How to Get More 5 Star Reviews

Today’s blog post is for all of my wonderful Vermont wedding vendors. When it comes to wedding planning, there are a lot of vendors out there for couples to wade through – and it can be extremely daunting if they don’t know where to start. 

One of the best ways for couples to quickly identify who they want to work with is through reviews. 

We’re breaking down how to get more 5 star reviews so you can stand out and attract more ideal clients. Reviews help couples determine if you’re legitimate, trustworthy, and in line with their values. (After all, who knows your work better than the couples who have worked with you?!)

However, if it feels awkward or time-consuming to ask clients for reviews, then keep on reading– this post is for you. 

How To Ask For A 5 Star Review

I recommend sending an email to couples within 1-2 weeks after the wedding so the experience is top of mind. One thing to be aware of is that some couples may be on a honeymoon.
Save your email (sample script below) as a template. Gmail has this feature, and I’m sure other providers do too, so you can just tweak it for each couple – this also saves a lot of time.

Sample Email Script

Congratulations [NAME & NAME] on your wedding! What an amazing celebration. We are so excited to have been a part of your special day! 
As you look back on your wedding, I have a favor to ask of you. I’ve had more couples finding me via Vermont Weddings and reading my reviews, so I’m putting more energy into increasing my 5-star reviews there.
Would you be willing to leave me a review? Your feedback is so helpful to couples in their wedding planning.
Thank you so much, [NAME & NAME]! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Congratulations again! 

If you have particular aspects of your business you’d like to highlight, you can mention those in your request too. 
For example: “Could you include a comment about how quickly our team was able to accommodate the change of venue due to the rain? We want to highlight our adaptability for future couples!” 
Honestly, it may feel a little funny at first but it’s WILDLY effective. Everyone is busy, and giving them language to work from is actually really helpful. 

Reviews are not only great for potential clients, but also for supporting other vendors

One thing our members love about our Vendor Guide is the chance to meet and work with other professionals in the field.  If you’ve had a great working relationship with a wedding vendor, consider leaving them a review! (and ask if they can do the same) Here are a few examples: 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with [VENDOR] for a few weddings. She goes above and beyond not only for her clients but also all the other vendors at the event to ensure the big day runs smoothly on all levels. No detail is overlooked! [VENDOR] has a unique gift, and those who get to experience it firsthand are richer because of it! “

“I am always put at ease when I learn that I will be working with [VENDOR] for a couple’s special day.  [VENDOR] and their team provide some of the best [XX] out there. I cannot recommend their services enough.”

“Whenever couples ask me about photographers/florists/caterers/etc.,  [VENDOR] is always the first person I recommend. He really takes the time to learn about each couple and their vision. His attention to detail and creative eye are unparalleled. And the photos/flowers/food? Always breathtaking!”

As your new glowing, 5-star reviews come pouring in, here’s how to make the most of them:

  1. Use them across your website or mailing list
  2. Include them in your Welcome Guide or other sales materials
  3. Screenshot them and share on Instagram or Facebook, Linkedin, or on your website.
We know you are amazing at what you do, and hopefully now you have the confidence to get more five star reviews to show it! Tag us on Instagram when you share your next glowing review! 

Adventurous Engagement Session Ideas

Whether you are proposing or planning your engagement photo session, we have some out-of-the-box adventurous engagement session ideas for the bold and fearless Vermont couples today!

My favorite thing about all of these sessions is the authenticity in each of these photos. Each couple is doing what they enjoy together in their photos – and their genuine excitement shines through! Scroll below and get inspired.

skiing engagement photos
Kelsey Regan Photography

Skiing and Snowboarding Engagement Photos

If you love to ski or snowboard, this is such a fun way to show off your love of the slopes. (Side note: I’m amazed how many Vermont wedding photographers can ski or snowboard while taking amazing photos!) The photos are always epic! 

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adventurous skiing engagement session
Ben Hudson Photography
adventurous engagement session skiing down the mountain
Ben Hudson Photography
skiing engagement photos
Kelsey Regan Photography
skiing adventurous engagement session
Kelsey Regan Photography

Adventurous Engagement Session: Hiking

Hiking is a no-brainer way to add some adventure to your engagement session. There is no shortage of places to explore in the Green Mountain State! If you can find a hike with a waterfall or swimming hole to cool off in – even better. 

Plan on going early in the morning or around sunset to capture some amazing lighting!

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hiking couples with dogs at a waterfall for engagement photos
Kate Seymour
couple at a waterfall for adventurous engagement session
Kate Seymour
hiking engagement session
Jenna Brisson
adventurous engagement session hiking
Garren Tee Photography

Hot Air Balloon Ride Proposal

Talk about taking your love to new heights! This would be an amazing bucket list date for your engagement shoot or, in the case of this couple, an EPIC surprise proposal! 

hot air balloon proposal
Kelsey Regan Photography
hot air balloon surprise proposal
Kelsey Regan Photography

Urban Adventure

Exploring a new place is always an adventure, and Vermont has plenty of charming towns to discover.

In Burlington, we’d head to Church Street Marketplace and Waterfront Park. Or, head to your favorite ski town (maybe after hitting the slopes!) for an adventure.

snowy aadventurous engagement session in downtown Burlington VT
Keith Macdonald
adventurous engagement session in downtown Burlington VT
Keith Macdonald
Juniper Studios

Adventurous Engagement Session at the Carnival

If there is a local carnival or fair in town around the time of your engagement photos, why not take advantage? I think this would be such a fun idea! Hop on the Ferris wheel, ride the swings,  and play some games together! 

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Couple kissing in front of carousel at carnival engagement shoot in Vermont
MoHo Photo

Explore A Lake

Vermont has lots of lakes, and the water always is a great backdrop to use for your engagement photos. Depending on your mood, you could simply just walk on the beach and dip your toes in the water. (Splashing each other optional, but encouraged!) Or you can go all out and go swimming or ride in a canoe together!

adventurous engagement session with couples in a canoe
Kate Seymour
adventurous engagement session on a lake in a canoe
Kate Seymour Photography
Isora Lithgow Creations

Fly Fishing Adventurous Engagement Session

To be honest, I never would have thought a fly fishing engagement could be so romantic and sweet, but THIS IS SO CUTE. This couple’s love for each other and the outdoors shines through their gallery and I can’t get enough.

fly fishing unique engagement session
Garren Tee Photography

Just goes to show you that anything you love to do with your partner could be an amazing photoshoot. Be sure to talk to your photographer about your plans so they can prepare for how to best capture you in your element.

These adventurous engagement sessions are a special and unique way to make memories together while taking your engagement photos!

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Meet Vermont Wedding Caterer Pauline’s Restaurant (Plus, Learn Their Best Catering Tips!)

Crafting the perfect wedding menu can feel like a daunting task– especially if you’re stuck on where to start or are unsure of the right questions to ask during the planning process.

Luckily, our team sat down with the team at Vermont wedding caterer Pauline’s Restaurant and learned all things wedding catering!

From accommodating dietary preferences to details to consider when it comes to outdoor venues, this is post will not only make you hungry, but it’ll also be one you’ll want to bookmark and refer back to.

How can couples accommodate their guests’ dietary preferences in their wedding catering menus? What’s the best way to communicate those needs to a catering partner?

Try to communicate any dietary needs during the initial inquiry process, along with your budget!

There’s the big four: poultry, seafood, beef, and vegetarian/vegan. (With beef always being the costliest option) However, if you are trying to tighten your budget, it helps to have flexibility in terms of protein types and cuts, especially now with suppliers raising their prices.

Our off-site catering packages usually include 2-3 proteins standard, whereas our in-house events can accommodate 4, sometimes 5, without having to tack on additional fees. (Hosting your wedding at a restaurant allows you a wider selection of protein choices without breaking the bank, allowing more room for guest accommodation!)

We recommend that one of your options is gluten-free or vegetarian, especially if you’re looking at a larger guest list.

What suggestions do you have for vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options for a wedding?

If a caterer sees your gluten-free or vegan menu request as a challenge, you’ve gone to the wrong caterer!

The right vendor will not only meet your needs, but will see it as a chance to get creative with their menu options! Usually, couples come to us because they’ve already dined in-person at our restaurant before and want that same Pauline’s experience at their wedding, so accommodating these requests are super easy.

If you are planning a vegan menu, your best bet is to consider vegetable-based meals that can stand on their own, like a classic ratatouille or a seared cauliflower “steak.” These dishes should also have a range of flavor profiles so you can accommodate a range of palates.

What do you wish couples knew about wedding catering?

There’s a common misconception that the most affordable route is to pick an outdoor venue like a park or a barn. One of the biggest unexpected expenses you can run into when it comes to catering is your equipment rentals, which significantly increase with these types of venues.

If your location doesn’t have an on-site kitchen (meaning any stoves, ovens, sinks, etc. on the property), you’re looking at possibly up to a few extra thousand dollars in equipment charges. (Food trucks are one way to remedy this, but it’s still likely that you’ll have to rent your own supply of plates, glassware, flatware, etc.)

You can also run into supply issues since most equipment providers have dates booked out very far in advance. Not to mention booking a restaurant or inn allows you to choose a plated dinner (as opposed to a buffet) for a much more affordable rate since they already have the staff and chinaware on site.

Few couples realize that booking a restaurant or inn as your venue truly does help provide one of the most hassle-free experiences!

How would you describe your culinary/ catering style in general?

I couldn’t talk about our culinary approach, especially in regards to wedding catering, without mentioning the sense of love and community that is felt in the restaurant.

The vibe at Pauline’s is sophisticated, yet unpretentious dining and the catering side is just an extension of that. You can tell just from entering the restaurant that there’s a lot of care put into the place and the food. Everything’s purposeful and intentional. It’s this rustic, kitschy little spot that most tourists and out-of-towners tend to ignore because it’s not downtown, but ask anybody with roots in Vermont and they’ll let you know about how special the place is.

Our culinary approach is all about high-end, locally-sourced cuisine that feels familiar yet exciting. It’s about sincerity, care for the quality of your work, and love for your community, which is why so many families see Pauline’s as the spot to celebrate every important occasion in their lives. The majority of our customers are regulars, so we see the same faces every year. We see kids grow up and families get bigger. The act of dining at Pauline’s in itself is a tradition that gets passed down from generation to generation, making it the perfect venue or caterer for a couple who really believes that marriage should be a celebration of unity and family.

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?

That moment of relief! Mothers, bridesmaids, couples, etc. have been coming to us for over 45 years now, so we know how much stress, anxiety, and uncertainty comes with wedding planning. Whether it’s coordinating a bridal brunch, crafting up couples’ custom cocktails, or serving up a completely vegan wedding, it’s our job to make sure you can actually enjoy your event and have the best experience possible.

For us, there is no better moment during a wedding than seeing our customers letting go of all of their wedding planning anxiety and actually getting the chance to celebrate their occasion!

What’s your favorite thing to do in VT or a local spot to visit?

Going to the farmer’s market. We try to use local ingredients as much as we can in our cuisine and it’s important to support our partners both inside and outside of the restaurant. There’s nothing better than being able to go to the farmer’s market and find new products to work with or revisit our favorite stands. These small businesses are really the heart and soul of Vermont.

Forming a partnership both during and outside of work hours lets you form a better connection to the food and makes you more appreciative of all the care that goes into your work.

What’s a song that always gets you on the dance floor? 

Suavemente by Elvis Crespo! We love a good merengue hit over at Pauline’s.


Thank you! Learn more about Pauline’s in the vendor guide.

Elegant Summer Inn at Burklyn Wedding

Hillary and Albert’s elegant Inn at Burklyn wedding can be easily described in one word: breathtaking! After postponements and venue cancellations,  the Burlington-based couple fell in love with The Inn at Burklyn in East Burke, Vermont, and the day could not have been any more perfect. 

Of all the seasons, summer in the Northeast Kingdom is nothing short of magical! Kelsey Regan Photography captured the area’s natural beauty, which was highlighted by the couple’s simple decor, timeless florals, and classic color palette. 

A Special Day with Sweeping Mountain Views

Hillary and Albert first met when Albert was bartending at Hotel Vermont in downtown Burlington. The couple alluded to this detail of their love story throughout the day, including offering a signature cocktail and taking cute couple portraits at the Inn’s bar. 

The Inn at Burklyn is filled with stunning views no matter which way you turn, and we love that the ceremony was kept simple for uninterrupted Northeast Kingdom views. The couple’s reception was held under a beautifully decorated tent for dinner and dancing.

The Inn at Burklyn: An Elegant Vermont Wedding Venue

The Inn at Burklyn is a one-of-a-kind estate-turned wedding venue in East Burke, Vermont. It has spectacular views of the North East Kingdom’s breathtaking mountains and is an excellent backdrop for couples looking for a romantic wedding venue in Vermont.

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Indoor Engagement Session Ideas

Have you considered an indoor engagement session? These are amazing and often overlooked! As the weather turns colder in Vermont, this is especially a great idea to consider for your winter engagement photos.

Two of the biggest benefits of indoor engagement photos are that they are unique and not weather dependent.

While I love a Vermont scenic engagement shoot, your personality can really shine with your indoor location choice! Plus, an indoor shoot gives you more options for when you schedule your photos because you don’t have to worry about the weather. 

Convinced? Here are some of my favorite indoor engagement ideas from Vermont photographers.

Jess Rene

A Brewery, Wine Shop, Bar, or Coffee Shop

Head to your favorite brewery and cheers to saying “I do” over a brew or two! (Also, holding your mug is a great way to show off that new ring!) Plus, the industrial vibe is a great backdrop for your photos. Beer isn’t your thing? What about a wine bar or coffee shop? 

Think about places that are meaningful to both of you as a couple. Years from now you can look back on these photos and remember all the times you spent there together! 

VT coffee shop engagement photo
Moho Photo
fancy bar indoor engagement session idea
Kelsey Regan Photography
winter brewery engagement session
Kelsey Regan Photography
brewery engagement session ideas in the winter
Kelsey Regan Photography

Greenhouse for an Indoor Engagement Session

This is one of my favorite ideas! If you were dreaming of an outdoor shoot but the it didn’t work out, a greenhouse can give you that feeling without worrying about the weather. As a bonus, I’d pick out a new plant to bring home and grow to remember your shoot!

greenhouse indoor engagement session idea
Isora Lithgow Creations
greenhouse indoor engagement session idea
Isora Lithgow Creations

Indoor Engagement Session at the Arcade

If posed engagement photos aren’t your thing – head to the arcade! You can your partner can play around and just hang out together while getting some awesome photos. This is a great indoor engagement session idea for the any time of year. 

This has been one of our most popular engagement blog posts to date at The Archives Bar.

indoor engagement session ideas
MoHo Photo
Couple playing arcade games during engagement photoshoot in Vermont
Moho Photo

Library or Bookshop

There’s something extra cozy and romantic about this idea! If you are both bookworms this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon while taking some unique photos. Stroll through an adorable downtown and roam in and out of bookshops and libraries. 

library engagement session idea
Kelsey Regan Photography
bookshop engagement session
MoHo Photo
Jess Rene

Record Store for Your Indoor Engagement Session

Love music? Visit a record shop together – maybe you’ll find inspiration for your first dance song! 

record shop engagement session idea
Keith MacDonald

Your Home

I think couples often overlook their own space for their photos! Taking indoor engagement session photos in your own space has a lot of advantages.

First, you’ll be comfortable, and have access to your stuff to do activities you love like play guitar, make food in your kitchen, or mix up a drink. It’s also good way to include your pets (and then have put in another room if needed, without the help of another person).

Also, I think it’s really special to have part of your actual, daily life captured by a professional.

engagement photos taken inside of your home
Kelsey Regan Photography
Jess Rene Photos
Jess Rene
Jess Rene
Jess Rene

A Hotel Lounge or AirBnB

Make your engagement session a weekend away! Hotel lobbies and lounges can be stunning, and make for a great backdrop. You can also book a beautiful Airbnb for the weekend. This will be a fun weekend away and you get to make use of a beautiful interior. 

indoor engagement session at an airbnb
Jenna Brisson
unique engagement photo ideas for Vermont couples
Jenna Brisson

Plan Ahead

If you want to take your pictures at a local business, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask the manager if it’s okay beforehand. I’d say something like: My partner and I love [business name] so much, we’d love to take our engagement pictures on site! Is that something you allow? When would be a good time for you? 

Going at a slower time will be less stressful for everyone; you can take your time taking photos without worrying about inconveniencing the business or random other patrons jumping into your shot. Depending on the location and their availability, they may even be able to open to you before/after hours so you can have the place to yourself! 

And be sure to leave a tip to show your appreciation!

What do you think? Where would you plan an indoor engagement photo shoot?

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Venue Spotlight on Wild Sugar Homestead

Do you envision breathtaking mountain views when you think of your wedding day? Have you been looking for a wedding venue that provides a stunning, blank canvas you can use to bring your DIY vision to life? Are you hoping to host close family members and friends on-site for a quintessential Vermont wedding weekend? Wild Sugar Homestead in beautiful Newbury, Vermont checks all of those boxes (and so much more!)

Tucked away in Orange County, the Homestead boasts the most beautiful sweeping views of the White Mountains and historic charm. It’s the perfect for couples looking for a quiet venue in the Vermont countryside with freedom to bring their wildest dreams to life.

Owners Erik and Hallie (who just so happened to get married there themselves this past summer!) sat down with us to share more about their beautiful and one-of-a-kind Vermont property.

A couple getting married in front of mountains at Wild Sugar Homestead in Newbury, Vermont

The space: What’s the vibe?

Wild Sugar Homestead is a bucolic Vermont dreamland!

Wild Sugar Homestead, which includes a large main house, party barn, and a converted milk house, sits on 70 acres of pure Vermont magic. With views of the White Mountains from Washington to Moosilauke, an apple orchard that overlooks the pond, and beautiful scatterings of carefully chosen plants (by nature or us!) all around you, it is hard to imagine wanting to be anywhere else while you are at Wild Sugar

The house mirrors the landscape – there’s something to see and nooks to explore everywhere. The first walk-through is like being guided through a maze of Vermont “I Spy” items. 200 year old posts and beams? Check. Hand planed floorboards? Check. Copper tub? Check. Hand-cut nails? Check. Once you’re acquainted with the maze, there is a charming homeyness to the sprawl of the house. If the living room is too noisy (or not noisy enough) you can head to the den and hang out there. If the main kitchen is at capacity, there is another kitchen upstairs waiting for you. Wild Sugar not only has the ability to sleep 16, it has the ability for 16 people to live there for the duration of the wedding weekend without that claustrophobic feeling. 

If you have more than 16 folks that you’d like to be on the property for the weekend, we have you covered. We have an almost unlimited capacity for tent campers in our backfield, just a 1-minute walk from the main house and party barn. 

Additionally, the milk house which is right off of the barn, has been converted into a space to hang out with a small group and have a drink. It can also be used as a bedroom space where your 2 most introverted friends can stay (dibs on the milk house is a real thing).

A smiling wedding party running out of a dairy barn at Wild Sugar Homestead in Newbury, Vermont

The party barn is, as described, a great place to party. It has five “windows” cut into the south and west-facing walls that let in the breeze and some of the most golden mountain light we have ever seen. It can accommodate small dinners (under 90), dancing for up to 200, and it makes a great place to have a ceremony in the event of rain. 

You can have your ceremony anywhere you’d like at Wild Sugar, but we have two main sites that are hard to beat. Site one is the mountain view. The highest point on property is an amazing place to take in the White Mountains. If mountains are your thing, this view will leave your mouth permanently agape. Plus, the walk up the field to the high point is so dreamy! Site two is the pond view. Nestled right in our old variety apple orchard and only a hundred feet from the house, this a great spot for a late summer / early fall wedding. Plus, it allows greater ease of access for folks with mobility issues. 

A smiling couple just married Wild Sugar Homestead in Newbury, Vermont
Bride and groom walking through field during Vermont wedding

The amenities: What’s included?

  • You will have complete access to the entire property and grounds for the duration of your stay. This includes lodging for 16 and unlimited tent camping (perfect for summer weddings!) We also offer flexible reservations; typically Friday through Sunday, but can also accommodate at least Wednesday through Sunday. Wild Sugar Homestead offers a variety of flexible packages to truly make your weekend unique. Think: design help, Sunday brunch, staff for the day of your wedding, a smoker/grill that can feed 200, pick your own flowers- and more!

The area: What is there to do during your stay?

Newbury is an incredible small town with a charming small town vibe to match. You are going to have to drive 30+ minutes for the big breweries and nightlife, but you only have to walk out the door to have access to Tucker Mountain Town Forest and its extensive trail system and 360-degree views of the White’s and Green’s. You only have to drive 8 minutes down the hill to spend some time with our friends at 4 Corners Farm (the best strawberries you have ever had, period.) You only have to drive 5 minutes to take a dip or go for a paddle in Hall’s Lake. And, you only have to drive 10 minutes to be in the charming little downtown of Bradford where you can get a coffee and anything else you need for your weekend. We love the liveliness of towns like Stowe or Burlington, but that’s not us. It’s quiet here, and it’s lovely. 

The history: What’s the property’s story?

Wild Sugar Homestead was re-built in 1971 by Ray Clarke as his family home. Ray went on to have a very successful career renovating homes using reclaimed materials and 100+ year old building practices, which is exactly what he did at Wild Sugar. In fact, he made Better Home and Garden’s list of Top 10 Contractors in the U.S! 

Also, while we (Hallie and Erik) are the owners of Wild Sugar, we were also the very first clients! 

After our wedding, all we can really say is that spending a few days with your favorite people while you all do things in preparation for your wedding is like the greatest gigantic bear hug you could ever receive. It made every detail have purpose and every thought intentional. While it might seem like a lot of work, we would never do it any other way. Thank you to our loved ones for chipping in, it truly was the greatest part of our wedding.


Thank you, Hallie and Erik! Learn more about Wild Sugar Homestead in the Vermont Weddings Vendor Guide. 

My 6 Biggest Wedding Regrets (And How to Avoid These Mistakes Yourself)

My husband and I just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary, and we were talking about our favorite parts of our wedding and our wedding regrets – the things we’d do over again if we had a chance. (I didn’t work in the wedding industry at the time, and I have learned so much through this experience!)

I will say that overall we look back on our wedding with really fond memories, and there are lots of  things I’m SO glad we did (you can see that list too). But, hindsight is 20/20 and I wanted to share our biggest wedding regrets to help you avoid these mistakes!

biggest wedding regrets

I Wish We had A Friday Night Wedding

Our wedding week itinerary went something like this: Wednesday night some family arrived in town; Thursday night we had a welcome party at our house for out of town family; Friday we set up our venue and had our rehearsal dinner; Saturday we got married. By the end of Saturday night, I was so tired.

I wish that instead of front-loading the week with activities, we had a Friday night wedding and planned some lowkey activities with guests for the day after.

This would have allowed for more time to hang out with guests. Plus, recounting the wedding festivities the day after would have extended the celebration and helped with the post wedding blues. 

I Regret Not Writing Our Own Wedding Vows

We wrote a lot of our ceremony (picking meaningful readings, for example), but we decided to exchange traditional vows instead of writing our own.

Honestly, I do think it’s special that by reciting traditional vows you’re part of a lineage of other couples who have used those same words.

However, when else are you going to write your own vows?! I wish we had written our own and shared them privately ahead of time during our first look. I think this would have been super meaningful! 

wedding regrets from a former bride

One of Our Biggest Financial Wedding Regrets: Our Custom Cocktail

Like many couples, we wanted a tasty signature cocktail. The good news is that the drink was really popular with our guests (we went with a maple bourbon lemonade cocktail).

The bad news is that we didn’t realize that there were some premium ingredients, which drove our bar bill up by about $1,000. Oops!

Lesson learned: if you’re offering a custom cocktail anticipate that they will be the most popular option of the night, and plan your choice or budget accordingly. 

I Wish We Had Fireworks

At the time, I just couldn’t make one more decision, but looking back I wish we had prioritized this! I love fireworks, and it would have been such a fun way to celebrate our summer wedding. (Thinking about fireworks for your wedding? Here is everything you need to know.) 

Maybe fireworks aren’t your thing, but if there’s some kind of special activity, design choice, etc. make it a priority! 

bride and groom wedding regrets

Big Wedding Regrets: Not Hiring a Day Of Coordinator

I’m a planner at heart (and a former professional event planner) so I didn’t really think I needed help. And, for the most part, I was able to stay in “bride mode” on my wedding day. However, there were a few times I slipped into planner mode because I hadn’t passed certain tasks off to anyone else.

The most cringe-worthy example? I wrote a check to one of our vendors at our reception. I wish I handed off every single “administrative” task to a trusted professional and partied a little harder. 

If  a day of coordinator truly isn’t in your budget, I recommend asking a trusted friend or family member to handle anything that comes up on the wedding day. 

One of My Biggest Wedding Regrets: Too Much Stress 

It’s cliché for a reason. I wish I stressed less throughout the process. I think there’s so much pressure for your wedding to be the most amazing five hours of your life… and that kind of pressure can make the entire process less fun. If you can reframe and think about your wedding more as the whole season – the engagement, the dreaming/planning, the shower, etc. – it takes a bit of the pressure off the main event and allows you to enjoy the entire season more!

Learn From My Mistakes

I share our biggest wedding planning regrets because I hope that they inspire you to have thoughtful conversation with your partner about what you want your wedding to feel like. I’m cheering you on! 


Photographer: Danielle Allendorf Photography | Venue: The Mansfield Barn

Want More Wedding Planning Support?

I created the Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide based on the spreadsheets I created to plan my wedding, the lessons I learned, and TONS of invaluable advice from our community. It’s the guide I wish I had when I was planning my wedding!