A Uniquely Rustic Engagement Shoot at Shelburne Farms

We adore that Vermont serves as the picturesque setting for countless romantic tales—be it a first date, a memorable vacation, an engagement, or a grand wedding celebration. Although Cassie and Keegan are not hosting their wedding in Vermont, they sought to capture the essence of our enchanting state through their proposal and engagement photos, expertly taken by Keith MacDonald Photography! Last October, Keegan coordinated with Keith to document his proposal at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The couple was delighted by the breathtaking peak foliage adorning the surrounding hills, amplifying Cassie’s astonishment at the proposal. Opting to forego an engagement shoot in their home state of Connecticut, they chose to return to Vermont for another photography session with Keith- and we’re excited to share the stunning images from that special shoot below!

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For their engagement shoot, Cassie and Keegan they chose to host their photoshoot at Shelburne Farms, a popular destination for couples in Vermont. Cassie and Keegan enjoyed a perfect May day in Vermont and managed to miss out on our mud season completely. We love how the couple each brought two outfits for the shoot, one that was dressier and one that was more laid-back. Cassie wore a knee length puff sleeved white dress with heels for her first outfit, and straight leg jeans paired with a white blouse and sneakers for her second outfit. Keegan wore a collared striped shirt with jeans and sneakers for his outfit, but then changed into a pair of Nikes and a henley style cream t-shirt for a more casual look.

The couple chose a variety of spots across Shelburne Farms for their photo shoot, including the shores of Lake Champlain, the gardens of the historic Inn, and the inside of a rustic barn. One especially unique aspect of their engagement photoshoot was Keith MacDonald’s choice to use a film camera as well as a digital camera to capture the couple. The film photos came out beautifully, especially the magical picture where Cassie is surrounded by a gorgeous flash of orange, which you’ll see in the gallery below!

We love how the couple chose to spend time vacationing in Vermont together before getting married in Connecticut in 2025. Keith MacDonald will be traveling to photograph their wedding there as well, and we look forward to seeing the incredible moments he captures during Cassie and Keegan’s big day! Congratulations Cassie and Keegan, and good luck planning your wedding.

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