A Guide to Mens Formal Wear: Looking Dapper on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding style, we always hear about brides saying ‘yes’ to their dress. But what about the guys? Choosing a wedding suit or tuxedo can be an exciting – and important – part of the planning process!

We recently sat down with Casey from Vermont menswear shop, McNeil and Reedy, to learn about all things mens formal wear. From style ideas to timelines and questions to ask this post has everything you need to know for choosing the right tuxedo or suit for your big day!

What’s the difference between a suit and tuxedo?

A suit and tuxedo are very similar. However, there are some slight differences that make them suitable for different occasions.

Suits come in many different colors and are made from natural materials like wool, cotton or linen, making them versatile for a variety of wedding locations and styles. The main distinguishing feature of tuxedos is satin: whether on the lapel, buttons, or pocket trim, this detail adds a touch of glamour. A tuxedo is typically reserved for more formal weddings and is traditionally paired with a bowtie. Couples looking to host an elegant, black tie wedding will usually be looking at tuxedos! 

How early should you start looking for a suit or tuxedo?

“We recommend stopping into the shop and checking things out at least three months before the wedding and wish to have everything finalized at least one month before the wedding date. That includes having everyone measured and outfits confirmed,” says Casey of McNeil & Reedy.

Following this timeline will give you enough time to explore the different options available, find something that suits your taste, and make the necessary alterations. Make sure that everything is finalized at least a month before the wedding, to avoid any last-minute issues.

Should you buy or rent a wedding tux or suit?

While this definitely comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle, buying or renting mens formal wear comes down to two factors – price and style.

If you are wearing an outfit you don’t see yourself wearing again to a future event it is economical to rent. If you select an outfit that could be worn at a future event it is more cost effective to buy a suit or tuxedo. The team at McNeil & Reedy notes that the cost of purchasing a suit pays off typically after two wears.

What formal wear trends have you been noticing for Vermont weddings?

“We’ve seen a lot of the classics come back in style this year. One of our most popular looks heading into Fall is the classic black tuxedo with a black vest and a black bow tie. For less formal events, the most popular rental this year has been navy blue suits, which is another classic that will be in style for many years to come,” says Casey.

We have also seen tons of photos from weddings were the groom’s suit is different than his groomsmen. Whether it be the color, wearing a bow tie when everyone else wears a tie, or being creative with the suit material. 

What should buyers ask when shopping for a wedding suit or tuxedo?

“I would ask one question: what happens if the outfit doesn’t fit when I come to pick it up before the wedding?” says Casey,  “It is important to work with a local formal wear business with a good track record and someone who can do same day alterations if needed.”

Keep these tips in mind to find your perfect wedding suit or tuxedo! Remember to start early, choose wisely, and most importantly, have fun with your outfit. To learn more about the McNeil & Reedy team, visit their page in our Vendor Guide.

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