanted Tent

This beautiful tent reception executed by Jaclyn Watson Events is a dream come true! Twinkling string lights, rattan chandeliers and lavender draping created an enhancing ambience. Rock cairns scattered among florals added an earthy touch to the beautiful tables. 

Growing Love

We’re hoping ground floral arches continue to grow in popularity in 2024! This timeless ground floral arch by Anaphora Flowers is not only beautiful but also symbolic. The couple began their ceremony with an open semi-circle, and later in the ceremony, the couple’s mothers closed the circle around them to symbolize the unity in a marriage. Beautiful in style and meaning!

Colorful Romance

This wedding nailed the summer-meets-fall vibe, with a color palette that pops everywhere, from the cozy candles to the colorful ribbons on the bride and groom’s chairs.
Florals & Decor: A Clover & One Bee
Photo: Hayes & Baker Photography
Planner: Odyssey Events

Tying the Knot

This color decided to forgo the traditional color palette and embraced a bold, colorful approach. Ribbons added to the joyful, colorful celebration from the ceremony to the reception decor. 

Photo: The Great Blue Photo Co.

Disco-vering a Touch of Sparkle

We love this mirror set up as a welcome guests to your reception! Sara Judith Events worked with the bride and groom’s timeless green and white color palette and elevated it with a touch of sparkle and whimsy through the addition of disco balls!

Photo: Esra Y Photography, Venue: Equinox Resort

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont design in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Best of 2023: Just Married Moments

There is a unique magic found within ‘just married’ moments. It’s a magic derived from months, (sometimes even years!) of planning and anticipating this celebration. These captivating moments, forever frozen in time, serve as intimate glimpses into pure joy, boundless love, and the promising start of a shared journey.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our team’s curated selection of “just married” moments that stole our hearts.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Wrapped in Love and Traditions

This bright and beautiful wedding was full of Lithuanian wedding traditions! We love this photo of the newlyweds and their guests during their reception.

Cruisin’ In Style

Photo proof that motorcycle entrances at weddings should totally become a thing. This couple arrived to their reception in style!

Champagne Showers

If you’ve followed our ‘Best Of’ series before, you know our team loves a good champagne pop! (We had a whole category devoted to it last year.) This couple and their crew was clearly bubbling with excitement and we’re loving it.

The Gang’s All Here

One of the most special parts of your wedding day are the people who come to celebrate you! When will you ever have all of your favorite people in one place again? That being said, we love a good group photo at weddings and this one at The Grafton Inn was too sweet not to share!

Picture Perfect Perspective

When going over photo ideas with their photographer, this couple had the idea of capturing their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs with their guest’s reactions in the background – and what a fantastic idea it was!
Venue: Quechee Inn

On Cloud 9

We just love the pure joy in this photo! This couple is flying high on cloud 9.
Venue: Snow Farm Vineyard

First Dance Magic

A little sparkle, a little greenery and full attention on the bride and groom. What a beautiful image captured on this couple’s first dance!
Photo: Esra Y Photography
Venue: The Equinox Resort

Soaking In Newlywed Bliss

We highly recommend taking time on your wedding day to soak everything in, just the two of you. This couple did just that on the calm waters of Lake Bomoseen.
Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge

Blooms & Bubbles

Can’t choose between flower petals or bubbles as you make your way back up the aisle? Why not both!? The smiles here say it all.

A Timeless Treasure

This oil painting artfully captures the romance of this couple’s wedding day! Painted by Hope Sharp Art throughout the day, this piece added a joyful element of surprise and elegance for guests to observe- and is now a treasured heirloom for the couple to enjoy for years to come!

Whimsical Wedding

Blooms bursting with color, ribbons and a perfectly timed gust of wind… need we say more? We love this couple’s colorful and romantic vision!
Photo: Great Blue Photo Co.
Florals: Oak & Bee 

Bubbling with Excitement

After this couple exchanged their vows, their guests showered them with bubbles, creating a magical and heartwarming moment.

S’more Love

The campfire pit at this couple’s wedding ended up being a popular spot for guests to hang out throughout the night. When the crowd cleared, these newlyweds snuck in some one on one time to enjoy the fire and to roast marshmallows together!
Venue: Mad River Barn

Walking Into Forever Together

Rolling mountains, lush aisle markers and radiant smiles – it’s hard to pick our favorite element of this wedding. From the aisle to eternity! 
Venue: Kelly Way Garden 

Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After

After 3 years of rescheduling their celebration due to the pandemic, these grooms officially tied knot! Something truly special is that the couple led their own ceremony and it was full of love and tons of laughter! 
Photo: Moho Photo

A Romantic Recap

We bet this couple can’t help but fall in love over and over again when they watch their wedding recap video! A beautiful celebration perfectly captured.
Venue: Old Gray Barn

Fairytale Twirl

We’ll never pass up a photo of a beautiful bride twirling in her dream dress. A moment like this is one so many of us a dream of, a true fairytale feeling!

Let’s Get The Party Started

This photo screams “We did it! Now let’s get this party started!”  We guarantee this couple’s contagious enthusiasm evolved into an unforgettable evening of partying.
Venue: Mad River Barn

Grooms & Blooms

These joyful grooms were more than ready to tie the knot on this stunning summer day! We’re also crushing on the ceremony’s  beautiful florals, reflecting the couple’s love in full bloom.
Photo: Alex Paul Photography

Taking a Shot of Love

Nervous on your wedding day? A little bit of liquid courage doesn’t hurt! This image made us giggle and we’re sure those of you who have already planned a wedding can relate to it!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our editorial picks for the best ‘just married’ moments of 2023, it’s your turn to pick your favorite! Vote between now and January 27 for your favorite to crown the Readers Choice Winner. 

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Best of 2023: Furry Friends

Today we’re brining you one of our favorite categories in our Best of 2023 series. It’s fluffy, furry, and filled with an enormous amount of aww-factor. Yes, we’re talking about that adorable element of your big day – animals! From dapper dogs to sweet felines and even animals from the farm, this category is stacked with four legged friends that made celebrations extraordinarily un-fur-gettable!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Cockapoo Cuddles

This adorable cockapoo, Walter, loved being a special part of his parent’s big day at Weatherhead Hollow. What a dapper dog!
Photo: Anne Taylor Photography

Pawsome on Camera

These sweet pooches were ready for their close up! Perfectly groomed and all smiles on their parent’s big day, they made sure to work every angle.

Radiant Ring Bearer

Have you ever seen a cuter ring bearer? Nigel took his role very seriously when his humans tied the knot at Soule House & Carriage Barn.We’re melting over his sweet smile and leash adorned with colorful flowers.
Photo: Sincerely Liz Photography 

First Look Sealed with a Kiss

This couple’s first look was made extra special with the incorporation of their dog. There’s no bigger stamp of approval than a smooch from your pooch!

Something Borrowed, Something Chewed

For couples who want to incorporate their furry friend into their special day, but may not be able to physically bring them- look no further! This beautiful cake baked by the couple’s dear friend, included their dog sneakily taking a bite out of tier two. We also love that the couple included polaroids of themselves during their first look to adorn the top!
Photo: K. Lenox Photography, Venue: Sugarbush Resort, Florals: A School House Garden

The Flower Pup

You’ve heard of a flower girl but what about a flower pup?! This proud girl’s smile says it all: “my parents are getting married today!”

Feline Fine

We’ve officially found the most purrrfect ring bearer! Wedding planner I Dews Design & Events made sure to incorporate Ives not only into the ceremony but also throughout the event’s decor.
Photo: Markella Kyprios Photo

Pawsitively Adorable

Spotted: the happiest pup ever! From the itty-bitty tuxedo and bow tie combo to a beaming grin, we’re melting at how cute this dog is.

Falling in Puppy Love

This couple’s gorgeous wedding day was made extra special with the incorporation of their smiling corgi, Murray! We love how his bowtie perfectly matches the bride’s bouquet.

Party Animal

A true Vermont photobomb! This sweet cow from Landgoes Farm couldn’t resist popping into this couple’s wedding photoshoot.

Un-fur-gettable Love

You, me, and dog makes three! You can feel the love radiate from this photo. Cuddles and kisses from your owners, what could be better?

Until Fetch Do Us Part

On their special day, the couple’s beloved dog was overwhelmed with joy, its excitement manifesting in endless running about. The furry bundle of energy simply couldn’t stay still as it echoed its owners’ elation.

Dressed to the K9s

This charming German Shepherd is all dolled up, sporting a neat tuxedo for his owner’s special wedding day. His loving eyes and huge smile show that he was a cherished part of this celebration!
Photo: Coryn Kiefer Photography, Venue: Inn at Grace Farm, Florals: Tipsy Tulip Designs

Fur-ever Love

This stunning photograph of the happy couple, surrounded by lush green grass and basking in the warm glow of the sun, is made all the more special by the presence of their beloved four-legged bestie!

Colossal Canine

Felix, the colossal canine of affection, stood impeccably groomed and donning his finest attire, during his parent’s big day. (Not pictured: a champagne dog toy for toasting his owners)

Dapper Dynamic Duo

Dynamic duo, Damion and Dyson, couldn’t contain their excitement at their parent’s wedding. This may be the most adorable (and stylish!) case of the zoomies we have ever seen.

Sweet Smooch

A little dog with a whole lot of love to give! What better way to mark fur-ever as husband and wife than with a smooch from your favorite four legged friend?

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont furry friends in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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Best of 2023: Desserts

Today we’re continuing our Best Of series with one of our favorite categories: desserts! Adding sweet moments to your special day is more than just a figurative expression; it’s literally achieved through delightful sweet treats. From classic wedding cakes to unique small bites, the options are limitless, which allows you to add a delicious personal touch to your big day. Choosing the best of wedding desserts is no easy feat – we’re drooling just looking at these images!

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Woodland Wonder

A couple’s woodland vision came to life in the form of this stunning creation from The Goose Chase Cake Design! Delicate cake moss, meringue mushrooms, pressed ferns, and a surround of chocolate tree bark make this dessert a captivating centerpiece.
Photo: Sabin Gratz

A Decadent Dessert Display

This epic dessert table by Sweet Vermont Treats is a spectacular sight, loaded with a range of indulgent sweet treats to satisfy any palette!  The centerpiece is an elegantly-decorated wedding cake, surrounded by an array of delightful cupcakes and tempting mini hand pies and tarts, artfully arranged for guests to enjoy.

Let It Snow

We are truly in awe of this 3-tiered masterpiece from Blue House Bakeshop! This snowflake inspired cake, made up of intricate piping, has us dreaming of a white wedding!

Savoring Sweet Moments

Looking for a sweet way to wrap up an incredible evening? A cold, Vermont creemee (complete with sprinkles!) is the way to go. Bonus points if you get to share it with your love, like these newlyweds! We adore this snap captured by Hannah Photography.

Enchanting Jewel Tones

This jewel toned cake by Cronin Cakes & Sweets is a feast for the eyes! The blue marbled effect is gorgeous and the florals from Tipsy Tulip Designs add additional pops of color. It’s almost too pretty to eat!
Photo: Coryn Kiefer Photography

A Timeless Treat

Simple + sweet = a timeless combination! This classic cake design, framed with beautiful baby’s breath by A Clover and One Bee, keeps things effortless yet delicious! It’s a unique twist on adding flowers to your cake!
Photo: Sarah Peet Photography
Cake: Red Poppy Cakery

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont desserts in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.


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Best of 2023: Elopements

Elopements let the couple focus on their connection and commitment, without distractions or expectations from others, making for a truly enchanting and romantic celebration. The below celebrations are proof! Here are some of our favorite moments from Vermont elopements in 2023.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! After you’ve seen our picks, it’s over to you to vote for your favorite in our Readers Choice Award below. 

Slope-side Vows

In a mix of romance and adrenaline, this couple chose to take their love to literal new heights with a snowy, slope-side elopement. We love this sweet snap taken on the ski lift on the way up to Killington’s summit.

A Fairytale Ending

Choosing to elope with a hint of fairy tale charm, this couple decided to rent a Vermont castle on Airbnb for their romantic nuptials! This beautiful location in Irasburg Vermont transformed their simple elopement into an enchanting, intimate wedding experience right out of a storybook.

Autumnal Romance

These brides chose the serene location of Lake Willoughby for their fall elopement. The cozy affair was perfectly adorned with warm flannel blankets, glowing lanterns, seasonal florals, and pumpkins, bringing their enchanting autumn wedding to life!

Vows with a View

* Sigh * This image perfectly exudes that just married feeling! In the picturesque setting of Middlebury, Vermont, this couple exchanged vows in a classic and timeless celebration of love.

Toasting to Forever

This vibrant, elopement photoshoot utilized classic designs with a mix of peachy-pink, and coral hues against soft light blue accents! Styled by wedding planner I Dews Design & Events it’s an elegant yet whimsical garden party we’d love to attend!
Photo: Anne Mientka

Love in the Snow

This couple braved chilly winter temps for their special day together! The dusting of snow on the nearby mountains, the bride’s veil flowing in the wind and a warm embrace – there is something so special about a wintertime elopement!

Dancing in the Rain

2023’s trend of rain didn’t stop this couple from fully embracing their love story. (In fact, the moody skies and mud added to it!) This couple giggled and danced in the rain during their misty photoshoot and we can’t imagine anything more romantic!

Readers Choice Awards

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best Vermont elopements in 2023, it’s time for you to vote! We’ll share your top picks for each category at the end of the month.

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End of Year Survey 2023

As the year draws to a close, our team is taking stock of all that we have accomplished, and it fills us with joy to know that YOU have been a part of our journey! We’d like to thank you, as always, or your unwavering support and your loyalty to our small corner of the internet.

While we’re looking forward to festive celebrations, we are also dreaming about a new year ahead. To that end, we kindly request that you take a few moments to complete our annual survey by December 31 (see below). Every response matters to us, and we’ll be reviewing each one as we prep for 2024 and beyond.

Colette Kulig Photography

Thank you for a great 2023!

We look forward to connecting with you in the new year (we’ll be coming in hot with our Best of 2023 series!) and continuing to share our passion for all things Vermont Weddings. Thank you for sharing your time with us this year, and your feedback as we plan for the future! 

Wishing you a happy holiday season, filled with love, laughter, and plenty of rest and relaxation! 

How to Plan a Vermont Wedding (Blog Round Up)

Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life, and planning it can, at times, be overwhelming. With so many details to consider and decisions to make, it’s easy to get caught in a Google loop of “How to” questions. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some favorite blog posts to help you decide how to plan your Vermont wedding!

Bookmark this collection to refer back during your planning journey, or grab your favorite beverage, cozy up on the couch, and dive in for some binge-read-worthly planning inspiration! 

Woman holding man's face and smiling during Vermont engagement session
Allison Macy Photography
Jess Rene Photography
Kate Seymour Photography
Ben Hudson Photography

Wedding Planning: Ceremony

Colette Kulig Photography
Hannah Photography

Wedding Planning: Reception

local Vermont maple syrup wedding favors
Juniper Studios
bride opening gift on wedding morning
Kelsey Regan Photography


Looking for More Wedding Planning Advice?

Snag our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide to kickstart your own wedding planning journey bliss with tips, guides, and spreadsheets! Learn how to create a budget, build your guest list, style your wedding party, and more! For only $39, it’s a no-brainer investment to creating a great wedding planning experience your deserve. 

Meet Vermont Wedding Photographer Elsie Goodman

When you dream about how your wedding day is captured do you think genuine moments, raw emotions and small details? If so, a documentary style Vermont wedding photographer like Elsie Goodman Photography may be just who you’re looking for!

Elsie seamlessly integrates herself into your special day, and like a quiet observer, beautifully captures moments you’ll cherish forever. From laughter-filled candid moments to profound emotional exchanges, Elsie is dedicated to chronicling your wedding journey just the way it unfolds. Continue reading to learn more about Elsie and her work.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I used to work in the wedding planning industry pre-covid. Once things hit and I lost my job, I wanted to give photography a try. It had always been a dream job of mine, but “destination wedding photographer” always sounded a little delusional. I’m happy I took the risk!

How would you describe your photography style?

Photos you can feel.  My photos center around storytelling and conveying a mood, atmosphere, or feeling, in addition to capturing aesthetically pleasing compositions.

What inspires your work? 

My own relationship, couples on the street, couples on the beach. I love watching the way people interact, and how in love you can feel two people are. I love looking at paintings, like art in the MET museum for example.

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding photographer? 

You have to vibe with your photographer. (Truthfully the photographer holds the vibes in their hands!) You want someone you trust and who makes you feel good. I used to think I wasn’t in my work, it was all my couples. I am ALL over my photos, my couples feel my energy and visa versa. I create the best work for people I consider friends, and I hold that standard with my clients. 

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding? 

I love first looks….first looks with your parents, first looks with your partner, first looks with your wedding party. Those genuine reactions are just the most special. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? / Local spot to visit? Etc. 

I grew up traveling to Vermont quite often because of my Aunt. I love hiking Sterling Falls, going to Stowe Cider and listening to live music, hanging at Moss Glen Falls, bike riding the trails in Morristown. 

If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you do? 

I think I’d still be a wedding planner, I loveeeee logistics and helping my clients create a day that is special to them while also remaining realistic about logistics and the day’s timeline.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 

I have a small dog named Arthur, he’s a chiweenie (half chihuahua, half dachshund) He travels with me often and has been to 18 states and Mexico. I guess that’s not technically about ME, but he is my heart and my ‘son’.

I am also a huge cook, my father is a chef and I got the entertaining bug from him. Dinner parties, cheese boards, you name it. I love cooking with and for my friends and loved ones!


Thanks Elsie for sharing your story with us! Learn more about Elsie and see more of her work by visiting her profile in the Vermont Weddings Vendor Guide.

A Romantic Winter Proposal in the Heart of Stowe, Vermont

Chilled whispers in the air, frost-kissed landscapes, and the romance of cozying up with your partner… these are just a few reasons why we love winter in Vermont! Alongside holidays and ample outdoor activities, it is also a great time for a proposal – like this one! Photos by Kintz captured this cozy, surprise proposal amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Trapp Family Lodge in the dreamy landscape of Stowe, Vermont and we’re swooning over the details!

Making Memories at Trapp Family Lodge

Despite living in Virginia, Carlos and Christine travel to Vermont frequently and have a lot of memories here. When planning their most recent winter trip to Stowe, Carlos knew it wouldn’t be complete without a surprise proposal.

After visiting the Trapp Family Lodge for lunch with the family, the groom-to-be asked his bride-to-be to meet him for a walk in the freshly fallen snow. When Carlos popped the question, Christine’s resounding “YES” echoed off of the nearby mountains and their families (including their dog Stormy!) came out with champagne to celebrate.

Involving their families in the proposal created an atmosphere of love and togetherness that will be cherished by Carlos and Christine for years to come. It added a personal touch to the occasion and made it feel even more special and meaningful! Check out all of the beautiful images from this proposal below.

Visit Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont

Nestled in the picturesque town of Stowe, Vermont, Trapp Family Lodge is a charming wedding venue that takes inspiration from the von Trapp family’s Austrian roots and offers luxurious lodging and stunning vistas that are perfect for your special day. In addition to lodging, the location is also home to dining options, von Trapp Brewing and over 40 miles of hiking, biking and cross country skiing trails

Capture Your Next Chapter With Photos by Kintz

Photos by Kintz is a husband and wife wedding photography team who bring an authentic and playful energy to each engagement, elopement or wedding! Their photos capture moments big and small, telling a complete story of a couple’s special day.

Your Next Read:

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This Wedding at The Essex was Equal Parts Elegant & Fun

Bari and Tip’s fun and electric wedding is sure to put a smile on your face and inspire you today! The couple chose the Essex Resort & Spa as the backdrop to their special day, a location that feels private and secluded yet is still close to everything. Get ready to be mesmerized as we walk you through this delightful journey beautifully captured by Jordan Simone Photography.

The attention to detail and creative flair displayed throughout this beautiful wedding will leave you brimming with inspiration for your own big day! Continue reading for all the details.

A Relaxed and Fun Vermont Wedding Weekend

Bari and Tip met on Hinge in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Fast forward 3 years and their wedding day arrived! When planning, the couple knew they wanted to get married in Vermont as they’ve had great memories here when visiting Tip’s parents. 

Bari and Tip’s wedding weekend kicked off with a welcome party at Tip’s parent’s home in Panton, Vermont. Complete with sweeping lakeside views, catering from Cloud 9 Caterer’s and an overall relaxed atmosphere, we can’t think of a better way to set the tone for a wedding weekend!

Dancing the Night Away: An Electric Wedding at The Essex Resort

When it came to their wedding, Bari and Tip were determined to break away from tradition and create a celebration that was all about fun. They wanted a day that would be a non-stop party, where their guests could let loose and have the time of their lives. (And that’s exactly what they got!)

Like many couples getting married in 2023, just about every Saturday ended up with rain. The couple’s original plan on getting married outside was not able to happen due to the weather, but every cloud has a silver lining! The ceremony was moved indoors and was still just as breathtaking, and perhaps even more intimate, than they had originally planned. Their wedding arch was packed with lush florals and mini disco balls and the ballroom’s ceiling was draped with luxe white drapes.

These chic details carried over into the cocktail hour and reception. After dinner, the DJ pumped up the volume and the dance hits kept coming. The dance floor quickly became the place to be, with guests showing off their best moves and letting loose. The bride and groom led the way, never leaving the dance floor and setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

As the evening drew to a close, Bari and Tip decided to jump into the resort’s pool and we couldn’t think of a more fitting way to make a splash as newly-minted husband and wife!


Venue: Essex Resort & Spa, Photographer: Jordan Simone Photography, Flowers: Middlebury Floral, Hair & Makeup: Emily Tobi, Band: ETHEL Top Hat Entertainment, Transportation: Lamoille Valley Transportation, Welcome Party Caterer: Cloud 9 Caterers, Welcome Party Tent: Vermont Tent Company.

Capture Your Love With Jordan Simone Photography

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Celebrate Your Special Day at The Essex Resort & Spa

The Essex Resort & Spa offers two beautiful wedding venues on-site, gracious accommodations, a full service spa and salon, renowned catering, and several activities for guests to enjoy. Just a stone’s throw from Burlington International Airport, its location is perfect for couples looking for a venue that is conveniently located and close multiple cities to explore.

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This Mountain Top Resort Wedding Was a True Winter Wonderland

Nothing is more romantic than freshly fallen snow in Vermont, especially when it happens on your wedding day! This December wedding at Mountain Top Resort checks off all of the boxes: snow, twinkle lights, cozy flannels, gorgeous florals by M’s Wedding Flowers, and a packed dance floor that surely kept guests warm all evening long.

Amy and Adam’s wedding was made even more beautiful by the incredible work of Idena Beach Photography and we’re excited to share all the timeless photos and details with you below!

Saying 'I Do' in the Snow: An Unforgettable Winter Wedding

Amy and Adam’s wedding weekend started out quite mild for Vermont in December. Mountain Top Resort had not a single snowflake, mostly fading patches of grass. That all changed on the morning of the wedding when it started snowing, snowing, and… snowing, until the entire mountain was covered in nearly 14 inches of snow!

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Although not expected, Amy, Adam and all of their guests embraced the weather in style! Amy wore snow boots under her wedding dress and the couple utilized clear umbrellas to shield themselves from the snow. (Pro tip: Clear umbrellas are great for rainy or snowy days. They allow whatever light you have to still come through to help out your photographer and they keep you cool or dry outdoors!) Adam wore an emerald green jacket and bowtie, which pulled together the couple’s elegant winter color scheme.

The Event Barn at Mountain Top Resort was the perfect space for both the ceremony and reception. Everywhere guests turned were gorgeous floral arrangements by M’s Wedding Flowers, strings of sparkly twinkle lights and candles. Over on the dance floor, the energy was unmatched! Adam and Amy’s dad had a one hand push up contest and guests enjoyed a few shot skis. Amy even changed into a fun jumpsuit as the evening went on!

Everyone loved that they had to “hunker down” together and stay indoors, celebrating Amy and Adam all day. It may have been a chilly day, but the love and energy captured are nothing short of heart warming!