Love in Totality: How This Couple Made Their Eclipse Wedding Dream Come True

Imagine a love story being sealed beneath a total solar eclipse. This is exactly what unfolded for one lucky couple at the breathtaking Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. In an extraordinary concurrence of cosmic timing and personal destiny, their wedding day coincided with this awe-inspiring celestial event, transforming their celebration into a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon!¬† Every fleeting moment, tender exchange, and even the ethereal eclipse itself were immortalized by the skilled lens of Kate Seymour Photography and we’re so excited to share more with you below.

Ski Passes and Wedding (Eclipse) Glasses

Having origins in the Jay region, Shawn and his now-wife, Bryn, have extensively indulged in skiing there. When it came time for their special day, they just knew it had to be slopeside at Jay Peak Resort. While planning, the couple realized that they’d be remiss if they didn’t involve a once-in-a-lifetime twist! On April 8, 2024, Vermont was in the line of totality, being able to view a one-of-a-kind full, solar eclipse! Knowing this information, the couple focused their special day around this unique celestial event. Bryn found a celestial-themed dress, stocked up on eclipse glasses, and the couple planned their ceremony to end exactly as full totality happened.

Bryn and Shawn’s love for skiing has taken them on adventures all over the world. It was a no-brainer that their wedding would be centered around their favorite activity. However, they didn’t place much importance on traditional wedding photography. The couple only desired to capture their ceremony, family photos, and the solar eclipse. Nonetheless, when their photographer, Kate Seymour Photography, offered to take them on a skiing adventure session a day before their ceremony at Jay Peak Resort, they couldn’t resist.

Kate began by snapping some shots of the couple and their beloved pet, a one-eyed bunny named Percy, at their Slope-Side Condo. Once Percy grew camera-shy, the trio hit the mountain for a fun-filled skiing session. After a few runs, Shawn and Bryn’s friends joined in for some additional photos.

Saying 'I Do' Under the Solar Eclipse

The couple’s much-awaited wedding day coincided with the arrival of a total solar eclipse, whose trajectory directly passed over Jay Peak. Bryn and Shawn, along with their 40 guests, ascended the tram to reach the summit, with palpable excitement in the air as the moon started to eclipse the sun. Upon arriving at the peak, everyone scurried towards the snowy ridge to capture some photos of the happy couple before the ceremony commenced.

As they approached the summit, Bryn and Shawn were welcomed with raucous applause, cheers, and encouraging words from over 100 eclipse enthusiasts who had already gathered at the peak! The following hour was spent in taking family photos and intermittently gazing towards the sky in anticipation of the celestial event.

The couple had orchestrated their ceremony to coincide with the eclipse, with the moon’s gradual takeover of the sun casting an eerie dusk-like lighting that exuded a mystical aura. As the total eclipse drew near, the wedding ceremony began, and the air grew colder as the guests gathered around the newlyweds.

Just as the moon completed its final encroachment of the sun, Bryn and Shawn exchanged rings and were declared husband and wife, kissing as they gazed in awe at the wondrous phenomenon occurring in the sky. Emotions ran high as they hugged and trembled with adrenaline and excitement, relishing in the fleeting moments of totality with their loved ones. The unforgettable experience was etched forever in their memories, and is undoubtedly going to be cherished for years to come!

The next total solar eclipse won’t grace the skies of Vermont for another 400 years, making it a once-in-a-lifetime event for many of us, including myself. I’m honored that wedding photographer Kate Seymour Photography shared such a one-of-a-kind wedding with me so that I could then share it with you, dear readers! Check out Bryn and Shawn’s interview with Vermont’s Local 22 & Local 44 News below for even more details about their celestial celebration.

For those considering getting married during the next total solar eclipse, wherever it may be, Kate Seymour Photography has already expressed to us that she would be thrilled to capture all the love and adventure that comes with such a momentous occasion!


Photographer: Kate Seymour Photography, Venue: Jay Peak Resort.

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Unique Seating Chart Ideas

Are you and your partner looking for a creative and personal way to guide your guests to their seats on your big day? Look no further than seating charts inspired by your shared hobbies and interests. Not only will these ideas add a unique touch to your wedding, but they’ll also make your guests feel even more connected to your love story. Let’s explore some delightful seating chart ideas that are sure to impress your guests!

Planner: Jaclyn Watson Photo: Kate Seymour

Why Unique Seating Charts and Escort Cards Matter

Let’s face it, there are many details and decisions that go into the wedding planning process that it can be easy to overlook a few. One aspect that should not be overlooked is your seating chart and escort cards. Both of these items will ensure that the beginning of your reception runs smoothly.

“Easily one of the most important signage pieces you should have at your wedding is a seating chart. Having a seating chart or escort card display creates a level of courtesy and organization for your guests and their overall experience at your wedding. Without such organization, it leaves guests confused and causes chaos within the reception space – guests are moving chairs around, families are split up, etc, says Sierra, owner of Lettering With Love Co. “If it seems overwhelming to assign every guest to a specific seat, just do the table assignment! This is an easier option for couples that are doing food stations, a buffet, or a family-style dinner.”¬†

Typically, if you have a seating chart, you don’t need to do escort cards. On the flip side, escort cards provide an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to your wedding. By choosing unique and thoughtful escort card ideas, you can make your guests feel special and appreciated.

Travel Themed Seating Chart Ideas

If you’re a couple with a passion for travel, why not use your globe-trotting adventures as inspiration for your seating chart? Assign tables based on different destinations that hold special memories for you both. Whether it’s where you first met, got engaged, or where you’re jetting off to on your honeymoon, each table can be a ticket to a cherished place in your hearts. (Check out the Fenway-inspired seating chart by Jaclyn Watson Events above!)¬†

Alternatively, consider naming tables after your favorite spots to visit as a couple, such as beloved restaurants, bars, or music venues. It’s like taking your guests on a journey through your love story!

Ski Themed or Mountain Themed Seating Charts

If you’re a couple who loves hitting the slopes or hiking up mountains, why not bring that adventurous spirit to your seating chart? Name tables after local mountain peaks or ski trails that hold a special place in your hearts. For a playful twist, consider using mock ski lift passes as unique table markers.

We love how this couple used birch logs and carabiners to create a one of kind seating chart that reflected their hobbies for their Mountain Top Resort wedding!

Further Reading: Bookmark These Mountain-Themed Wedding Ideas

Photo: Julia Luckett
Julia Luckett Photography

Floral Seating Chart Ideas

Nature enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Let the beauty of nature inspire your seating chart.¬†Give guests seed packets with table numbers, allowing them to plant a little piece of your love at home. Create a unique display with tiny bud vases featuring names attached.

Check out this seating chart by Blossoming Bough. We love the mix of botanical prints, wildflowers, antique library trays, and seed favors. Absolutely gorgeous! Or this elegant box display by Tipsy Tulip Designs. 

If you’re leaning towards escort cards, cards with pressed wildflowers are something guests will love to take home as a reminder of your day! (Check out the¬† beautiful example by Colorful Calligraphy below.)

Photo: Abigail Grey Photography
Photo: Ellen Sargent Photography
By: Colorful Calligraphy

Seating Chart Ideas for Music Enthusiasts 

If you and your partner share a deep love for music, why not let your favorite records or songs set the tone for your seating chart?  Use favorite records or songs to inspire your seating chart Рyou could even have a fun game that if the song is played that table has to dance! 

Photo: Colette Kulig Photography

Seating Charts that Double As Favors

Here’s a double win‚ÄĒcombine your seating chart with wedding favors. Not only does this idea add a personal touch, but it can also save you money. Ideas to consider: a wall of cute sunnies, like the heart-shaped sunny display by Jaclyn Watson Events, or something more colorful like this photo from Photos by Kintz. Other ideas guest are sure to love: ornaments, or Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets.

Photo: Pogo Photo
Photo: Photos by Kintz
Photo: Kelsey Regan Photography

Food and Beverage Themed Wedding Seating Chart

Delight your guests with a treat upon arrival! Whether it’s a glass of bubbly or a signature cocktail (check out those mini margs below!) a beverage cart says “let’s get this party started!”

You could also write seating assignments on empty growlers, like Sarah Judith Events created, below. 

Of course, maple syrup is always a win for a Vermont wedding! Mini favor-sized maple syrup bottles with guest names look great in a collection and are a sweet treat to take home. 

Check out the Vermont Gift Guide for these favors 

Or, simply use food as a decor item such as these adorable clementine escort cards. Apples or pumpkins would be oh-so-sweet for a fall wedding! We also love the beautiful cutting board display captured by Kelsey Regan Photography. The bride and her family collected different serving trays and had them engraved to display each guest’s name to serve up a personal touch!

By Bridget Photography
Kelsey Regan Photography
Sara Judith Events

A Seating Chart For Your Vermont Wedding

Incorporating your hobbies and interests into your seating chart is a wonderful way to infuse your personalities into your wedding day. Whether you’re globetrotters, bookworms, nature lovers, or foodies, there’s a seating chart idea that’s perfect for you. These unique touches will not only guide your guests to their seats but also remind them of the special bond you share as a couple. So, let your passions shine and make your wedding day an unforgettable reflection of your love story! Need help? These Vermont wedding planners will bring your vision to life!

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A Vibrant Wedding With An Effortlessly Cool Motorcycle Entrance

We’re excited to share with you today the gorgeous wedding of Claire and James! The ceremony, held at the charming Vermont Swiss and Bloom Farm in Enosburg, was filled with colorful florals, vintage glassware, and a grand motorcycle entrance – more on that below! The entire day was captured beautifully by Gold Wing Photography, showcasing the true love and vibrant spirit of this Vermont wedding. Get ready to be swept away by this technicolor love story!

A Ride to Remember

Nestled in the heart of Enosburg, the Vermont Swiss and Bloom Farm provided an idyllic setting for James and Calire’s extraordinary wedding!¬† This charming venue, known for its panoramic landscapes and sprawling fields, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Vermont’s natural beauty. The farm’s rustic elegance and vibrant surroundings created a picturesque canvas for the day’s festivities.¬†

Claire and James kicked off their wedding day by getting ready together and when it came time for the ceremony to start, they arrived in style! The traditional wedding procession was delightfully upended when the couple opted to arrive at their ceremony not in separate cars but together on a motorcycle, with Claire seated elegantly in the sidecar. As Claire and James pulled up, laughter and applause erupted from their family and friends, setting a joyful and expectant tone for the following celebrations. 

Down at the altar, a bohemian rug and antique stained glass windows, which hung from an old tree set the stage for the couple’s heartfelt vows. We also love how Claire’s bridesmaids wore a mix of complementary colors that followed the wedding’s vibrant color scheme.¬†

True Love in Technicolor: All The Details Of This Colorful Wedding

Once the couple officially said “I Do”, they moved directly into a champagne toast and their first dance at an adjoining field by the river. Under the open sky, their first dance song filled the air, performed acoustically by their favorite musician, enveloping Claire and James in a deeply personal ambiance!

After cocktail hour, Claire and James entered the venue ready to party! In a true testament to creativity and a personal touch, Claire unveiled a second dress, a beautiful polka-dotted tulle number that she had meticulously sewn herself. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

The attention to detail was evident in every corner of the Vermont Swiss and Bloom Farm’s barn, from the colorful centerpieces by Jaci Scafati to the chic, sheer linens elegantly draped from the ceiling. There was a vast assortment of vintage glassware for guests to choose from when getting their drink for the evening’s festivities. In this space, every hue told a story that was as unique as it was beautiful! Green Meadows Catering served delectable cuisine that ensured wedding guests were well-nourished and prepared to dance the night away.

Claire and James’ wedding was a celebration of color and family, with some guests traveling from as far as Japan to be a part of the joyous occasion! The warmth and love that flowed from each wedding guest was infectious, permeating every aspect of the celebration with an unparalleled sense of joy and unity. Congratulations, Claire and James, on your gorgeous day!

Capture Your Love Story With Gold Wing Photography

Gold Wing Photography is a Vermont wedding photographer focusing in story driven, editorial, and documentary-style wedding photography. Our mission? To ensure that you end up with not just pictures, but cherished moments of your wedding day, each one encapsulates an emotion, a feeling, a memory. 


Photography: Gold Wing Photography , Venue: Swiss and Bloom, Florals: Jaci Scafati, Ceremony Dress: Jenny Too, Catering: Green Meadows Catering, Ceremony Music: Chris Walton, Cake: Devon Achilles.¬† Friends & family provided: hair and makeup, DJing and planning: Amy Clackner; Claire’s MOH.

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A Rustic and Romantic Wedding Weekend in the Heart of Manchester, Vermont

Manchester, Vermont is an idyllic location for weddings, with its stunning natural beauty and quaint village streets providing the perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations. Its small-town feel only adds to the charm of this New England gem, making it a sought-after destination for couples seeking a romantic wedding in Vermont. We’re delighted to showcase the wedding of Megan and Christian, which was beautifully captured by Colette Kulig Photography and perfectly embodies the timeless elegance and warmth of this enchanting town!

Beginning Where the Story Started: A Rehearsal Dinner at Equinox Resort

Megan and Christian’s Manchester Vermont wedding weekend commenced at the very location where their journey towards marital bliss began. The site of Christian’s romantic proposal to Megan, the tranquil pond at Equinox Resort, was chosen for their rehearsal dinner as an ode to their past and a celebration of their future. Surrounded by their dearest friends and family, the couple (who have been sweat hearts since elementary school!) basked in the natural beauty of Vermont, setting the stage for the rest of the weekend.¬†

The Big Day: Laidback and Love-Filled

Just down the street from the Equinox Resort is the Inn at Manchester, which served as the perfect backdrop for Megan and Christian’s getting-ready moments, cocktail hour, and reception. Megan and her bridesmaids spent the morning being pampered by the team of Make Me Fab while enjoying champagne and mimosas in the Inn’s bridal suite, while Christian and his crew hung out in the main Inn and Carriage House.¬†

Before heading out to St. Paul’s Church for the ceremony, Megan and Paul spent a few quiet moments together for their first look.

Over at St. Paul’s Church, Monsignor Bob (affectionately called “Father Bob”) was the priest who performed Christian and Megan’s wedding ceremony and is from their hometown of Newtown, CT.¬†

He is also the priest who performed every funeral for those who were killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012.¬† Father Bob had reached the mandatory retirement age in the Catholic church and was supposed to retire from the priesthood a couple of years ago, but was granted an extension to allow him to delay his retirement so that he could perform the 10th anniversary of mass of Sandy Hook.¬† Because of this, his retirement was scheduled for early 2024, and Megan and Christian’s wedding was one of the last that he performed before his retirement.¬†

After the ceremony, school buses shuttled both the wedding party and guests back to the Inn at Manchester for an unforgettable evening of celebration!

A Wedding Reception Filled To The Brim With Sweet Details

Megan and Christian hosted their cocktail hour outside the charming Inn at Manchester’s Event Barn, complete with live music from the talented East Coast Soul and bespoke signature cocktails that were savored by guests.¬†

While guests said both were delicious, the Cucumber Margarita was a huge hit.¬† So much in fact, that Megan and Christian’s wedding planners, The Event Sisters,¬† ended up having to send someone to the grocery store to buy out all of the cucumbers, and one of the Inn’s managers just about killed their juicer trying to keep up with the demand for cucumber juice to make the drink’s simple syrup – ensuring there was never a lapse in guests getting their margaritas!¬†¬†

The Event Barn’s interior underwent a remarkable transformation courtesy of The Event Sisters, The Linen Shop, Rain or Shine Tent and Event Co, and Megan’s Pinterest-worthy vision. Meghan had sourced mixed water glasses (clear and amber) to coordinate with the other glassware and votive candle holders, pulling in clear crystal and burnt amber glass colors across the tables.¬† These with the rich brown chargers gave the tables a warm and elegant feel to the table top decor.¬† Megan really thought through all of the details and made sure everything was elegant and beautiful in her planning! All of this, along with tasteful bistro lighting and sheer drapes, lent a magical ambiance to the occasion.

After Megan and Christian kicked things off with their first dance, the couple did a special grandparents’ dance – Christian with his grandmother and Megan with her grandfather – before their parent dances and officially opening the dance floor. (There was not a dry eye in sight!)

B&W Catering dished up delicious dishes to fuel guests for an evening of dancing, while Christian’s mom provided some desserts and Jenica of Fancy Pants Cakes created a beautiful 3-tiered cake that mimicked a birchwood tree, complete with carved initials.

For anyone looking for something extra to do, a photobooth by Equinox Photobooth was perfectly placed so that guests could get their picture taken while waiting in line for the bar.¬†After the reception, remaining guests walked across the street to Mulligans to continue the celebration late into the night for the couple’s after-party.¬†Congratulations, Megan and Christian, on your special wedding weekend!


Rehearsal Dinner: Equinox Resort, Wedding Venue: The Inn at Manchester, Event Planning: The Event Sisters, Catering: B&W Catering, Florals: Nancy Bishop Floral, Photographer: Colette Kulig Photography, Cake: Fancy Pants Cakes, Videographer: Fox & Sparrow Films, Entertainment: East Coast Soul,  Hair and MUA: Make Me Fab, Invitations: Mine and Kindred, Officiant: Monsignor Robert Weiss, Rentals: Rain or Shine Tent and Event Co., Linens: The Linen Shop, Photobooth: Equinox Photo Booth.

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Surprise Proposal in Vermont

Are you considering popping the question in Vermont? You’re in luck; this post serves as our ultimate guide to planning a surprise proposal in Vermont. Who can resist a surprise proposal, especially when it’s one on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont? We’re excited to share Natalie and Brandy’s Lake Champlain proposal captured beautifully by¬†Isora Lithgow Creations, with you all today, alongside our top planning tips.

In short: this guide is one to sail-e-brate! (Alright, we promise that’s the only pun!)¬†Whether you are a local Vermonter or visiting from out of town, Vermont Weddings is here to help you plan an unforgettable surprise proposal in the Green Mountain State.¬†

The Story Behind the Serene, Surprise Proposal on Lake Champlain

When visiting Burlington for a recent day trip, Natalie and Brandy had a long list of things they wanted to do and see– one of which was a private sailboat ride on Lake Champlain through Sail Vermont. Little did Brandy know that one of the most exciting moments of her life was about to unfold!

The ingenuity behind Natalie‚Äôs surprise proposal took shape with a unique strategy: Vermont wedding photographer¬†Isora Lithgow Creations¬†assumed the guise of a Sail Vermont marketing team member. This innovative approach was pivotal in ensuring the proposal remained a complete surprise. Disguised under the pretext of capturing promotional content during the leisurely sail, Isora was perfectly positioned to photograph Natalie and Brandy’s special moment without hinting at the actual motive.

Needless to say, when Natalie got down on one knee Brandy was shocked! See the heart-warming images below, then continue reading for our top tips for planning your surprise proposal in Vermont.

Planning Your Surprise Vermont Proposal

Planning a surprise proposal can be both thrilling and, admittedly, a bit nerve-wracking! A proposal is a huge milestone in your relationship and a memory you and your partner will cherish forever. Since an even like this doesn’t happens very day, making sure the proposal is something your partner will want is important.To ensure it goes smoothly and becomes a moment both of you will cherish forever, consider the following points:

Know Your Partner‚Äôs Preferences: Make sure the proposal aligns with your partner’s personality and preferences. Would they appreciate a public proposal or something more intimate? Understanding what they would genuinely enjoy is crucial.

Privacy: Consider whether your partner would prefer a private moment just between the two of you or a grander gesture with friends and family nearby to celebrate immediately after. Respect your partner’s personality and preference for public or private moments.

The Setting: Choose a meaningful location. It could be the place where you had your first date, a dream destination like Vermont, or somewhere that resonates with your shared memories or dreams. The setting can significantly impact the ambiance of the proposal. We’re Vermonters, so of course we’re suckers for mountain top proposals after a hike, popped questions lakeside on Lake Champlain or Lake Willoughby, or something adventure filled during a ski run, sailboat ride, or after a bike ride.¬†

If you’re planning a proposal during a trip to Vermont, we highly recommend checking out Vermont’s state website for certain areas to explore, and ask your partner about certain activities or locations they may want to visit. (Then, you can use that information as you plan the element of surprise!) For actual proposal ideas, see proposal locations and ideas from real Vermont couples in the engagement section of our blog.

Capturing the Moment: Photography Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re working with a professional photographer or a trusted friend, the key elements when it comes to coordinating with a photographer are timing, communication, discretion, and having a flexible plan. A proposal is one of the few moments in life that is genuinely fleeting; capturing it can mean the world to you and your partner!

Start Early: Begin your search for a Vermont photographer at least 1-3 months in advance, or if you’re traveling –¬† as soon as you know you are going to pop the question during your trip to Vermont. This gives you enough time to research and select the right local photographer without feeling rushed. For family members or friends stepping into the photographer role, notify them as soon as possible to ensure they’re available.

Communication is Key: Share with the photographer details about your proposal plan ‚Äď time, exact location, positioning, and a signal for the big moment (if needed!)¬† Use a messaging app for real-time updates on the day. If you’re visiting from out of state, a Vermont photographer can help provide their first-hand experience and expertise for these items.

Positioning: Decide beforehand where the photographer will hide. It should offer a clear view of the moment but also keep them sufficiently hidden. Think about using natural cover, like trees in a park, or urban elements, like parked cars or street corners, depending on the location. In Natalie and Brandy’s proposal above, they disguised their photographer, Isora, as a staff member of their sailboat ride. If you’re feeling creative in how elaborate you want to be, go for it!

A Back-Up Plan: 3 words- always have one! Vermont can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to weather! Additionally, crowded locations, running behind schedule, or other unforeseen circumstances might require a Plan B.  Discuss alternative locations or dates with your photographer and anyone else helping with the proposal to ensure everyone is organized and on the same page.

Making the Most of Your Vermont Visit

Vermont is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, including rolling green hills, vast forests, picturesque lakes, and stunning mountain backdrops! It would be a shame not to make the most of your visit, especially while celebrating such a monumental life event.

There is also truly not a bad time to visit our beautiful state either. Autumn brings spectacular foliage with vibrant colors, winter provides a snowy wonderland perfect for cozy nights in or out on the slopes, spring offers blooming flowers and lush greenery, and summer boasts warm weather, lush landscapes, and plenty of outdoor recreation.

For easy reference, here are some popular tourist destinations in Vermont, and their websites to assist you in your trip itinerary: 

You're Engaged! Now What?

First and foremost, this is a time to celebrate! Whether you choose to enjoy this special moment in private or share the excitement with your loved ones, it’s all about making the occasion memorable and reflective of your relationship. Here are some tips for celebrating right after the big question is popped:

Savor the Moment Together: Take time to bask in the joy and love of the moment. Share your feelings, and dreams for the future, and reflect on your journey together. This is a huge milestone! Amidst the excitement of sharing your news, make sure to stay present and soak in the joy, together.

Spread the News: In times when not everyone can be together physically, set up video calls to share the news with your family and friends! If friends or family are nearby, coordinate times to celebrate with them whether it be going out to dinner or a bigger celebration like an engagement party.

Remember, the most important thing is that the celebration reflects your unique bond and relationship. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate; it’s all about what makes you both happy and what you’ll remember fondly in the years to come.

Now it’s time to Plan: When you’re ready to officially start planning, we’ve got you covered there too! For couples looking for a robust planning resource from start to finish, we highly recommend getting The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide which, includes 23 pages of advice and insights on topics you care about, like building a guest list, styling your bridal party, and tracking your budget. Plus you get access to the fully customizable Google spreadsheets. (Did you just breathe a little sigh of relief?!)

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Meet Lettering With Love Co., a Vermont-based Wedding Stationer and Calligrapher

Wedding signage and calligraphy bring a personalized touch that elevates the overall aesthetic of a wedding day, making it uniquely memorable. By incorporating bespoke lettering elements, from elegant invitations to thoughtfully designed directional signs, couples can create a cohesive theme that flows throughout their ceremony and reception. 

We recently sat down with Sierra, the owner of Lettering With Love Co. She specializes in turning ordinary words into extraordinary art, ensuring that each piece of written decor resonates with the couple’s personality and love story! Sierra’s attention to detail and passion for design make her a cherished partner in bringing wedding visions to life.  Learn more about Sierra and her work below.

How did you get into wedding stationery and calligraphy?

I’ve been an event planner for almost 10 years, but on a whim, I decided to take a lettering class by a local artist when I lived in Denver, CO, and quickly fell in love with the creative outlet. When COVID hit in 2020 I (obviously!) had a lot more time to practice it. Shortly after, we moved to Hawaii and had a fresh start so I thought, why not!? I dove head first into creating Lettering With Love Co. Now I’m here in Vermont and loving it!

How would you describe your style?

I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to take Lettering With Love Co. from coast to coast as it has exposed me to diverse cultures and clients. I love connecting with my couples to see how I can share their story and make THEIR style shine through the signage and stationery pieces I create.

What inspires your work?

My inspiration is sourced from so many different things Рtextiles, architecture, nature, color, fashion, and my clients.

Any special tips for couples for choosing/working with a wedding stationer in general?
Trust the process and trust your calligrapher! Signage and stationery are an investment, but it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase you as a couple. We love inspo photos, but trust us to take them and add a little bit of YOU, to create something magical you’ve never seen before!
What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?
Cake! I will NEVER pass up a sweet slice of wedding cake. I also love getting to witness the moment a couple sees their reception all put together Рmonths and months of details finally making their debut!

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT? Local spot to visit?¬†
Anything outside and in the sun – hiking, camping, skiing, riding horses! I enjoy finding cute little shops to explore and local foods to try.

If you weren’t doing signage and calligraphy what could you see yourself doing?
I could see myself as an interior designer or full-time cowgirl. 

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
When I was younger, I dressed up as a baked potato for Halloween. I stuffed a pillow in my oversized shirt, rubbed some pollen on it to make it look like butter, and made a jacket out of aluminum foil.

Your wedding stationery and signs are a tangible expression of your love and some of the first glimpses your guests will have of your big day. When selecting a wedding calligrapher in Vermont, opt for someone who truly understands your vision and aesthetic. It’s important to meet with your Vermont stationer to share your inspirations, color schemes, and elements that embody your relationship. A skilled Vermont calligrapher will take the time to understand your story as a couple and work closely with you to design invitations, RSVP cards, signs, and other stationery items that beautifully communicate the theme and emotion of your wedding. Learn more about Vermont stationer Lettering With Love Co. by visiting their vendor profile in our Vendor Guide.

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Tips and Tricks for Choosing your Wedding Guest List

Congratulations- you’re engaged! Now what? Before the fun parts of wedding planning begin, there’s one task that must be done first to keep you on track.

Yes, we’re talking about creating your guest list. Just as important as determining your budget, choosing your wedding guest list can be one of the most daunting- yet crucial- tasks of planning a wedding. With so many special people to consider and limited space, you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of deciding who to invite. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily navigate the wedding guest list for your Vermont wedding!

Factors to Consider When It Comes To Your Guest List

Colette Kulig Photography

There are several factors to consider when making your guest list to ensure that you include the right people and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Start early: Begin creating your guest list early in the planning process. It will influence many other decisions, including the choice of venue, catering budget, and even the formality of your event.

Consider your budget and venue size: Each additional guest means an additional cost, so it’s important to determine how many guests you can comfortably accommodate within your budget. If you have chosen your venue, and it is smaller, you may also need to be more selective with your guest list.

Prioritize: Who are the people that have had a significant impact on your life? Who do you truly want to celebrate this special day with? It’s important to include close family and friends who have supported you and your partner throughout your relationship.

Consider the dynamics and relationships between your guests: Are there any potential conflicts or tensions that may arise if certain people are invited? It’s important to ensure a harmonious atmosphere and avoid any unnecessary drama on your big day.

Tips for Creating Your Guest List

Now that you’ve gone over things to consider, it’s time to sit down and make your list!

Tip One: Draft Independently, Then Merge Something we recommend doing is to draft independently, and then merge. What do we mean by this? Each partner should start by drafting their own guest list. This includes family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else they consider important. Once done, come together to combine the lists. This ensures everyone significant to you both is considered from the start!

Tip Two: Categorize Your Guests Divide your list into categories: immediate family, extended family, close friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. This helps in understanding who the must-invites are versus those you can consider not inviting if you need to trim the list. (More on this in the section below!)

Tip Three: Stay United Families and friends might have their own opinions on who should or shouldn’t be invited. While it‚Äôs important to listen, ultimately, the decision is yours and your partner’s. Support each other’s decisions and present a united front.

Strategies for Cutting Your Guest List

Creating your wedding guest list can be a challenging task, especially when you realize you need to make some cuts. While it may be difficult to trim down your list, it’s necessary to ensure that you can accommodate your guests comfortably and stay within your budget. Here are some strategies to help you cut your guest list without causing too much stress or conflict:

1. Start with the must-haves: Begin by making a list of the absolute must-have guests. These are the people you cannot imagine getting married without. Focus on immediate family, close friends, and those who have played a significant role in your and your partner’s lives.

2. Set limits: Determine a specific number of guests that your venue and budget can accommodate. This will help you set clear boundaries when making cuts.

4. Consider plus-ones: Plus-ones can add up, so it is important to remember this as you are planning. Assess whether or not every guest on your list needs a plus-one. If you have single friends who don’t know anyone else at the wedding, it is common wedding etiquette to offer them a plus-one. However, if your guest is part of a tight-knit group, they may not need one.¬†

5. Consider alternate events: If you are struggling to cut down your guest list, consider hosting a separate event, such as a post-wedding brunch or a casual get-together, where you can invite more people and they can celebrate with you and your partner that way.

How to Handle Guest List Issues and Potential Conflict

Communication is always key. If you’re dealing with a delicate situation, such as deciding whether to invite an estranged family member or a friend who may not get along with others, have open and honest conversations with your partner and those involved. Explain your reasons for your decisions and try to find common ground.

It’s also important to set clear boundaries. If someone insists on bringing an uninvited guest or if you receive unsolicited recommendations, kindly (but firmly!) communicate your intentions. Let them know that you have considered your guest list carefully and have made the decision that is best for you and your partner.

If you encounter any resistance or pushback from certain individuals, try to understand their perspective. Be empathetic and patient, but also stand firm in your choices. Remember, it’s your wedding day, and you should feel comfortable and happy with the guest list you have created.

Handling guest list issues and potential conflicts requires sensitivity and diplomacy. By approaching these situations with empathy, open communication, and firm boundaries, you can navigate these challenges and ensure that your wedding day is filled with love and happiness for everyone involved.

Crafting your wedding guest list requires thoughtfulness, organization, and sometimes, tough decisions. By following these tips, you and your partner can create a list that reflects your wishes for your special day while also being mindful of practical considerations. Remember, your Vermont wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other; those who truly matter will understand and support your choices.

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